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Whilst I absolutely adore the lead-up to Christmas, one thing that I don’t get excited about is all of the coughs, colds and sneezes – as well as the terrible state that it leaves my skin in when I have my heating on 24/7, get sweaty at the gym and then go walking my dogs in the freezing cold wind and rain… yuk!

Winter leaves my skin dry, cracked, old and aged as I’m sure it does the exact same to others, and I dislike how my makeup always cakes into fine lines as I breakout in spots from dirt, clogged pores and the lead up to my cycle. My tired dry skin has literally been crying out for a facial all season!

Deciding to treat myself to a luxurious facial and cleanse, I realised that the salons local to me were all fully booked as after several phone calls I was unable to get an immediate appointment anywhere, which is how I discovered Find An Expert after searching for beauty treatments online.

Find An Expert is basically a hub of beauty professionals ready to tend to all of your beauty needs instantly; just like booking an Uber or ordering a take out, they can come to your home or you can go to them – whichever is easiest and most convenient. No more waiting weeks for appointments or travelling for hours just to sit in traffic and miss your appointment. And it’s ideal for busy, working and rather spontaneous people like me who could do with a pampering when you can squeeze a rare spare moment to yourself.

An Enzyme & Glycolic Peel Are Used For Exfoliation

The Expert App allows you to book any service wherever you want, whenever you want, at the most competitive prices too; whether you’re looking for Botox, fillers, laser hair removal or peels they do it all and a bespoke luxury facial was everything I’d been craving. You can choose which professional you use, save them as a favourite for next time or pick beauty therapists based on their ratings, locality and availability to suit your needs and schedule.

Seeing as I had just finished shopping on Oxford Street, I booked into Expert for a bespoke 2.5hr facial at their central London clinic which cleansed, massaged, hydrated, plumped and revitalised my skin with the latest technology and beauty techniques and left me glowing and refreshed. I feel as though I turned the clock back years in a single afternoon with how good my skin looks and feels after.

Steam Is Used As Part Of The Deep Cleanse

My bespoke facial included a double cleanse with steam, enzyme exfoliation peel, 40% glycolic peel, lymphatic drainage massage, 24 carat gold face mask and LED light therapy – a far cry from a 99p face mask from the supermarket whilst sitting in a bubble bath with one eye and ear open listening out for the children.

If you treat yourself to anything this year then I highly recommend you turn your attention to your skincare regime and realise how wonderful you can look and feel – I never noticed how dull and clogged my pores were until I had my deep cleanse. Nestled into a warm bed of blankets and towels, soothing music and soft lighting lulled me into a relaxing meditation as the beauty therapist got to work on my tired skin.

A 24 Carat Gold Face Mask Revitalises The Skin

First my makeup was removed with cleansing wipes and sponges, exposing my hormonal acne and unbalanced complexion beneath which was attended to with a series of circling, wiping and massaging movements that were wonderfully relaxing and revitalising bringing blood flow and warmth to my face.

The second part of the cleansing process involved using hot steam on my face, which was similar to being in a steam room or sauna and opened up my pores to remove all of the dirt and dead skin cells that build up on a daily basis. The hot steam was pleasantly controlled with a device on a stand set just above me which directed warm moist air onto my face as my eyes were covered with a protective dressing.

I Had A Relaxing Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Softened, warmed and feeling refreshingly dewy, following this the exfoliation could begin which again featured two processes; the first an enzyme peel which was a pale green cream brushed onto my face and neck, followed by a 40% glycolic peel which I was told may tingle or feel hot indicating that it can be removed, however I didn’t feel anything at all, it wasn’t uncomfortable or noticeable and it didn’t irritate me. Enzymes work by penetrating the skin to cleanse pores whilst improving skintone and texture and accelerate the process of skin cell replacement.

I know the words chemical peel can seem daunting if you’ve never experienced one before, but its main purpose is to gently remove dead skin cells on the surface of your face to reveal smoother more youthful plumper skin below. I have had a chemical peel before for which my skin dried out and shed, however this treatment didn’t do that; there are a whole variety of different strengths and types of peels available which are matched to suit your individual skin type and needs and are best discussed with your therapist.

LED Light Therapy Stimulates Collagen & Reduces Acne Inflammation

I really appreciated how my beauty therapist softly talked me through each step as she went whilst I lay relaxed and peaceful with my eyes closed in my nest of warm towels. I found it fascinating to hear about all of the processes and benefits of each treatment involved, which can be a very beneficial form of skincare used individually as well as together in this bespoke package.

Next up I had a lymphatic drainage massage which uses gentle and relaxing brushing motions with the fingers and hands to reduce swelling to the face, eye area and neck whilst draining away waste and toxins from the eyes, cheeks and temples into the lymphatic system which is responsible for the immune system. I know that I carry a lot of stress and tension around my eyes, forehead and brows and I found this particularly relaxing, uplifting and soothing to the extent of almost falling asleep.

My Tired Skin Now Looks And Feels So Fresh

My 24 carat gold face mask was then applied as a smooth, glossy cream mask which was left to set in place before being peeled off after. This is one of the most luxurious facials that you can have and is widely favoured by celebrities worldwide as it soothingly lifts the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Finally I had LED light therapy which consists of an electronic mask resting on the face as a variety of coloured lights change hues and each targets the skin to treat acne, regulate natural oil production, stimulate collagen and elastin whilst reducing redness, wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

I am beyond thrilled with the results of my facial; my skin feels so silky smooth, soft, plump, youthful and fresh and it was the most wonderfully peaceful and relaxing experience to be taken care of and pampered amongst the hustle and bustle of my day. With gift vouchers also available that’s my Christmas shopping sorted too – what a clever idea to make beauty so accessible to all!

You can download the Find An Expert app on Android here and IOS here!
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