Plasma Fibroblast: Non-Surgical Eyelift

One thing I’ve really started to notice with age – as I’ve crept silently into my thirties – is the appearance of my upper eyelids. Once taut, firm and glamourously uplifted to keep my eyes constantly bright, fresh and open in my youth; now one too many sleepless nights and motherhood have left them soft, squishy and drooping onto my tired eyes. Thus my research into uplifting eyelids begins…

I came across the Plasma Fibroblast on the Expert beauty app, my go-to place for all things beauty, as you can conveniently and instantly book a whole range of highly experienced aestheticians and treatments direct to your door or visit them in-clinic at a time to suit you, with the most affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Having previously used the online app to book a bespoke facial after my local salons were all fully booked, I loved how quick, easy and convenient it was for my needs – not to mention cost-effective as the prices really are so competitive! So I decided to have a scroll to see what other procedures were available on demand and came across the Plasma Fibroblast which I’m treating myself to as an early Christmas present.

I’ve been aware of eyelid and undereye-bag reduction surgery for some years now and love how it literally takes years off of a persons appearance in the blink of an eye. But surgery is a big decision to make, not to mention the downtime for recovery and costs involved. Which is why I wanted to try out a non-surgical eyelift to see what a difference it can make to my no-longer-perky upper eyelids.

Also hailed for removing fine lines and wrinkles across the face and body, as well as tightening sagging skin, this revolutionary new procedure to hit the beauty market boasts about being non-surgical, non-invasive and provides instant results. The Plasma treatment essentially works by instantly shrinking, tightening and eliminating loose skin without the need for cuts, stitches or incisions.

My Upper Eyelids Have Become Heavy & Droopy With Age

Plasma Fibroblast uses an electrical arch to burn off excess sagging skin whilst lifting and tightening the tissue to also remove fine lines and wrinkles. This contraction of the skin tissue thereby provides instant results with a series of micro traumas created on the skin to stimulate collagen production which then improves skin elasticity and firmness just as a mini-facelift would.

Fibroblast skin tightening is particularly effective at providing results for upper and lower eyelid tightening, crows feet attenuation, smoker lines attenuation as well as lifting the jaw, neck and loose skin on the stomach. Heat energy is delivered into the skin without the handheld device actually touching the surface of the face, with the current used leaving micro craters in the skin and this trauma then naturally stimulating the skin’s regeneration process. The result? Instant natural elasticity, firmness and tightness to the skin.

This treatment is suitable for all ages to use across the eyes, face and body to remove loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles, however it is not recommend for those with dark to very dark skin as there is a risk of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Whilst results are immediate after just one session, depending on your individual skin type, some people may require a second session for optimal results for which you will need to heal first before having a follow-up treatment. I’m supposing as I’m 32yrs that I’ll only need one treatment to m upper eyelids but the clinician will be able to advise this at my appointment.

My Makeup Is Removed & Skin Cleansed Before Treatment

As far as downtime goes, after treatment the skin will have multiple small trauma spots which are visible, turning to dark scabs as they heal and drop off in around two weeks time. The area treated will also swell and become red immediately after treatment as well as some hyper-pigmentation which may take a few months to fade. Seeing as I use a light foundation on my face and around my eyes anyway to hide blemishes and dark circles, this is something that I am happy to cover up with makeup without needing to change my beauty routine whilst healing.

The results of immediate tightening are visible instantly after treatment and will continue to develop of the next few months as the skin has completely heals and the collagen formation process begins. Something that has really given me confidence in trying this procedure for the first time is knowing that Expert specialise in non-surgical tightening treatments and the before and after results that I’ve seen from previous patients have been amazing!

Numbing Cream Is Applied To The Eyes For Comfort

Attending my appointment at Expert HQ just off of Oxford Street, I was greeted by a very welcoming receptionist and introduced to my clinician. Surrounded by soft grey and red furnishings, glass display cabinets and flat screen TV’s, the state of the art clinic and highly knowledgeable staff create such a peaceful calming atmosphere.

Expert provide a range of beauty treatments and professionals directly to your door via their website and app for the convenience of beauty in your own home, or you can visit them in-clinic as I did after doing a spot of Christmas shopping in central.

Questions I Asked About This Treatment

I’m the kind of person who likes to ask a million questions when professionals ask me “Is there anything you’d like to know?” Perhaps it’s because I’m a mother, or that I’ve seen so many horror stories of beauty treatments and surgeries gone wrong that I’m so persistent on doing my research and only using the best practitioners and specialists.

Throughout the week leading up to my appointment I actually made a list of questions on my phone so that I could have them answered when I got there. Sometimes when you’re excited or nervous right before having a procedure all of the questions and queries you had you suddenly forget in the moment. So whenever I thought of a point to question I typed it into my phone, and by the end of it I had a fountain of knowledge given to me by my highly skilled practitioner which really put my mind at ease.

One Eye Is Treated At A Time

This non-surgical eye-lift can actually be performed both above and below the eye to also treat dark circles, however as the recovery causes swelling this isn’t something that can be done both at the same time as you have to wait to heal from one procedure before you can then have the other. After examining the skin around my eyes my practitioner confirmed I would get greater results from my lower eyes than my upper eyelid treatment as the skin is much thinner beneath my eye. Again, this is something that I wasn’t previously aware of, but as I’ve battled with dark circles beneath my eyes since I was a teenager it’s now something that I’m thrilled to know exists!

My main concerns were about results and the risk of scarring and my practitioner patiently and very professionally explained the concept and contraindications of this treatment. It works by using a small handheld device much like a pen, which heats up and then immediately shrinks and tightens the skin with a series of small dots, during the bodies repair process new collagen is formed and thus the youthful, firm and fresh surface is created. The healed skin will initially start off at a brighter colour and then gradually fade down like any cut or scar would.

A Grid Of Dots Is Marked Out To Create Lift

These dots can vary in size, with small dots used in more gentle areas such as on the face and eyes and bigger dots used in larger areas across the body. When the wrong size of dot is used in the wrong area, or for the wrong skin type, if the dot is applied at a 90 degree angle instead of a slant, and if the correct healing and aftercare guidelines are not followed then scarring and pitting of the skin can occur. Hence why it is essential to only use qualified and highly experienced practitioners when having this procedure.

For those who have experienced pitted scarring from poor-practice and insufficient aftercare, this can be corrected by a fractional CO2 laser treatment which is also frequently used on the face for skin rejuvenation and reversing the indentations and scarring caused by acne, sun damage and wrinkles. Obviously prevention is the best cure, but just like tattoo removal is on the rise, clinicians also spend a lot of time putting other peoples bad-work right. So do your research, ensure you only use a specialist and don’t be lured in my cheap deals that seem too good to be true because it probably is!

The Dots Extend From Above The Lash Line To On Top Of The Eyebrow

Whilst everybody is different and skin types and results will vary, this treatment works best on thin loose skin. Heavy thick skin can be harder to lift and may require two or three treatments in total depending on the final results that you’d like to achieve; a treatment can be repeated on the same area 3.5months after healing. And if you’ve had botox around the eyes it’s recommended that you wait 4wks before having this treatment so that the inflammation from recovery doesn’t dissolve it.

Whilst the results of this treatment are instant in the lift that it creates, they will continue to improve for the next three months as new replacement collagen fibers forms in the area treated and typically last around 9months, with some experiencing the benefits for as much as a couple of years – it really is down to the individual. Lifestyle also plays a big part in anti-ageing as quitting smoking, avoiding sun damage and reducing alcohol consumption as well as some medications can also help to preserve collagen. The body will continue to age with time anyway, but this collagen top-up helps to press pause and reverse the signs of ageing momentarily until the body then naturally breaks the collagen down again.

The Grids Are Infilled With Dots

Perfectly content with the information provided to me, in preparation for my treatment I was then invited to lay within a bed of warm towels to rest and relax as my makeup was removed and numbing cream applied to both of my eyes for which I lay with my eyes closed for half an hour whilst the cream took effect. It is recommended that numbing cream is used for this procedure in order to make it more comfortable, as whilst some areas you may not feel at all, others can cause discomfort.

Feeling relaxed, rested and readily numbed, I had so much positivity towards having this treatment as it’s something that I’ve really been looking forward to. This is the first time I’ve had plasma fibroblast, a fairly new concept in the beauty industry, so I didn’t know what it would feel like or if it would hurt. It’s normally the not-knowing that prevents people from trying new things, but for me to have gone through piercings, tattoos, childbirth and fillers I know that pain and discomfort are momentary and the stiller you sit and let the professionals do their work, the sooner it will be over and your results can be seen.

The Process Is Then Repeated On The Other Eye

Everybody will have their own pain threshold, so whilst some may not feel this at all, others may find it too much and need to ask for a break to stop before continuing. I’ve always found, much like removing a plaster, the more you fuss and delay the worse it makes you feel. So smile, take a deep breath, close your eyes and let it happen.

I’ve previously had laser eye surgery, my eyebrows and eyeliner tattoo’d as well as undereye fillers and botox to my crowsfeet in and around the eye area so I’m aware of what needles feel like here, and as a comparison, I found this treatment easier than cosmetic tattooing to the eyes and brows, and on-par with having fillers. Laser eye surgery uses a very strong anaesthetic which makes you feel drowsy, so I don’t see this as something comparable as this is non-surgical.

Each Eye Receives Hundreds Of Tiny Dots

In total the treatment took around several minutes per eye, with the majority of the appointment being taken up by numbing preparation and cleansing before and after. So what does it feel like? With my eyes closed I couldn’t actually see anything, but I felt a general touching sensation to the eye area. I knew that hands and fingers in rubber gloves were touching my face, but with my skin being numb I felt no precision and couldn’t determine if it was my eyelid or eyebrow being touched.

At the same time I heard a small puffing sound of air every second or so as each dot was created, along with a faint smell of burning. Each dot lasted less than a second and by the time I realised where it was being applied it was already over and the next dot was happening. For the majority of this treatment I couldn’t feel a thing, for about 10% of the dots I had a sensation of a concentrated heat in my skin, like sitting next to a warm radiator. I wouldn’t call it pain, but more discomfort for the 10% of the treatment that I felt which I would rate from a 4/10 rising to a 7/10 in the areas that were most noticeable.

A Protective Cream Is Applied So That I Can Travel Home

My practitioner advised that as I have tattooed eyebrows no dots could be applied where there is pigment, however dots are applied above the brows to create lift to open the eye. Using a grid system by dotting squares onto the eye for the layout of the lift, these are then filled in with the second phase which sees around 200 dots assigned to each eye.

This treatment does cause bleeding, but nothing extensive or any moreso than having a tattoo as it is dabbed with gauze and wiped away, rather than cutting a finger and needing a plaster. Immediately after my treatment my eyes were lifted yet already showing signs of swelling which is to be expected, and everybody will swell differently – some moreso than others.

With my treatment complete my eyes were cleaned and a protective barrier cream applied so that I could travel home on the train. With my skin still numb it didn’t hurt, just my upper eyelids began to look puffy and the red dots were moist and visible. I’d recommend bringing sunglasses with you to wear outside to protect the eyes from dirt and dust, as well as hide the fact that you’ve just had a treatment when you can’t wear eye makeup. Although nobody looked at me funny on the way home or even paid attention to the fact that I had hundreds of dots across my eyes, maybe it’s a normal thing in London these days!

Immediately After Treatment My Eyelids Begin To Swell

I was advised to sleep at a 40 degree incline to reduce swelling overnight, as well as to sleep on my back so as not to rub my face on the pillow and agitate my eyes. I’m able to take Ibuprofen to reduce swelling and can return to the gym in 3-5days once my swelling has subsided. It takes 48-72hrs for scabs to form over the dots so in this time I must stay clean and dry and not sweat. This means not washing my hair nor doing anything to cause sweating and bacteria until I have scabs as it can increase the risk of infection.

The dots remain sticky and moist before the scabs form, so it’s important to dab away moisture from the crease of the eyelid which gathers from the eyes being open throughout the day. My recovery will take between 7-14days for which I can lightly apply vaseline, aloe vera or witch hazel to my eyelids and brow by dabbing it on lightly to help to soothe the itching and tingling of the healing process.

Several Hours After Treatment

Keeping the eye lightly creamed and hydrated also prevents the scabs from coming off prematurely, as drying out the skin, scratching, rubbing or picking at the scabs can cause pitted scarring and hyper-pigmentation (darker skin) so it’s important to let the recovery process happen naturally and leave the skin to heal in its own time.

To extend the results of this treatment, and protect your face in general against the harmful rays of the sun – UV rays break down collagen and accelerate the ageing process – it is recommended that you wear an SPF30 suncream everyday and wear sunglasses which I do anyway. The evening of my treatment, some several hours later, my eyes feel slightly warm and tight, like waking up in the morning after a long sleep when you want to rub them – but I can’t! It doesn’t hurt, it just feels like I want to wash my face.

UPDATE: 06/12/19 – The Morning After My Treatment

I was told that the full extent of my swelling from the treatment would be visible the following day and I may wake up looking like a balloon for which I wasn’t disappointed! So I didn’t freak out because I knew what to expect and after sleeping at an incline last night with a mountain of pillows I’m pleasantly surprised that I feel well rested and fresh.

The Morning After Treatment My Upper & Lower Eyes Have Swollen

Looking in the mirror this morning was a bit of a woah! moment, as I am pretty swollen both above and below my eyes but I know that it’s all a part of the healing process. I do however feel somewhat jealous of those who barely swell at all though! Seeing as I can’t wash my hair, get wet and sweaty until after my scabs have formed I’m literally tying up my hair and putting on sunglasses to go incognito shopping and see my family for lunch today.

I took an Ibuprofen at breakfast this morning and haven’t felt any pain or discomfort before or after, my eyes just feel a little warm and tired like I’ve stayed up all night wtahcing a big bright television, yet my body is well rested and full of energy – an odd combination!

I’m Wearing Sunglasses To Cover My Eyes Whilst Shopping & Going For Lunch

I still have blood across my eyelids and brows which I’m not going to attempt to remove as it will come away naturally as the dots are no longer bleeding, they maybe bled for an hour or two in total directly after the treatment. I’ve also applied some aloe vera vaseline very lightly to moisten my eyelids.

My eyelids are presently a nice shade of red, orange and yellow at the moment which is pretty festive to say the least! Still, my first day into healing is also one day less until I’m healed so onwards and upwards, I have plenty to do to keep me occupied in the meantime!

UPDATE: 07/12/19 – 48hrs After Treatment

Whilst my progress is likely to slow down after this whilst I heal for the next week or so ahead, I just wanted to post and update about my scabs forming as it’s quite a big stage in healing and has made so much difference to the way that I go about my day.

It’s now 48hrs after having my treatment and my dots have fully dried out – including the blood around them which makes it look far worse than what it really is, but I can’t wipe it away or I’ll risk causing scarring. My eyes do not throb, sting, itch or tingle yet, but they feel as though they’re congested or heavy – like when you have a cold and your eyes feel heavy.

The only time that I have noticed the skin around my eyes is when I remove my foundation on my lower face – I’m not wearing eye or eyebrow makeup and don’t use anything above my nose to keep the area clean and dry at all times. When I remove the foundation on across my cheeks I use a makeup wipe in a circular motion which I found pulls on the skin around my eyes ever so slightly; so I’ve switched my routine to wipe my makeup off in an upward motion rather than dragging the wipe down or around.

48hrs After Treatment My Dots Have Dried & My Swelling Is Reducing

Seeing as my dots are no longer moist I don’t have to worry about my hair blowing in the wind and getting stuck to them anymore, nor my face touching my pillow at night and getting fluff or dirt stuck in an open wound. Yesterday my swelling was at its peak and today it is beginning to reduce as I continue to sleep at an include to reduce the inflammation.

Whilst my eyelids and undereyes are still puffy they already look like my eyes did before my treatment – chubby and heavy – but this time I know that it is because of the swelling, so when it goes away I know that I’m going to be in for some really amazing results!

Wearing my sunglasses in public whenever I go out hasn’t been a problem and nobody has really noticed or even asked me about my eyes as it’s super bright with the winter sun being so low in the sky that most people are wearing sunglasses for driving anyway. Day 2 of potentially 7-14days of healing and I’m feeling great!

UPDATE: 12/12/19 – One Week After Treatment

I am now seven days post-treatment and my eyes are healing well, my swelling is gone and I no longer look and feel so puffy. The scabs have all formed and are now beginning to lift off in places, a healing process which will continue to gradually complete itself over the coming week.

I’m no longer sleeping at an incline seeing as the swelling is gone and I can shower and wash my hair as normal – although I still take care not to be under hot steamy water for too long as I don’t want to soften or lift off any scabs prematurely; the quality of healing is paramount in achieving the best results!

Whilst I’ve been careful not to pick or scratch at my eyes, a couple of times in my sleep I’ve woke myself up when I unexpectedly rub a hand across my face and bring it up to my eye without realising. Thankfully I’ve never pulled any scabs off in this way, but I snap myself awake and realise that a subconscious action I’d never have thought of before must now be avoided. This past week I’ve maybe gone to rub my eyes twice or so whilst sleeping so it’s not something that I’d need to take steps to avoid as wearing gloves or a sleep mask would likely cause more friction if it caught on a scab.

My Eyes Are Healing Wonderfully 7 Days After Treatment

Where some of the scabs have lifted off already, mostly within the crease of my eyelid, it’s reassuring to see that there is no scarring or pitting which means it has healed successfully and again shows the professionalism and quality of the treatment provided. The skin beneath my scabs is fresh, bright and slightly more-pink – much like the new skin after grazing your knee – indicating the skin has repaired itself and the all-important collagen rebuild is well underway!

Whilst the immediate results of my eyelift are somewhat visible now, this will continue to get better and better as my skin regenerates from deep beneath the surface and increases it’s elasticity. There was initially a little tightness to my eyelids when the scabs first formed and I noticed that removing my makeup with wipes on my cheeks pulled on my eyes so I could only wipe upwards and no down, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I presume the deeper layers of skin have healed and that’s what felt the pulling sensation, but now it’s just the scabs on the surface to drop away in their own time.

UPDATE: 14/12/19 – 9 Days After Treatment

Nine days after treatment and the majority of my scabs have now come away which is super exciting! The skin beneath is a fresh redish-pink colour as I was expecting at this stage of healing and I’m thrilled to see that there is no pitting of my skin or scarring.

My Scabs Are Almost Gone 9 Days After My Treatment

Whilst my upper eyelids don’t feel swollen anymore, there is a difference in the tightness of the skin and they feel less puffy and heavy than before. I’m looking forward to comparing before and after pictures once I’m full healed!

UPDATE: 16/12/19 – 11 Days After Treatment

Just a couple of days after my last update and my scabs are now entirely gone and this is the first stage of comparison photos. I’m now wearing foundation over my eyelids so that I can disguise the pinkish colour and the only noticeable difference in my healing at this stage is that my eyelids feel a little dry when I put foundation on them which causes the makeup to cake.

I’ve been told that using a scar-recovery cream and SPF 30 suncream will help to heal and protect my skin post-treatment, so I’m doing this twice a day and within minutes it soaks in and makes my skin soft and fresh once again. There’s no heat, itching, burning or discomfort, it’s just the new skin healing as it now goes on to build collagen.

My Eyes Before & 11 Days After Treatment

From my before and after pictures here, the before is on top and the after is beneath (along with caked makeup because of my healing skin) I think it’s pretty obvious to see that my upper eyelids aren’t as full, puffy or protruding as much as they were before my treatment.

My skin is much tighter already and my eyelids don’t stick out as far, because the skin has been pulled inwards and upwards and because of this more of my eye can show rather than being so hooded. The final results will show in three months time, so it’s a bit of a waiting game now and I’ll check in every several weeks to show my progress. In the meantime I’m using my scar cream and covering the pinkish colour with makeup and nobody would know I’ve had anything done.

This procedure has been so quick, convenient and affordable and if my final results are anything as good as my initial results I’ll be looking younger next year than I am right now; non-surgical anti-ageing has been the perfect Christmas gift to myself!

UPDATE: 30/12/19 – 25 Days After Treatment

Almost 1 month post-treatment I thought I’d update my progress at this milestone, as my results will continue to develop up until 3 months post-treatment as the collagen is replaced naturally.

Aside from needing to pluck my eyebrows, I’m thrilled with my results so far and the redness from treatment is gradually fading day by day. These are my eyes without makeup to show the extent of the colour which is easily covered by my normal foundation – no need for special scar makeup.

My Results 25 Days After My Non-Surgical Eyelift Treatment

I use a healing scar cream twice a day from my local Boots which I apply first thing in the morning and last thing at night to accelerate the healing of my skin and reduce redness, but the redness is pretty mild.

Funnily enough whilst our shopping yesterday with my boyfriend he spotted a lady who had also had a non-surgical eye lift and said “she’s got the same cat eyes as you!” which made me laugh as the shape of the treatment looks like winged eyeliner to give lift and does kind of resemble feline eyes which I find really attractive!

It’s lovely to see my eyes looking so fresh and lifted and I’m excited to see how my results improve week by week – the perfect way to welcome in 2020 with a more youthful, energetic appearance! I shall continue to update my progress at the two and three month recovery markers to show you the extent of my results, until then I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Remember to check back soon to see how my results are progressing!

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