Medicci Aesthetics Face Transformation

With my 32nd birthday rapidly approaching – in just 32 days time – I felt in need of an aesthetic spruce-up and decided to treat myself to a spot of Botox and filler whilst shopping in London.

Always keen to discover local professionals, I’ve been following Medicci Aesthetics on Instagram for quite a while now and frequently see amazing before and after photos of patient transformations which prompted me to book-in pre-birthday and I absolutely love my results!

Medicci Aesthetics Face Transformation

Located on Wigmore Street, just a short walk from Marylebone Station in the heart of London; the Medicci Clinic is bright, fresh, ultra modern and beautifully inviting. Greeted warmly by Roya N Esfahani upon my arrival, the owner of the medical grade clinic made me feel immediately at ease with her down the earth professionalism and expertise.

Typically when I have Botox or fillers topped up, I have just one or two treatments at a time, however upon this occasion after having a medical and aesthetic consultation, I decided to have a combination of seven treatments to my forehead, cheeks, chin, jaw, lips, mouth and stomach.

Roya patiently talked me through each procedure and the results that I may be able to achieve in order to target the areas that I hoped to improve. I have always been very expressive with my facial features which has left me with deeper lines than I’d like, especially around my mouth. With age skin becomes thinner, damaged by the sun and dehydrated as well as losing volume which all accelerate the signs of ageing.

I also suffer terribly from hormonal acne and break out in spots across my chin with every menstrual cycle for which Roya advised I may benefit from a chemical peel which I had never had before. An Allumier MD Glow Peel was used across my chin, applied in a clear liquid to the surface of my chin which was left to soak in and created a slightly warm and tingly sensation that wasn’t unpleasant.

A Series Of Botox, Filler & Chemical Peel Were Used To Create A More Youthful Appearance

I am very much used to and at ease with needles, so the prospect of having multiple aesthetic procedures in one go really wasn’t really an issue for me. Seeing as I had treatments to my face and stomach I could relaxingly close my eyes with my skin conveniently numbed by an aesthetic cream to make the process wonderfully comfortable as Roya got to work on revitalising my face. However, for somebody experiencing aesthetic treatments for the first time, or unsure of needles, I would recommend having one or two areas treated per sitting which takes approximately 30-60mins to complete.

We also discussed the stretch marks on my stomach from having my two children and I had a profhilo treatment to improve the skin tone, texture, hydration and radiance by increasing the firmness and elasticity of my skin. This is a two-stage treatment for which I will need a second session repeated in four weeks time in order to see my final results at eight weeks. This involved a series of small injections approximately 2cm apart across my lower abdomen with an ultra fine needle.

It felt somewhat similar to having Botox, just a small scratch from the needle that is over with in a second or two and I’m very excited to see how much my skin texture will improve. My stretch marks are something that I have always been so self-conscious and they can appear across the back, hips, stomach, arms and legs on men, women and teenagers alike. I’ve used tattoos to try to camouflage and lessen the appearance and discolouration of the damaged skin across my stomach; improving the texture will make such a difference and I’m excited to see the results of this, I don’t expect my skin to be how it was before having children but any improvement will be a bonus.

My Pregnancy Stretchmarks Have Been Treated With Profhilo (Before Photos)

Being a natural vegan bodybuilder I like to keep my body fat pretty low throughout the year which can unfortunately make my face appear rather gaunt and more aged. I feel that my neck and jawline are permanently soft and rounded no matter how much I workout and low my body fat falls. I therefore wanted to have a fuller, more volumous face with a better defined jawline and softer smile lines around my mouth for which fillers are ideal.

I have a naturally asymmetry to my face, as do most people, which is perfectly normal but aesthetically unbalanced and for this reason filler creates amazing results to balance the left and right hand side more evenly. I find that I pull my mouth to one side when I speak or smile and have always had a thin and unbalanced top lip which tends to turn down.

My Before & After Results

Having cheek fillers helps to lift and tighten the skin around the smile lines, or nasolabial folds, which I also had filler in for the first time to smooth them out entirely. Roya first used an aesthetic pencil to mark out lines across my face in order to best fill, lift and balance my face.

This is the second time that I’ve had cheek fillers, which can feel slightly tight and tender for the first 24hrs due to the extra volume. Lifting the cheeks creates a more youthful appearance, replacing the natural volume lost to the gauntness of ageing. Contouring the face with makeup can dramatically change the face through the clever use of dark and light shades, however this subtle addition to the shape of the face through cheek fillers helps light to naturally bounce at an angle to accentuate the apples of the cheek even without makeup – perfect for my low-maintenance beauty regime.

My Before & After Results

Having Botox to my forehead has relaxed my expression lines and takes up to ten days for the results to take full effect. I find that if I squint, frown or look surprised then I get horizontal lines across my forehead and between my brows which makes me look and feel more tired and worn.

Applying Botox to a specific area of the brow helps to lift and open the eye for a fresher more youthful complexion, a subtle tweak which has really made a difference. In my opinion Botox is the easiest of all injectable treatments and takes just a matter of minutes to complete, being discreetly undetectable so that I can return to my day with nobody knowing I’ve had anything done.

My Before & After Results

Having the top of my lip lifted with filler, as well as my jawline defined with Botox has created the most natural and youthful appearance that I absolutely adore. In a single session Roya has made me look and feel like I’m in my twenties again, rather than approaching 32!

I know that the thought of having injectables can put people off of using Botox and fillers, but the difference they make to how you look and feel is immeasurable – it’s really not as scary as it seems thanks to topical numbing creams. And the acid peel has left my skin feeling brand new, silk smooth and my acne reduced without flaking, discolouring or burning at all.

To wake up looking and feeling more fresh and youthful has such a positive effect on my day, my makeup sits better on my skin with less caking or cracking and I get so many compliments from people saying how well I look which makes me stand a little taller and feel a little prouder. I’m always happy to say that my healthy glow is down to a high quality aesthetics regime and I would advise anybody considering Botox and fillers to seek a highly qualified registered professional who specialises in facial aesthetics.

Roya has transformed me in a single afternoon from a tired and worn out mother-of-two to a bright and youthful woman once again, doing so in the most beautifully subtle way; should you find yourself in London I highly recommend you pay her a visit!

Product List

  • Lips Juvederm U3 (0.7ml)
  • Cheeks Juvederm Voluma (2ml)
  • Forehead Boucouture 100
  • Jaw Boucouture 100
  • Nasolabial Fold Revolax Deep
  • Stomach Profhilo (2ml)
  • Chin (Chemical Peel) Allumier MD Glow Peel
Instagram: @medicci_aesthetics
Facebook: /MedicciAesthetics
128 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 3SB
[email protected]


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