The Many Health & Beauty Benefits Of Sea Moss

Sea moss is a type of red algae often referred to as Irish moss, which has been consumed for centuries in various parts of the world, particularly in the Caribbean and Ireland. It has gained popularity in recent years due to its health and beauty benefits, which are attributed to its rich nutrient content.

Naturally packed with nutrients, sea moss is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, including iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin K. It’s also a good source of prebiotics and may help to improve gut health and the immune system, provide digestive support and reduce inflammation, as well as being high in collagen and supporting the thyroid.

Sea moss also provides many beauty benefits for the skin and as such it is often touted for its potential to improve skin health. Its sulfur content helps to balance the skin’s microbiome which naturally reduces acne and seborrheic dermatitis. Additionally, its vitamins and minerals nourish and hydrate the skin, giving it a healthy, youthful glow.

How to Use & Consume Sea Moss:

Sea moss can be consumed in a variety of ways. It can be soaked and blended into smoothies, soups, and dips as well as being used as a thickener in puddings and desserts, or taken in capsules or powders. Here I have a variety of sea moss gels which are Gold, Remedy and Cinnamon & Date.

This sea moss gel range can be used much like jam or as a natural sweetener to add to your food and drinks. Not only is it delicious, but also free from additives, and the baseline ingredients include gold sea moss and spring water with the addition of tumeric and ginger for their Remedy jar, and date sugar and cinnamon for their Date & Cinnamon jar.

Easy ways to can use sea moss gels:

-Add 1-2 tbsp. daily to power up your smoothies, soups, gravies and stews – the Cinnamon & Date gel is delicious in mixed fruit and vegetable smoothies.
-Add 1 tsp. to tea / coffee and hot drinks – I plop a spoon of the Remedy gel with ginger and tumeric into my green tea or hot water.
-Apply 1 tbsp. daily as a face/hair mask – wash it off when dry and continue with your usual skin care routine – I use the Gold gel for my face and hair and it leaves my skin so soft and hair so shiny.

Once opened, sea moss gel lasts around 6 weeks and needs to be kept refrigerated, but is easily consumed in this time as it’s delicious. If you need a little longer to make your way through a 380ml jar, then it can also be frozen for up to 6 months, and conveniently decanted into an ice cube tray for individual portions.

Sea Moss Uk was set up when its founders went through a journey of growth and discovered the powers of the body and mind. With modern research steering attention in the direction of consuming more whole foods, or food that is as close to its natural form as possible, the founders began researching different whole foods from fruits and vegetables to nuts from around the world, and learned about how they have been used by different traditions for centuries.

Eventually their journey led them to try sea moss, which they discovered to be a nutrient dense superfood and began giving it to their friends and family, whilst it gained traction as a superfood worldwide. Sea Moss Uk was then born and has been growing in popularity and produce options ever since.

Proudly organic, vegan friendly, naturally gluten free and non-GMO, their wild-crafted sea moss range captures the spirit of the Caribbean with the highest standards of quality and sustainability which is responsibly harvested and conveniently delivered to your door. Sourced exclusively from the pristine waters of St. Lucia. in harmony with the natural environment, this sea moss is natures own multivitamin and is sustainably harvested to respect the delicate ecosystems of the Caribbean Sea.

Its rich nutrient profile contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that naturally promote overall well-being to support a healthy lifestyle. Using traditional craftsmanship, the sea moss is carefully hand-harvested, sun-dried, and meticulously prepared

Health & Safety Considerations

While sea moss is generally safe for most people, it’s important to note that it is high in iodine and consuming too much iodine may have negative health effects, so it’s best to consult a doctor before incorporating something new into your diet, especially if you already have known medical conditions or thyroid concerns.

As with all aspects of health, you should not exceed the stated dose for each product and should discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately if any adverse effects or reactions are felt. Please keep in mind that this is a food supplement and should not substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

Not only does this range of sea moss gel effortlessly enhance every culinary and wellness experience, but each sale also contributes to the conservation of marine ecosystems and the livelihoods of local communities in St. Lucia which fills me with such love and light. It’s wonderful to be able to make a difference to the environment by nurturing my family’s good health and I highly recommend that you consider adding sea moss to your lifestyle and diet where possible.

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