Glaze Your Way to Smooth, Shiny Hair: With Mirror Glaze, GlaziPlex & Gloss

Has frizzy hair got you down? Don’t despair! As a gym bunny I bounce between sweaty, flat and frizzy hair on a daily basis. But the quest for sleek, manageable locks can end with the help of some innovative products from Glaze. So let’s break down what each one of these game-changers can do for your hair…

Tips For Choosing The Right Glaze Product For You

  • For intense shine and deep conditioning: Pair Glaze Mirror Glaze with their Clear Conditioning Gloss.
  • For damaged hair: GlaziPlex is your best bet to repair damage and add shine.
  • For a quick and easy shine boost: Choose the clear Conditioning Gloss.

Glaze Mirror Glaze 4-in-1 Super Sleek Shine Spray

Proudly cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, the Glaze Mirror Glaze 4-in-1 Super Sleek Shine Spray is perfect for tackling frizzy hair with ease and comes in a sleek 190ml spray bottle. As an all-in-one solution to instantly tame frizz, this product is great for every hair journey, without the need for salon skills or techniques. It leaves the hair looking and feeling sleeker, smoother, and glossier for up to three washes which is incredibly convenient. It combines humidity blocking, bond repairing, heat protecting, and adds shine all at once, making it perfect for my bathroom cabinet, gym bag and suitcase alike.

Featuring Glosslock Technology, it has been expertly curated to block out humidity whilst locking in shine, ensuring hair transforms from frizzy to smooth, sleek, and glass-like with each use. Not only does it leave the hair looking and feeling much smoother, but it also protects the hair with its 10x bond-building Amino Acids which reinforce, hydrate, condition and minimise frizz. Sounds great to me!

It also conveniently provides heat defence for up to 230°C protection, because of its Hydrogenated Castor Oil and Polysilicone-29 content, shielding the hair cuticles against thermal damage during drying, straightening and tonging. Its nourishing olive and avocado oils are rich in fatty acids which help to soften and nourish the hair, creating a more healthy shine without looking limp or greasy. Argan and Macadamia oils naturally penetrate the hair fibres to nurture elasticity, which in turn helps to prevent breakage and damage. Finally the super hydrating coconut oil content locks in moisture for an impossibly glossy finish, as linseed and sunflower oils act as a barrier to prevent breakage.

Glaze GlaziPlex Super Bond Repair Treatment

This 120ml 4-in-1 deep conditioning hair treatment works by repairing heat, chemical, colour and styling damage in a quick and easy to apply hair mask – something that my hair can greatly benefit from. Tackling dry, damaged hair in just four minutes, this formula has been clinically proven to repair, strengthen and protect the hair to leave it strong, shiny and salon-sassy from home. 

Powered by 4-in-1 QuadBond Technology, it expertly repairs all four types of hair bonds and is applied evenly to freshly washed, damp hair after shampooing. You simply leave it on for 4 minutes before rinsing out and styling as usual.

Glaze Sheer Glow Transparent Clear Conditioning Super Gloss

This award winning 190ml conditioning super gloss treatment provides 2-3 hair treatments and requires no mixing. With guaranteed results in just 10 minutes, I’m loving how quick and convenient these products are for at home use as a busy parent and gym bunny.

(L) My Hair Before (R) My Hair After Treatment Is Straighter & Less Frizzy

Hailed as being like a salon service in a bottle, the Sheer Glow boosts your existing colour, repairs the look of damage, and adds show stopping shine minus the hefty salon price-tag​. Suitable for all hair types, tones and textures, it contains no dyes and won’t colour your hair, but boosts vibrancy and adds shine to give you the shiniest, swishiest locks of your life. Yes please!

Powered by its GlaziPlex intensive conditioners and glossifying treatments for mirror glaze shine, it is infused with naturally derived Babassu Oil to repair the appearance of damage for irresistibly soft, glossy locks​. Being sulphate free, silicone free, ammonia free, paraben free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free it ticks all of my health and eco-conscious boxes and can be applied to clean, damp hair for 10 minutes before you rinse it off. You can use as often you like for a shine that lasts up to 10 washes.

As my hair has resembled a scarecrow for the past decade or so, I wasn’t expecting any miracles from my very first treatment, and fully prepared myself to commit to consistent washes in order to undo the damage, dry ends and frizz in time. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that after my very first wash my hair was already naturally straighter looking, less kinky and with less fly away ends and frizz, especially on the top and sides. Whilst it’s difficult to capture in pictures, it feels so much softer to the touch, more hydrated and shiny in the light, rather than looking stiff, dull and separating into sections, it has a more fluid and healthy movement to it which I love.

These Glaze products are a welcome addition to my shower and I can’t wait to see how much my hair improves with consistent use. I’m totally ready to achieve my hair goals and say goodbye to frizz for good, how about you?
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