HB Health: Vaginal Whitening & Tightening

Entering the HB Health Clinic with my boyfriend Freddy, we were greeted by the beautifully preened and friendly staff and it felt like any other date we’ve been on, only today I came in for some pampering of a more intimate kind; vaginal whitening and tightening to celebrate my birthday by regaining my youth down there.

HB Health: Vaginal Whitening & Tightening

I’ve heard about celebrities having vaginal restoration procedures and read about the many benefits, which makes this something I’ve been keen to try for sometime now and turning 31 seemed like the perfect special occasion. I love how supportive and understanding my boyfriend is of my adventurous side and curiosity into cosmetics as not many men are able to fully open up to their partners, nor share in what may be considered as an embarrassing procedure.

Much like smear tests and intimate health checks, as a woman I’m well attuned to attending appointments alone so it’s a wonderful feeling to have a partner who is happy to be by my side through everything that I do and lend a supporting smile when necessary. I think more often than not it’s the fear of the unknown which prevents us from trying new things as we taunt ourselves with questions such as “what if it hurts?” “what if it goes wrong?” and “what if it’s a waste of money?” until we practically talk ourselves out of something we really want and can benefit from.

Having just celebrated my 31st birthday in Paris it seemed like the ideal time to treat myself, and Freddy, to a tighter, brighter, more youthful vagina via my combined treatment of Vaginal Bleaching and tightening with the MonaLisa Touch. Already being a keen fan of anal bleaching, it was only a matter of time before I returned to the clinic for Vaginal Bleaching to lighten and smooth the skin in my intimate area and regain the body confidence and control of my youth.

My Boyfriend Freddy Accompanied Me To My Treatments

Vaginal Whitening

The whitening procedure is very quick and convenient, something that fit perfectly into a lunch break between shopping in the city and going for coffee. Whilst a numbing cream was applied to my intimate area to make the procedure as comfortable as possible, I spoke with Dr Minoo Madhok about the healing process, aftercare and results that I hoped to achieve. Having already completed my paperwork and seen first hand the process of anal bleaching I knew mostly what to expect.

Whilst I’ve never been criticised for the colour or appearance of my intimate area, I certainly feel that as a woman I deserve to take control of my body and seek beauty treatments and cosmetics that help me to feel comfortable in my own skin. Much like putting on a pair of high heels, wearing mascara or purchasing a fine perfume, when you look your best you feel your best and this is something I’ve chosen for myself to feel good about special moments spent with my partner.

As with age our bodies change and show signs of the time. The delicate skin of our intimate areas dehydrate, hollow, wrinkle, crinkle and darken as we get older and so restorative procedures such as these help to rebuild, strengthen and thicken the skin to create a more plump and youthful area as well as heighten intimate sensitivity, increase natural lubrication, remove dark pigments and assist in pelvic floor control to combat stress incontinence.

Wonderfully numbed and with my protective eyewear in place, legs parted as if for a smear test, Dr Madhok began my whitening treatment which involved lasering the skin of my labia majora – the outer part of the vagina. This treatment can also be referred to as ‘bleaching’ which doesn’t involve bleach as the name suggests but instead targets the melanin layer present in the sensitive area to remove darkening. After several short bursts of light and a slightly warm sensation the treatment was complete and it was the most liberating feeling to know that my intimate area would now become permanently brighter and lighter in appearance whilst also youthfully plumped instead of a the prune-like texture associated with age.

I feel that most ladies after childbirth will become self-conscious of stress incontinence, and I’ve certainly had panic moments whilst jumping on the trampoline with my children, having to dash off to the toilet part way through as a precaution. To know that this doesn’t have to rule my life, that I can improve the health of my pelvic floor whilst boosting my sexual satisfaction is literally the holy grail of motherhood.

The Quick & Discreet Treatment Fits Perfectly Into A Lunch Break

Vaginal Tightening With MonaLisa Touch

It was the ideal opportunity to have my vagina tightened at the same time – a very beneficial procedure that the same laser equipment is most commonly used for. This time Dr Madhok attached a C02 fractional laser (in the form of a slim metal rod on a handpiece) which was inserted into my vagina and the laser pulses stimulated new collagen production within my vaginal wall. Vaginal rejuvenation can benefit every woman of child-bearing age upwards and the tightened and heightened sensation is something that my boyfriend and I are very happy about. Sensation is also typically reduced by the menopause, making this procedure especially suitable.

The Deka MonaLisa Touch is a safe, painless, hormone-free treatment that helps to improve vaginal dryness, fragility and loss of elasticity whilst eliminating troublesome itching, irritation and pain. Many women suffer in silence with vaginal and Genito Urinary problems, however this procedure has been scientifically proven to solve these symptoms which include:

– Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) or Vulvovaginal Atrophy
– weakness and laxity of the vaginal mucosa
 -vaginal dryness
– vaginal itching and burning
– pain during sexual intercourse
– lichen sclerosis
– incontinence

The treatment is pain-free with just a small pulsing sensation as the laser makes it’s way in and then out – far more comfortable than a smear test. These two procedures combined left my intimate area feeling warm for around 48hrs, a similar sensation to sitting on a heated carseat – which is quite pleasant on a cold winter morning – and I was given a tube of cream to take home and apply daily to assist in soothing and healing.

Whilst we must abstain from intercourse for a week to allow the area to heal, we feel closer than ever for sharing this experience and I’m so thankful to have such a supportive partner in Freddy. I feel that I can be entirely honest and open with him, to tell him my concerns, wants and needs and know that I won’t be judged for it – everybody deserves to be loved and understood in a relationship.

The procedure may seem invasive or embarrassing at first glance but the health benefits and results are incredible and I’m sure that if more women knew about it they’d be just as eager and enthusiastic as I am to have this procedure. Whilst internet trolls darken days for many and bullying is at an all time high I believe acceptance and understanding can be found by speaking openly and honestly about the procedures I’ve had to help others – no different to chatting with my best friend over a glass of wine. We needn’t be put off by shyness or fear of taboos; after all we only have one body and I intend to keep mine as healthy, youthful and attractive as possible.

Dr Madhok Uses A C02 Fractional Laser For The MonaLisa Touch

The Verdict

After abstaining from intercourse for four days my intimate area felt entirely normal and there was no further heat or any discomfort which indicated that I’d healed perfectly. It was a quick and simple procedure to have and recover from and very discreet and undetectable. We were a little apprehensive of what to expect from the first time that we attempted intercourse and both keen to make note of any changes. Personally I found the heightened sensation similar to that of before having children and immediately noticed the difference in tension, something that attributed to a more pleasurable experience for the both of us.

The colour of my skin is a couple of shades lighter and brighter and all pigment may be fully removed with a recommended course of three sessions. The texture of the skin is smoother and more youthful looking which makes me feel more well-kept and confident in the appearance of my intimate area. They say as the years roll past and people have children it becomes common place to turn the lights out in the bedroom and hide away under the duvet, but when you remove any body hang-ups and feel confident in your own skin it brings out a more playful and adventurous side that I believe all couples can benefit from.

My boyfriend Freddy says: “I think Tracy is perfect the way she is, but I know she felt insecure about having had children and the effect of it on her body. If this is something that makes her feel better then I’m glad that it’s quashed her insecurities. Of course I’ll support her with whatever she chooses to do. People should be happy the way that they are, but if there is something that they feel particularly insecure about that can be changed then embarrassment shouldn’t ever stop them.”

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