Aura Cleansing With Slavic Medicine

When it comes to looking and feeling good I’ve always been a firm believer of the saying you are what you eat; the better you treat your body with clean nutrition and regular exercise the greater the health benefits you feel in return. I therefore enjoy frequenting the gym, health shops and spas to keep my body, mind and soul in order and my energy levels high enough to raise a young family.

Freddy & I Had Aura Cleansing With Slavic Medicine By Anita Pilichowska

Sona’s Health Shop is a treasure trove of all things health and wellbeing in Aylesbury, stocking a wide array of health foods, superfoods, vitamins and supplements, handmade soaps, vegan and gluten free ranges, aromatherapy oils, protein shakes and bars as well as chilled, fresh and frozen foods. Not only is it my go-to store for my dietary and fitness requirements, but they now also offer holistic therapies and food sensitivity testing too.

Anita Pilichowska is an holistic therapist based within the Sona Health Shop, of Bourbon Street, specialising in balancing, healing and harmonising the body, mind, emotions and spirit through the practise of Reiki, reflexology, massage and traditional Slavic Medicine. Having a fondness for massage and reflexology it was their Slavic Medicine which caught my eye as it’s something I had never heard of before and naturally felt inquisitive to learn about it.

Booking in for an appointment with my boyfriend Freddy, Anita explained to us how ancient Slavic Medicine was created long before modern medicine by Elzbieta Starko from Lubin, in Poland, and focuses upon various methods of human aura cleansing. The idea being that the way we feel about our exterior can negatively impact on our interior, the way we see ourselves and the way that others treat and respond to us because of this.

When we feel uncomfortable about a situation or sense that something isn’t quite right it can effect our appetite, increase our stress levels and prevent us from sleeping to name but a few immediate symptoms. In cleansing the aura, removing the negative energy that surrounds us, we can rebalance and focus our body, mind and soul and live and feel more positively This allows our behaviour patterns to change and an inner sense of self-love and respect to develop which shows and grows within everything that we do, from standing taller and having better posture, to smiling more, feeling more sociable and accepting ourselves mentally and physically.

Cleansing is a personal experience that varies with time and extent by individual. We all have different needs, issues and obstacles to face, learn from and grow in life. Whilst a variety of methods can be used to cleanse the aura ours involved a light touch, however others may require a deeper massage to reach the block in energy. After having my aura cleansed, read and explained I instantly felt a great weight had been lifted from me. A euphoric sense of excitement, hopefulness and joy has remained with me ever since.

The pain, negativity and fears that we face can stay with us as bad energy for many years and make us ill as well as preventing us from moving forwards in life. Jealousy, hate judging and being judged by others based upon appearance, age, success and body size can lead to crippling self-esteem and a great sense of failure and negativity which is why we should never measure ourselves against others, but instead seek to find peace and love from within. How we feel about ourselves deep down shows directly on our outward appearance and attitude which is why we should focus upon building a strong foundation of love and acceptance for the wonderfully unique individuals that we are.

Freddy says: “As a man I’m not often challenged to open up about my feelings and issues that I face in life. It was amazing to see the accuracy of my aura cleansing and reading as Anita identified many of the problems that I face day to day and made me realise that, in actual fact, they are not problems at all. She has certainly made me feel a lot more positive and relaxed in myself and has changed my perspective towards the people and things around me. We shouldn’t concern ourselves with what we see on the outside, but instead realise that wellbeing comes from within.”

Sona Health, 4 Bourbon Street, Aylesbury HP20 2RR
01296 398086 

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