Springwell Clinic Juvederm Voluma Chin Augmentation

The chin is quite possibly the one area of the face that we give the least thought to, often focusing on more prominent features such as the eyes, cheeks and forehead when concerned with the tell-tale signs of ageing. Yet at the age of 29 I’ve noticed the prominence of Marionette wrinkles which are the vertical lines running from the mouth to chin caused by a loss in facial volume with age. A consultation with nurse Libbie Wallace at the Springwell Clinic in Marlow, Buckinghamshire made a procedure that I’d never heard of before something that has totally transformed my appearance; I’ve included my video log here which I hope you’ll find informative and welcome you to leave any questions and comments you may have.

I’m not expecting to look perfect or have immaculately youthful skin beyond my years, but being a social influencer and model I’m partial to taking daily selfies and have noticed in the past few years how the vertical lines around my mouth are becoming deeper and more noticeable, particularly when I smile. With time the face loses natural volume which can leave it looking hollow, gaunt and more angular as the skin can easily develop fine lines and wrinkles, a side effect of ageing. The idea behind having a chin augmentation is to plump up the area around my mouth to soften the lines, support the skin and prevent hyperactive movement.

The Marionette Wrinkles And Lost Volume Around My Mouth Were Prematurely Ageing

Following my consultation and discussing my expectations I signed a consent form and nurse Libbie Wallace removed my makeup, cleansed my skin, tied my hair back and applied a numbing cream to the lower part of my face. Being on my period I had an absolutely awful outbreak of spots from my cycle, however thanks to the Lidocaine anaesthetic mixed in within the filler it meant that my skin wasn’t agitated or tender during the treatment. I had 1ml of Juvederm Voluma gel filler, which is a natural hyaluronic acid produced by the body to absorb moisture and hydrate the skin, injected into my chin and surrounding areas and it’s given me back the youthful plumpness of my early twenties.

Juvederm Voluma Is Used To Reduce Movement, Smooth And Plump The Skin

Libbie began by using a cannula to make a pin-prick either side of my mouth for which an ultra-fine needle was inserted and the smooth gel injected directly into the desired areas. This technique minimises bruising and as such my treatment was entirely undetectable with immediate results. As the lower part of my face was numb I didn’t feel any pain throughout but I noticed a cool, slow sliding sensation from the gel being injected as the needle is drawn out. The needle itself may seem much longer than those used for botox and lip fillers which can be daunting at first glance, but given the nature of the procedure it must reach from the side of the mouth down to the middle of the chin beneath the skins surface to contour the face, and with your eyes closed it’s almost impossible to tell what’s actually going on.

Springwell Clinic Juvederm Voluma Chin Augmentation

This procedure took around 45 minutes and as you can see from the resting before and after pictures the hollowness below my bottom lip to my chin is now plump and firm once more. The Marionette wrinkles that I had to the sides of my mouth and creases when I smile have been smoothed out by my skin being given the fullness and support that it needed in order to minimise facial muscle movement which leads to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Results can last for around 12 months and the mild swelling will reduce over the next 2-14 days. My face now looks youthfully plump, smooth and wrinkle free and it’s given me a healthy glow that others can’t seem to put their finger on what exactly has changed but compliment me on how well I’m looking. I’ve always believed that cosmetic enhancements should be performed by a professional who knows how to make subtle and sympathetic tweaks to an individuals natural beauty in order to provide a more youthful and polished appearance rather than looking fake; I’ll leave the results from my chin augmentation to speak for themselves – if if you’ll pardon the pun!

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