Jamberry Accent Nail Wraps

Being a single working mum can make keeping up on the routine of being a woman rather difficult – you know, shaving your legs, plucking stray eyebrows, putting on makeup and trimming chipped nails on a daily basis. Everything beauty seems to just take a lot of effort for such little reward, and on a rare occasion when I do get to pamper myself the results are so quickly undone by chaos and never-ending housework that it barely seemed worth it in the first place. I’m the kind of girl to have a fresh manicure once a year on Mother’s Day and then dent my nails seconds later by reaching into my handbag to retrieve my keys; so when I discovered Jamberry nail wraps last two weeks on nails and four weeks on toes they seemed to be the resilient summer sparkle that I needed.

Jamberry Accent Nail Wrap

Seeing as I’ve never applied a nail wrap before I decided to start off small and attempt a single accent nail on the ring finger of my left hand and have used a pearlescent Bourjois Rose Collection nail varnish to paint the rest of my un-wrapped nails. The process itself is simple enough with just six steps to follow and very little equipment, so I merrily set aside a spot of me-time before bed last night and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results.

To wrap your own nails:
1. Push the cuticles back and clean the nail with acetone nail varnish remover or an alcohol wipe.
2. Hold the wrap over the nail to ensure that it fits and trim the length to size with a slight overhand. A slither of nail should be left around each edge of the wrap so that it doesn’t touch your skin.
3. Peel the wrap off of the clear plastic backing and warm it with a mini heater or hair dryer for 3-5seconds until the wrap becomes flexible.
4. Whilst the wrap is still warm press it onto the nail and smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles with your finger.
5. Allow the wrap to cool before trimming off the excess length and file the edge of the nail downwards at 90 degrees for a smooth finish.
6. Apply heat again to the edge of the nail to ensure all edges are sealed.

The Jamberry Wraps Are Quick And Easy To Apply At Home

I used a pair of tweezers to hold my nail wrap and my hairdryer to heat it and it very quickly became flexible on a medium temperature so as not to burn my fingers. Using tweezers gave me the precision to place the wrap at the right angle onto my nail and I avoided getting it twisted or stuck to itself – my first application was surprisingly quick and easy. The only aftercare is to avoid moisture for the first several hours following application to ensure that the wraps set and after that you’re free to continue as normal.

Tracy Kiss Wears Jamberry Nail Wrap

I love how pretty, strong, beautifully shaped and precise the wrap has made my nail look as my natural nail is free to grow beneath which helps them to gain length rather than becoming flimsy, the corners breaking off or splitting down the side every few days and having to cut them all short again. The wraps are available in a range of designs to suit all styles from pictures, patterns and metallics to holograms, Coachella inspired, Jamberry Juniors for children, Mommy & Me so that I can match my nails to my daughters and Disney, Wonderwoman, Peanuts, and even NBA and NFL!

I feel far more glamorous for having such pretty nails now and it’s inspired me to be more dressy with my outfits and enjoy wearing brighter colours – just the treat that I needed and I’ll be far braver in future to try bolder patterns and a full set of wraps now that I know how easy it is. Nail wraps make a fantastic treat for yourself and a stylish birthday gift to pop into a greetings card in the post and they’re far more convenient and affordable than going to a nail bar. You can shop Jamberry Nail Wraps here or start a trial and get more information and if you have any questions for me then please leave them in the comment box below. Happy wrapping ladies!


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