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I have shared my aesthetics journey publicly and in my blogs since my mid to late twenties when I first started to have Botox and fillers in order to remain youthful and prevent premature ageing.

As a single parent it was absolutely life-changing for me to burn the candle at both ends working, studying and raising a young family alone whilst looking bright eyed and bushy tailed everyday thanks to the wonders of aesthetics. To this day I’m frequently mistaken for being in my mid to late twenties in age despite my 35th birthday approaching this autumn -eek!

Being a bodybuilding professional and health and fitness influencer, I have been fortunate to have written for world renowned publications, magazines and events discussing the importance of a healthy diet and active lifestyle to achieve optimum health. But we all know that the journey to good health runs far deeper than what we put on our plates because true health and happiness comes from peace and unity of the body, mind and soul as a whole.

Qualifying as a yoga instructor and meditation teacher in 2021 I love how enriching it feels for my soul to find peace, clarity and apply kindness to every aspect of life. This then led me to turn my attention to the mind where I then qualified in life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the Law of Attraction (LOA), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and relationship psychology to be able to better the mental health of both myself, loved ones and others who would like help and guidance in life.

(L) In Clinic Training (R) The Pathway Course Manual

With my body, mind and soul now aligned and my life feeling uplifting and positive on a daily basis, I am confidently on track to achieving my life goals and so I turned my attention to what my next studies would be. After reflecting upon what brings me the most joy and positivity in life, I realised that aesthetics are a constant theme in maintaining my appearance as a model and influencer, as well as providing a feel-good factor when I wake up each day looking and feeling my best inside and out.

After extensive research I found the Glow Up London Academy and their Pathway To Aesthetics course which is suitable for complete beginners in the aesthetics industry (like myself) as well as experienced aestheticians looking to expand their resume and gain further qualifications.

Administering My First Vitamin B12 Injection

As a life coach working with lifestyle intervention, I love that I will have the ability to totally transform lives from helping people to lose weight, clean up their diet, improve their mental health, achieve their dreams and look and feel their best and most youthful with the inclusion of aesthetics which sits beautifully with my line of work.

The pathway course that I have taken is designed to kickstart an aesthetics career with both online and practical training and I want to share my journey with you all here to provide you with information, advice and my honest opinion as always. This has been so incredibly informative and eye-opening for me and I hope that you find it just as interesting and useful should you be considering a career in aesthetics.

The Glow Up London Academy Is A Fountain Of Knowledge For A Career In The Aesthetics Industry

I chose the Glow Up London Academy because of their 18+ years of experience in the industry, high level of expertise and innovative student portal which can be access online or via the app worldwide. As a single parent working, studying and juggling childcare it’s absolutely essential for me to have courses for my personal growth and progress which are attainable and accessible whether I’m working from home, on a train or in another country.

Their courses can be taken in a group or 1-1 for which they have trained over 100 Skincare and Aesthetics specialists to level up their career through their 25+ courses and over 50 modules that contain such a vast amount of industry knowledge.

(L) Receiving A Vitamin B12 Injection From A Fellow Student (R) Receiving A Dermaplaning Treatment

As I am a complete beginner in aesthetics with no prior experience or qualifications, the Pathway to Aesthetics course is a fast track to success which qualifies me in all of the prerequisites required in order to progress on to Injectables and further Aesthetics Courses such as Foundation Anti Wrinkle, Foundation Dermal Fillers, Skin Boosters, Profhilo, PRP, Phlebotomy, Vitamin Injections, IV Drip and Fat Dissolving to name but a few.

This course provides everything that I need from online demonstration videos, quizzes and training manuals to in person theory on the training day, all resources and guidance on the best places to buy equipment and products, live models for the practical assessments, aftercare advice, consultation form templates, a 24/7 support group, 20% discount on all Glow Up London products and assistance with creating my own treatment packages which is absolutely priceless to have such expert guidance and support.

I Attended A Training Day At The Glow Up London Academy

The course itself covers an introduction to aesthetics, health and safety, legislations, history, ethics and law, theory, treatment areas, consultations, injecting methods, contraindications, salon environment and personal hygiene, aftercare, demonstrations on live models, practical hands on session, insurance, a full manual and accredited Certificate Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology, Accredited Certificate in First Aid, Accredited Certificate in Dermaplaning, Accredited Certificate in Microneedling, Accredited Certificate in B12 Injections, Accredited Certificate in Chemical Peels, product information and training, client consultation, social media content, introductions to suppliers, insurers, social media managers and graphic designers, CPD Points and business advice.

Attending the training day at Glow Up London Academy was so incredibly informative and gave me the opportunity to watch live demonstrations in a professional environment with step-by-step explanations of all techniques and products used throughout. It allowed me to receive the treatments myself and understand what it feels like from the clients perspective and also to administer treatment myself under expert guidance which allowed me to develop the skills and finesse required to perform these procedures on my own clients.

Administering My First Chemical Peel Under The Expert Guidance Of My Tutor On My Training Day

The classroom training day allowed me to meet other students, ask so many questions, take notes throughout and talk through the pathway manual which is packed full of information to cover the entire course. Whether you like reading text, watching demonstrations or practicing techniques yourself there is something for every kind of learner which made the course so easy to understand and uplifting to progress through.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed with industry jargon and a mountain of information, this course is so well written with real life in mind making the modules easy to digest and the teachers and practitioners are so incredibly knowledgable, they cleared up any questions or queries that I had with such patience and expertise which is so motivational for me as a student.

All Products, Information And Business Expertise Are Provided As Part Of The Course

I found it absolutely fascinating to build hands-on experience at the academy with the models on our training day; assessing individual skin types, understanding the suitability of different products and knowing the benefits and contraindications for each procedure in order to create tailored skincare packages for a clients individual skincare requirements.

I also really appreciated the business support of this course and the innovative flare for social media marketing in which the enthusiastic team captured images of each student performing the procedures on the models, so that following completion, each student would already have professional marketing material of themselves at the academy providing treatments which they can share on socials to advertise their business – something that I never would have thought of but so incredibly useful.

I Am Now Certificed In B12 Injections, Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning And Microneedling

The course is so very well written, the academy impeccably well organised and despite various models and students being involved in the training day everything ran precisely to time and had such a high standard of care and attention to detail. This is precisely what I hope to achieve in my own business by learning from the best and utilising their expertise and guidance. I feel so motivated and driven to succeed and it’s wonderful to meet and work with other like-minded individuals.

Having completed the Pathway To Aesthetics and built the foundations that I need to establish myself in the industry, the next courses that I would now like to take are the advanced anti-wrinkle and advanced dermal filler which will allow me to achieve my goal in providing tailored skincare and anti-ageing treatments to my clients in order to compliment my body, mind and soul intervention programme as a life coach.

UPDATE: 07/03/22

The Glow Up London Academy are now offering their Pathway Course for just £999.99 instead of £2,000.00 for a limited time only. I thought I’d share it here for anyone who may be interested.

The Glow Up London Academy Are Offering Their Pathway Course For £999.99 Instead Of £2,000.00

UPDATE: June 2022

It feels like a whirlwind since I qualified in my Pathway To Aesthetics course and I wanted to drop a little update as to how I’m getting on. Word of mouth spread so fast for me which had customers coming to me directly for Vitamin B12 injections rather than having to advertise.

After completing my course I took out insurance, purchased the equipment necessary for my kit and established my branding, legal documents and social media presence within just a few weeks which was so convenient and allowed me to start up within thirty days of qualifying.

To begin with I referred back to my printed course material, checked and double checked everything and took my time to ensure that everything I did was by the book, but as time passed and my experience grew it became second nature for me to handle the paperwork, talk through the benefits and contra-indications with clients and administer injections whilst having a friendly conversation.

It’s amazing how quickly experience can build and you can settle in to an entirely new career path and future following training – testament that qualifying in aesthetics can open so many doors to supporting a family and working across hours to suit you.

In order for me to progress to botox/anti-wrinkle and derma fillers training next I must have six months of insurance in place whilst I continue to gather experience which brings me one day closer at a time to creating the career of my dreams.

This has been such a wonderful journey for me so far and it is still only just getting started – so watch this space for what is to come!
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