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Following my hair transplant surgery in November 2022, I have made a conscious choice to focus upon the health and regrowth of my hair, as well as my scalp and skin as a whole. It can be all too easy to think that we are indestructible and expect the plentiful, rich and strong genes of our youth to last us a lifetime; when in actual fact it’s been a few years now since I turned 21 and I’ve learned the hard way

Luxuriant cosmetics are proudly powered by nature to bring the highest quality natural formulas to market directly from their farm in Thailand, where they lovingly cultivate and manage the formulation of products made from herbs which are clinically proven to improve symptoms of hair loss as well as nourishing the skin.

The farm cultivates termenalia, gooseberry, curcuma, glutinosa, houttuynia and ginger for their innovative and natural products designed for men and women alike, of all ages, hair and skin types. Here I’ll be sharing more information on my beauty picks and their many natural benefits as I have the 3-in-1 Hair Growth Set For Women, their Feminine Hygiene Soap and Eczema Serum & Moisturiser.


This 3-in-1 hair growth set for women consists of a shampoo, conditioner and hair serum which is suitable for all hair types and ages with clinically proven ingredients. A hair growth set especially for men is also available in the store.

Designed to combat hair loss with a unique combination of natural asian herbs, the 100% organic formula has been proven to promote natural hair growth and it is recommended that you use all products together to maximise your overall hair health.

For best results you can use the hair growth serum 3x per day, with results clearly seen after 3-4 serum bottles have been used. Through this serum application, natural hair growth can be seen in just two months as the ingredients work by promoting healthy hair whilst blocking DHT.

Whilst these products have been designed to treat hair loss in women, they also reduce inflammation, dandruff and prevent itchy scalp. The 100% natural Asian ingredients boast many benefits from ginger which helps to provide blood circulation to the scalp, Sapindus Rarak to enhance hair growth, bergamont to promote shiny hair, Litsea Glutinosa to eliminate dandruff, nourish the scalp and moisturise dry and damaged hair, as well asd butterfly pea flower which contains antioxidants and is as good for hair as it is skin health.


Something which they also stock is a uniquely formulated natural soap bar for female genitalia which is suitable for both internal and external use. It is recommended for those going through puberty or women facing discomfort and odours which occur throughout menstruation.

This safe and natural soap cures Leucorrhoea, as well as removing harmful bacteria and odour, which can be caused by innocently using supermarket soaps and shower gels as well as washing detergents or wearing tight clothing.

The 100% natural Asian ingredients within this soap include: Curcuma which helps skin diseases, Houttuynia-cordata for its anti-inflammatory properties, Indian gooseberry which has the highest Vitamin C content, Zingiber which is antiallergic and contains antioxidants along with many other ingredients which work together in harmony to soothe and restore balance.


This powerful remedy has been designed to replenish and moisturise damaged and irritated skin for which my children and I suffer most in winter from dry and chapped skin. Using only natural ingredients, found to heal eczema stricken skin and psoriasis, this lotion can be applied to affected areas and massaged in thoroughly.

Curated to treat skin problems and psoriasis, it also removes rashes and alleviates dry skin to restore skin cells for naturally moisturised, soft and healthy skin. The 100% natural Asian ingredients in this serum include: Curcuma which helps with skin diseases, Gac-fruits which support the body’s immune system, Tinospora crispa which has properties that remedies skin diseases, sesame seed oil for nourishment and other ingredients to improve skin health.

The packaging for each product conveniently instructs on how to best use it, along with the natural ingredients for each and how they help to derive such great results. These Asian herbs have existed for millions of years, and their properties have helped cure just as many people throughout the ages. At Luxuriant, the team use their local centuries old knowledge to combine these herbs, providing special and effective formulas which are helping those who want to regrow their hair naturally and improve their skin whilst living chemical free.

With intolerances and allergies at an all time high, rather than adding to our daily suffering and symptoms, now is the perfect time to lead a healthier lifestyle with the use of natural organic remedies.

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