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My thirties have been a decade of transition, both personally and for my skin. While we may sail through our twenties with minimal effort, our skin’s needs really start to change around this time. Most noticeably, collagen production begins to slow down, leading to a loss of elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin also becomes more susceptible to sun damage and environmental aggressors which is why using fresh skincare products is more important than ever.

Fresh products haven’t had the time to oxidize or break down, so they are naturally more potent and effective. They also contain higher levels of antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients that can help to protect skin from damage and keep it looking more healthy and youthful.

When choosing fresh skincare products it’s important to look for ones that are packaged in airtight containers and have short shelf lives. It’s also worth avoiding products which contain harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances which is how I discovered RINGANA, and why I stocked up on a selection of their skincare essentials.


All of their fresh cosmetics are reassuringly dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin, and contain biological ingredients which are made in fresh, small batches. They are also synthetic preservative-free, microplastic-free, nanoparticle-free, vegan-friendly, climate neutral, scientifically developed and made in Austria with renewable energy only.

Rather than using artificial preservatives, which are questionable and have no influence on the product’s overall effects, RINGANA use highly concentrated, antioxidant-active ingredients which therefore come with an expiry date. This bold move in the skincare industry guarantees absolute freshness, with innovation between precision curation, high-tech processes and nature. All of their products are certified and award-winning, developed in a laboratory in St. Johann, in der Haide, by a research team based on scientific studies and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology which ticks all of my boxes for skincare.

Their holistic, sustainable strategy focused on preserving the environment is commendable as they nurture honesty, fairness and treat everybody from customers to employees equally. Striving for change, they thrive on anticipating trends in the market and cultivate a positive error culture; they constantly learn and find ways to become more innovative with admirable forward-thinking and an adaptive approach to development, keeping them at the forefront of the industry.

So let’s unpack my beauty box here which is filled with fresh creams, serums, tonics, cleansers and soft cotton towels as we take a look at their active ingredients and plentiful natural benefits…

FRESH Cleanser

We all know that cleansing is the first step to beautiful skin, and this innovative formulation gently, yet thoroughly, removes dirt particles and make up. COSMOS-certified as an organic and natural skin care product, it is moisturising, perfume-free, pH-friendly and mildly cleansing for flawless skin.

You can apply this cleanser to damp skin on the face, neck and cleavage in the morning and at night, and simply massage it in before rinsing it off with warm water and toning the skin.

Sesame oil contains natural antioxidants, whilst Green tea extract is thoroughly cleansing and gentle on the skin. Sweet clover, jojoba and ginkgo stabilises the natural protective acid mantle as Chia seed oil helps the skin to store moisture.

FRESH Hydro Serum

This moisturising serum has been expertly designed for maximum moisturisation and absorbs water molecules from the surrounding environment to make them available to the skin. The skin barrier therefore becomes strengthened and plumped, allowing for the restoration of a fresh and radiant look.

Packed with natural plant oils, this hydro serum is beautifully moisturising, non-comedogenic and perfume-free for flawless skin and anti-pollution. You can apply the serum after cleansing in order to boost the effects of skincare products used ontop, such as their FRESH cream.

Together with refreshing orange and kiwi water, to boost the skins hydration levels, peptides from acacia improve the transportation of water both in and throughout the skin. Green tea with its powerful antioxidant effect naturally stimulates the skin’s circulation, as Iceland moss extract stays on the skin for a lengthy period, forming a protective layer of water. Substances from lactic acid bacteria promote the natural balance of the skin’s microbiome, reduce redness, and also strengthen the skin barrier.

FRESH Tonic Pure

This high quality tonic clarifies oily skin and tends to impurities to provide hydration and regulate sebum production, which prevents undesirable shine. My nose has always been a problem area for shine with large pores for which the plant extracts in this tonic have an antioxidant, toning effect as well as a special complex to combat skin impurities, ensuring an even, balanced complexion.

You simply moisten a cotton wool pad with this tonic and wipe it gently all over your cleansed face, neck and cleavage, ensuring that you avoid the eye and mouth areas.

A special extract from the Chinese mulberry tree regulates excess sebum production, preventing blackheads from building with its anti-inflammatory qualities. Zinc PCA reduces skin impurities whilst boosting hydration as Maritime pine extract provides powerful antioxidants to protect cells against free radicals. High-quality plant extracts from thyme, cypress, St. John’s wort, field horsetail and witch hazel strengthen the natural skin barrier and refine the complexion with lemon verbena hydrosol, aloe vera fresh plant juice and alcohol gently refreshing and clarifying the skin.

FRESH Cream Medium

This luxurious facial cream is curated for normal and combination skin types, with a smart formulation to strengthen the skin’s natural functions. Through repeated application, skin naturally becomes more resilient and beautifully balanced as it helps to protect against the environmental influences that we face each and every day. This results in finer pores and a smooth, rosy and youthful complexion.

The cream can be used as a final care step for mornings and nights, as you simply apply a small quantity to the face, neck and cleavage and massage it in gently until the skin has absorbed all of the product. Moisturising, non-comedogenic, perfume-free, flawless skin and pH-friendly.

Curated from the jiaogulan plant, which is also known as the immortality herb, its antioxidant effect helps to strengthen the skin barrier, with short and long-chain hyaluronic acids regenerating and hydrating and oils such as macadamia nut, cuckoo flower and baobab protect the skin from drying out. Substances from the rock rose boost moisture levels in the skin as Cupuacu, mango and shea butter deeply nourish to leave it silky soft to the touch.

My Final Thoughts…

Having a dedicated skincare routine isn’t just about vanity; it’s an investment in your overall health and wellbeing. Just like brushing your teeth daily keeps your mouth healthy, regular cleansing, moisturising, and protection safeguards your skin which the body’s largest and most exposed organ.

It also helps to prevent future damage from environmental aggressors like the sun and pollution, and by addressing specific concerns like acne or dryness, it boosts confidence and promotes a radiant, healthy glow. Beyond appearances, a consistent routine strengthens the skin’s barrier function, reducing vulnerability to infections and allergies.

Whether you aim for youthful vibrancy, or simply want to feel comfortable in your own skin at any age, a consistant skincare routine is a powerful tool for self-care, self-love and longterm health.

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