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When it comes to hair styling we commonly turn to hairdressers and barbers to keep our locks looking their best – something I have always done myself – yet waiting between appointments can lead to messy regrowth and unwanted stubble, so I’ve decided to take a more permanently option to scissors or razors by having my unwanted face and neck hair removed permanently with a laser.

I’ve previously had laser hair removal to my underams and legs as a permanent measure to remove unwanted bodyhair without the need to spend time, money or effort on con tinuousl waxing and shaving. Thrilled with the results of laser hair removal, it is something that I find so convenient, flawless and necessary for my busy active lifestyle.

Being a bodybuilder I train at the gym daily and always tie my hair up to keep it tidy and out of the way, as well as to keep cool whilst having a workout because after running, cycling and lifting weights I soon become a frizzy hot mess!

I Feel That I Have Frizzy Short Hairs That Stick Out & Frizz – Even When My Hair Is Tied Up

Although I know about the benefits, and love the results laser hair removal, it hadn’t ever crossed my mind to have this procedure on my face or neck because I didn’t think that I was that hairy as a woman!

It’s not as if I have a beard or hair in places where it shouldn’t be, but the hair that I have at my sideburn and neckline is curly, messy and unruly which looks a bit scruffy and can never be tied down or tucked away, which is why I decided to have it removed.

Laser Hair Removal Is A Quick, Easy & Pain Free Way To Permanently Remove Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal works by firing a controlled pulse of light directly into the hair follicle to damage the root and cause it to weaken, thin and eventually never grow back. It can be used to treat unwanted hair on any area of the body and is a fantastic form of permanent hair removal for men and women alike.

A cold stream of air is blown onto the skin where the laser is targeted which instantly numbs the area and makes the treatment virtually pain free. As the laser rapidly fires onto the skin a pulse of warm bright light shoots out for which protective eyewear is worn. At most this feels like a light pinging sensation on the skin and in sensitive areas is only mildly uncomfortable.

My Sideburns & Neckline Are Far More Tidy After Laser Hair Removal

Within a matter of minutes the treatment is complete and the warm redness to the skin begins to fade away shortly after. For 24hrs it is recommended to keep the skin clean and dry, but aside from that there’s virtually no down time and I can continue my day as normal.

The treatment is perfectly undetectable and totally removes the grey shadow, stubble and itching that you get from hair regrowth from waxing, shaving and other temporary hair removal methods.

Laser Hair Removal Has Tamed My Frizzy & Fluffy Neck Hair

My before and after pictures absolutely speak for themselves and I love how a single treatment has totally transformed me from a scruffy gym bunny to sleek and maintained with no need to trim, hairspray or tie down straggly ends anymore.

Perhaps this isn’t the first area of the body you’d think of treating when considering hair removal options – but this is by far the best and most effective way for women to look maintained and pristine! It’s the attention to detail that really counts when it comes to appearance and I couldn’t recommend the Expert Centre more highly for always making me look and feel my absolute best!
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