Skinny Girl + Supercharged BBL – My Surgical Diary

I’ve always been a bit of a lanky, tomboy, shapeless kind of girl – a plank if you will. Being 5ft8″ I’m taller than most girls and guys that I meet and have whopping size UK7 feet which are more like flippers than twinkle-toes, but they’re great for balance. After my breasts grew unevenly at different heights and sizes in my youth, I turned to plastic surgery to finally restore the femininity that I was born without and have since then spoken openly and honestly about the cosmetic and surgical procedures I have had to help others.

Now I’m not saying surgery is the answer for everyone, as I’m sure we’re all capable of making up our own minds about what is best for our individual needs. However I believe in speaking about the procedures that I personally experience, I might enlighten, advise and help others to make more informed decisions when it comes to their own aesthetic needs. I’m not selling anything or trying to brainwash people into plastics, just being honest about my needs, desires and results.

Why I Choose Surgery

Obviously it would have been nice to be born perfectly proportioned, slim yet busty, blonde-ish with a little brunette with hair polka straight yet curly at the same time. Regardless of what we have, or are born with, we always daydream of having the exact opposite and never realise how beautiful our bodies naturally are until time snatches away our best features. But hey ho, that’s life and we learn from our mistakes, missed opportunities and experiences.

Whilst I may sound negative about my body on the surfacer or appear to have low self-esteem by seeking a surgical enhancement to improve my appearance, I can assure you it is quite the opposite. I love my body for all of it’s kookie, strange and somewhat unexpected flaws – after all it is what makes me the woman who I am today. I appreciate what I have, but I’ve also come to realise that life is far too short to not do what makes you happy and after deliberating and daydreaming for most of my youth I’ve come to realise that if you want something badly enough then you deserve to have it whilst you’re still able to appreciate and enjoy it.

I Want Surgery That Looks Natural For My Body Type, Height & Weight

I never seek surgery to look like somebody else or attempt to change my appearance, but moreso to enhance what I already have. Like colouring my hair, painting my nails or wearing stomach-controlled underwear, it’s the finishing touches and attention to detail that make me feel tidier and better taken care of – the best version of me. We all want to look and feel our best and it comes in many different shapes and forms for different people. My thoughts are each to their own, do what makes you happy and whatever you do, do it for yourself without being unkind or judgemental to others.

So you get the picture that I’m a tall flat plank of a girl with a surgically enhanced cleavage that I adore. I spent many years hating my body growing up, mostly because my naturally lop-sided breasts couldn’t fit into a bra being at such different heights. To fix this issue, something personal that nobody else knew about, was like a great weight had been lifted from my mind. I finally felt normal and my insecurity fell away in an instant following surgery. It was the right choice for me.

After Having A Rhinoplasty With Dr Aslani I’m Thrilled To Return To Him For My Supercharged BBL

I had breast surgery for myself and by myself and it was a very positive and life-changing decision which I am happy to have made. I did my research, tried every alternative method to surgery beforehand from wearing padded bras, switching my contraceptive pill, piercing my nipple in an attempt to stimulate growth and even using tissue and chicken fillets to balance the difference but to no avail. Therefore after much time spent debating the pro’s and con’s of breast surgery whilst saving for my private procedure, I sought a reputable surgeon and respectable hospital, recovered wonderfully and was thrilled with the results which brings me to my next decision today to have a supercharged BBL, Brazilian Butt Lift.

I Would Like To Add Shape & Volume To My Buttocks With Supercharged BBL

When training hard at the gym and losing pregnancy weight to achieve a tight and toned body, unfortunately the weight also comes off of the areas which make me feel curvy and feminine including the breasts and buttocks. After having children many women suffer from a lack of volume to their breasts as they become stretched, smaller and saggy so breast implant surgery is popular for restoring lost volume. Likewise in fitness, the hard I work to lead a healthy active lifestyle the smaller and flatter my bum becomes despite training my gluteal muscles to their maximum ability, so I’m looking for a small and subtle implant to better balance my proportions.

Surgery is of course a very serious decision to make at any age and is something that shouldn’t be rushed into or undertaken lightly, which is why I hope in sharing a detailed account of my BBL that I can show a true record of everything involved, what to expect and realistic results. No frills, smoke screens or glossy adverts – just real life and my thoughts, findings and feelings along the way. For those who fail to do extensive research before having surgery I have plenty of things for you to muse over that I hope may attribute to you making your decision. If in doubt – wait and think it through!

Why I’m Having Supercharged BBL

At the age of 31 I’m a mother of two, covered in tattoos to hide pregnancy stretch marks and I enjoy a very healthy and active lifestyle which includes natural bodybuilding on a vegan and gluten-free diet – whoop for food intolerances! It really is as treacherous as it sounds to find tasty foods that I can eat when out which hasn’t been tirelessly handmade by my own fair hands at home; I literally spend hours reading ingredients and labels as anything small or spontaneous that I miss or get spiked by leaves me looking and feeling bloated, cramping and on the toilet for hours on end. Too much information? Just wait until you see my surgery pics!

I Have Been Overeating & Stocking Up On Carbs To Gain Weight For My BBL Surgery

I typically stay at around 60-65kg in weight give or take a couple of pounds, which is 9.5-10 stones, but for the purpose of this surgery involving fat transferal I have been advised to overeat and ramp up the snacks in order to raise my BMI and harvest as much excess body fat as possible to place around my implants for a softer, more natural finish. Seeing as I love food I’m merrily munching my way through plates of carbs, gluten-free pasta, porridge, bread and rice. Still somewhat healthy, but heartier sized portions than what I’m used to and whilst the extra treats and unlimited calories may seem like heaven to start with, it’s left me feeling overfull, bloated and uncomfortable like having a Christmas dinner everyday – the novelty wears off pretty quickly! I can’t wait to eat me-sized smaller portions again.

I’ve always prided myself on training hard and staying in shape, so to put on weight for surgery makes me feel a little out of my comfort zone as it has never been my fitness goal to gain body fat before and it feels so against the grain. The slim strong physique that I’ve worked so hard to achieve is disappearing before my eyes as I have squish and wobble now from over eating, but I know the more that I can raise my BMI before surgery the better it will be for my procedure; everything that my body stores now as extra fat now will improve my end results and can be taken from my love handles and stomach for my successful surgery. Fascinatingly enough, after a meal is eaten the body stores consumed calories as fat within as little as four to eight hours so I’ll be over-eating right up to the day before my surgery.

I Now Have A BMI Of 21.3 Pre-Surgery

Therefore I’m a little rounder right now than than I’d like to be yet my buttocks resemble the pancakes that I daydream of from my childhood. My bodybuilding training leaves me with a strong, muscular body which is notorious for reducing body fat typically from the bust and buttocks which is personally the areas that I find make me feel most feminine and attractive. Training makes my chest and shoulders much wider, and dare I say it, somewhat butch looking which is why I really appreciate having breast implants to keep hold of a little bit of curvature regardless of how much I weigh. Following my BBL surgery I will aim to maintain my weight by neither dieting nor overeating, just living the same active lifestyle that I always have.

Because of my plankish frame and surgically enhanced bust it makes my pancake bum seem all the more small and out of proportion to the rest of my body when bodybuilding, something that many fitness enthusiasts struggle with. Of course I have tried every route possible to build and grow the buttocks of my dreams, from squatting, pressing, lunging and curling, but there is only so far that Mother Nature can take you. We are only capable of increasing our size, shape and form to an extent that is maximally natural for us, should we desire anything above and beyond that then we require assistance. To put an end to my longstanding lollipop physique I have decided that a more volumous and curvy posterior is just the balance that I require. As I already have breast implants it isn’t an alien notion for me to have further implants put into a different part of my body, it’s simply a boob-job for the buttocks if you will.

Even Though I Focus On Training My Booty It Can Only Grow As Big As Naturally Possible & Becomes Flat Without Bodyfat

Yet I want my BBL results to be as natural as possible, rather than the Kim Kardashian bootyville body that resembles a cartoon character. I’m a tall slim girl and so a huge butt just wouldn’t look right on me; I’m aiming to have surgery that doesn’t look like surgery by achieving a slightly fuller, more balanced bottom that could either be from 1,000 squats a day or a few hours in an operating theatre. The sign of a good surgeon is no sign of their work at all!

I will be having a procedure called Supercharged BBL which means combining buttock implants with a transfer of my own body fat to create a round, pert bottom which I’m unable to naturally achieve through exercise. There are varying sizes of buttock implants which are designed for different body types and results, from flat and oval to tall and round for better projection – whilst a regular BBL uses just body fat transfer without implants.

The Risk Of BBL Surgery & Fat Embolism

There has been many shocking stories in the press about BBL surgery and risks that it entails. As with all surgeries there is a level of risk involved simply for being put to sleep with anaesthesia. However poor practise and pop-up beauty shops have seen an alarming increase in unqualified practitioners – not surgeons – performing these procedures.

After Having Two Children I’ve Used Fitness & Bodybuilding To Stay In Shape

Part of the BBL procedure involves removing fat from specific areas of the body where it is unwanted snd transplanting it into the gluten, or buttocks, to enlarge them and create an hourglass figure. To succeed, a fat graft needs nutrition and has to be injected into tissue with a good blood supply, if fat is injected into other fat around 90% of it will be absorbed – therefore fat has a higher likelihood of staying in a new position if it is inserted into muscle but this is where the risk lies. Dr Aslani has a 75% fat survival rate because of his safe and effective technique and expertise.
Injecting body fat into the buttock can lead to fat embolism which occurs when fat enters the bloodstream and blocks a blood vessel, in the lungs this can prevent oxygen from entering the bloodstream and in the brain it can cause a stroke – both of these cases can be fatal. The volume of fat transplanted is also important as some surgeons consider 300ml, the size of a drinks can, a safe amount of fat to transfer whilst others transfer litres. For this reason it may be necessary to have multiple fat transfers in order to achieve a desired result safely.

My Boyfriend Freddy & I Train 5-6 Days A Week At The Gym

Fat embolism has recently been identified as the leading cause of death in aesthetic surgery, which has been estimated as high as 1 in 3,000 for BBL patients. In 2015 studies concluded that surgical deaths probably occur as a result of gluteal blood vessels becoming damaged during the procedure, allowing fat to enter the bloodstream. Therefore buttock lipoinjections should be performed very carefully, avoiding injecting into deep muscle planes. Most commonly fat is injected into the muscle for breast enhancement surgeries with no reported deaths which suggests other factors may be involved in mortality rates amongst BBL patients. Most recorded deaths appear to have been caused by inappropriately qualified practitioners working in non-approved facilities including their own homes and unsanitary garages.

Always seek an expert surgeon who specialises in the surgery you seek to have. Do your research, ask as many questions as possible and understand all risks involved before making your decision. I would never attend a pop-up clinic or individuals home to receive cosmetic or surgical treatments regardless of the price. Dr Aslani is a very highly acclaimed plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of successful BBL surgeries, he is well aware of how to avoid fat embolism and I will receive the highest level of hospitality and care during my recover to make this procedure as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Fitness & Plastic Surgery Can Work Together Hand In Hand

Recently there have been concerns regarding safety in the Brazilian butt lift, due to a couple of incidences of fatal fat embolism. However, we regard it as necessary and appropriate to make clear that fat embolism is a totally avoidable complication. Fat embolism can only happen if the surgeon injects fat with a thin, pointy cannula deep into the gluteal muscle. We do not practice this way. In contrast, BBL is absolutely safe if you:

a) Stay strictly inside the subcutaneous tissue and  do not infiltrate any fat into the muscle

b) Use blunt tip cannulas, ideally “basket type”, and best combine with continuous flow EVL (expansion vibration lipofilling) fat infiltration to avoid any fat bolus injection If these factors are considered, BBL is indeed a very safe operation. If you inject into the muscle it can be very dangerous.

Unfortunately it seems that many practitioners continue to do it that way, mostly because they are likely not even aware of current drastic evolution of cutting edge technology. For the sake of assurance of our existing and prospective patients, we would like to point out that BBL has been our teams core specialty for the last ten years, a time when this was still a somewhat unknown surgery only embarked on by very few surgeons in the world.

Our team maintains an intensive academic activity educating about this procedure and we have exclusively used the safe EVL technology since 2016. As matters stand we are still the only group of surgeons in Europe exclusively using EVL lipofilling. We hope that this information serves to assure our patients as a solid reference that we work at the cutting edge of safety and lets them have peace of mind to have total and informed assurance regarding the important question of BBL safety.”

Why I’m Not Having Surgery In The UK

Having recently had a rhinoplasty surgery, aka nose job, eight months ago in Marbella, Spain I am beyond thrilled with my results. Whilst cheap and dangerous surgery abroad is commonly used to save time and money versus UK prices, I seek surgery abroad in order to have world-renowned specialist plastic surgeons whilst recovering in 5-star resorts for optimal health and relaxation. Just like a designer bag, fine perfume or Michelin star restaurant, you can’t expect to find the worlds finest things within a few hours drive of your home – if you want quality and expertise you have to be prepared to travel for it. Rather than cutting corners or making savings on cheap deals I’m prepared to pay extra to have the best from the finest because surgery is for life and should be performed once and well rather than botched and left needing correction.

Lowering My Bodyfat For Fitness Has Reduced The Volume Of My Buttocks

I first met my surgeon Dr Aslani in April 2018 for my rhinoplasty surgery, whilst at his luxury clinic in Marbella I saw his other patients during my post-operative checks in the waiting room and my jaw literally hit the floor over their results. In the UK it’s fashionable to have a small waist and big breasts yet in Spain it’s all about the booty, big hips and a peachy, round bum. I couldn’t take my eyes off of their hourglass figures and stunning curves. It was then I began my research into BBL.

Costing €9,600 for the surgery, that’s around £8,500 depending on currency exchange, I used a cosmetic concierge to arrange everything about my trip from my airport transfers and accommodation to food, dietary requirements, post-operative checks and entertainment. Staying in a luxury 5* villa in the very stunning and wealthy Marbella, I enjoyed two weeks or pampering, surgical appointments and recovery so that I could return home post-surgery as a new woman.

My Daughter Millisent Will Be Joining Freddy & I In Marbella

The beauty of a cosmetic concierge is the quality of care, time and expertise on hand 24/7 as most patients following surgery are discharged from hospital and left on their own to return home and recover until their only follow up appointment a week or two later. With any surgery you will need special care, from helping to shower to getting dressed, eating, cooking, house work, work, attending appointments or getting around the home and sleeping safely. To have everything taken care of for me was absolute bliss and far more comfortable and reassuring having every need tended to and question answered rather than returning home alone in discomfort and unsure of what to do.

Dr Aslani is famous for this BBL surgeries and has operated on many UK celebrities as well as the Spanish Royal Family. His waiting list is as long as your arm but certainly worth every second as his patients results speak for themselves. I love my new nose and the confidence it has given me which is why I’m excited to return within eight months of my previous surgery with Dr Aslani.

I’m A Natural Bodybuilding Professional Studying Nutrition

Serene Cosmetic have once again organised everything associated with my surgery and stay for me so that I only have to catch a flight, which has been an absolute godsend so close to Christmas as I’ve timed it perfectly to be back home with my family after two weeks away to enjoy the festivities in full-swing. I will be travelling with my boyfriend Freddy and daughter Millie for a relaxing break away and look forward to shopping, lunching and soaking up some winter sun as we escape the wet and dreary weather of the UK.

My Questions/Concerns Prior To BBL Surgery

Naturally I had so many questions about my BBL surgery, even after doing my own research, so I’ve composed a list of the most obvious and helpful things that I could think of which have been answered here by the team:

Q. What clothes / underwear can I wear directly after my surgery?
A. Loose clothing is essential, comfortable pyjamas and tracksuits without underwear as you’re given medical garments to assist in healing

Q. If I sit down too soon/too long will my buttocks become square?
A. You cannot sit down for 4-6 weeks and your bum will not change shape once healed when you do

Q. How soon can I drive after BBL surgery?
A. After 14 days using your bbl pillow

Q. How long do the drains stay in?
A. 7 days

Q. How often do I return for post-surgery checks?
A. You will have 3 post-operative checks and do not have to return to Spain once you have been discharged from care

Q. Can the implants move / twist inside of me?
A. No, as they’re placed intramuscular

Q. How long do the implants last?
A. You can have the implants for life, they do not have an expiry date

Q. If I have a baby, or put on weight, will my bum sag following BBL?
A. BBL doesn’t do anything to the skin that pregnancy/weight gain wouldn’t

Q. If I have my butt implants removed in future will my bum sag and have loose skin?
A. You will lose volume if you remove the implants but it will not sag. Implants will not stretch your skin too much

Q. Can my buttocks be spanked with implants?
A. It can once healed

Q. How long should I have after surgery to have sex?
A. Sexual intercourse can resume when you get your movement back and all pain has gone. This varies by individuals but on average is around 3 weeks. You will have more mobility then but you cannot lay on your back until 4 weeks post-surgery

Q. How much bodyfat typically survives the transplant?
A. Around 75%

Q. How soon before I can go to the gym to exercise?
A. 6-8 weeks post-surgery

Q. How active should I be after surgery?
A. You will not have much energy for the first 2-3 days. Light walking for 10 mins here or there around the room is good

Q. Will it be obvious that I’ve had surgery?
A. Once healed – no

Q. How popular is BBL for slim women?
A. Supercharged BBL is extremely popular for slim patients

Q. How much does Supercharged BBL surgery cost?
A. €9,600.00 / £8,700.00

Q. Will I need further maintenance surgery in future for my implants?
A. No

Q. How soon before I can return to seated work?
A. You can return to work when you arrive home using your BBL pillow

Q. How soon before I can sleep on my back?
A. 4-6 weeks

Q. What are the most comfortable ways to sit down after surgery?
A. You cant sit on your bum only when using the BBL pillow

Q. If I lose weight will my bum shrink or make the implants look weird
A. The implants will become more visible if you lose lots of weight. You need to maintain your weight.

Q. If I gain weight post-surgery will it look uneven?
A. Your buttocks will become naturally bigger

Q. Is there any bruising? How long will it last?
A. Yes, bruising will last around 2-3 weeks

Q. How many scars will I have and how big?
A. You will have around 8 x 1cm scars dotted across the torso and back of thighs, as well as 2 x 2inch incisions inside of the butt crease

Q. Can my bum implants pop?
A. Implants cannot pop

Q. Can I tattoo my bum with implants?
A. Yes

Q.Do people have implants under or over the muscle like breast implants?
A. The implant are placed intramuscular -inside of the muscle

“BBL and supercharged BBL is growing in popularity, a lot of our clients come to us to achieve a more volumous and curvaceous silhouette made popular by celebrities and the acceptance of beauty in all body shapes and sizes.”

What I’ve Packed For My BBL Surgery

Typically preparing for holiday I would aim to lose weight, look good on the beach, dress up, make an effort and look and feel good. However, post-surgery I will be wearing loose clothing with a compression garment underneath to assist in my healing; for this reason I am packing soft, light and comfortable loose clothing and flat footwear for which the winter is the best time of year to travel to Spain for surgery as you can comfortably cover up the compression garments discreetly without overheating.

I’m Packing Light With Just A Holdall Bag For Speed & Ease Whilst Travelling

The weather in Marbella this December ranges from 17-20 degrees which is ideal t-shirt weather perhaps with a light jacket in the evening. In the summer sun of 30-35 I would have absolutely melted and had to stay indoors in the air-conditioning with my compression garment on, which is why I have picked the winter for my surgery in Spain.

For those who recover unassisted after BBL surgery these items are necessary:
-BBL pillow
-compression garment
-loose pyjamas
-flip flops / sliders
-shee wee urination device
-antibacterial wipes and washes
-pill box planner
-foreign plug adaptor if abroad

For ease and convenience at the airport I am only taking a carry-on bag on my flight (10-15kg) with a few toiletries, loose clothes and electricals, perhaps half of what I would usually take on holiday as I’ll be spending a longer period of time indoors resting and recovering. Having only a carry on bag removes the need to queue for baggage collection after the flight, makes check-in quicker and isn’t as difficult to manoeuvre or carry as its far lighter and smaller than a regular suitcase.

Whilst I’ll have my boyfriend Freddy with me to carry my bags and make sure that I am ok during the flight, to come home post-surgery I will try to reduce the amount of time spent sitting down at the airport and on the flight by standing and walking wherever possible.

Pre-Surgery Checks

Before having my surgery Dr Aslani has already seen a selection of swimwear pictures of my current body shape and size, a BMI body analysis test, blood test and my full medical history.

I have spoken with staff at the hospital and know the team from the last time that I stayed for surgery at the beginning of this year. I feel reassured to know that I have been before, that I’m aware of what is involved and that I will receive a very high level of service, medical expertise and expert aftercare throughout my stay.

I’ve Had My Bloods Tested Prior To Surgery

I attended a private clinic in the UK for my blood test today which tests (CBC) Full Hemogram, (INR) Coagulation, HIV and Hepatitis C and these results will be forwarded to Dr Aslani in Spain ready for my arrival and pre-surgery check-in in two days time. I’ve also removed my nail varnish in preparation for surgery as the colour of the nailbed needs to be monitored throughout anaesthesia.

Seeing as I’m packed, the house is in order and the car booked for the airport all I have to do now is get a good nights sleep, relax and allow the team to take care of everything for me. Most people can feel apprehensive before surgery or a big event in life, however I believe going into it with the best research and planning possible allows for peace of mind and the best attitude conducive to healing well and returning home.

After earning my PRO card in natural bodybuilding last year, I am hoping this little break away whilst recovering will allow me some time to study for my level 3 nutrition exams which I hope to sit by the start of next year. Zero stress, zero responsibility just rest, relaxation and improving my education! I’ll see you all in two days when I come out of theatre!

1 Day Until Surgery – 12/12/18

We arrived in Marbella today and were collected by a Serene patient coordinator from the airport in an Audi Q7 with chilled bottles of water waiting for us. After our 3hr flight we were chauffeur driven to the stunning 5* recovery villa where we quickly unpacked and took a walk down to the beach and shops to make the most of our final few hours of being able to eat and drink before I go into hospital tomorrow morning.

Lunch & Shopping In Marbella Upon Arrival

The weather is absolutely beautiful here and we had a delicious lunch before jewellery shopping where I treated myself to a Rolex. Millie loved the beach and walked barefoot across the sand taking lots of pictures of the stunning scenery to show the rest of the family when we get home; whilst Freddy was overjoyed to sign up to a gym for the week ahead as I rest up and recover in the villa. It was the most perfect day spent together as a family and a wonderful way to settle in to our new home for the next couple of weeks.

Millie Loves The Beach & Freddy Has Joined A Gym

Seeing as I’m having a general anaesthetic tomorrow for my surgery I have to fast which means no food or drink after dinner tonight, so we all snuggled up on the sofa watching movies in our pyjamas to make the most of being together before my stay in hospital.

Travelling with family makes the process seem less daunting because I have my loved ones around me and know that I will receive the best aftercare and attention following my procedure. I couldn’t imagine being stuck at home helpless and alone trying to recover by myself, aftercare is extremely important and should always be rightfully considered when planning a surgery to make sure you have the time and assistance required to heal properly.

The Day Of My Surgery – 13/12/18

The day has come and it feels as if it’s within the blink of an eye, all of the time that I spent waiting has suddenly crept up on me out of nowhere. But I had a great nights sleep and I’m fully of energy and enthusiasm for what is ahead of me today.

At The Hospital Ready For Surgery

It’s not unusual to feel nervous or apprehensive before having surgery, but I find cosmetic surgery a very positive and uplifting experience that I have chosen which I’m able to recover quickly from by having an upbeat mindset and plenty of positive thoughts. If you allow yourself to be anxious and scared then you’ll start to feel that way and stress yourself out, everything becomes far bigger than it actually is and emotions run high. Instead take a deep breath, smile and know that you are about to achieve the body of your dreams and all of the planning, research and preparation is finally in place to allow everything to run smoothly.

The morning of my surgery I had a shower and hair wash, removed all of my jewellery and didn’t apply any perfume or deodorant as its important for skin to be clean and free from chemicals. Serene drove me to the hospital and handed me over to a member of the team who took me through the paperwork and consent forms.

Each surgery is unique and requires the use of different methods and devices dependant on your individual circumstances, I therefore had to understand the risks involved and sign my consent for the use of the following:

general anaesthetic
local anaesthetic
fat grafting to buttocks
buttock implants

I also provided my passport to be photocopied for proof of my identity and was given a wifi code to use the internet in my private room which included a television, medical trolley, hospital bed, en suite wet room and hairdryer. In my room I removed all clothing and changed into a hospital gown, slippers and robe and was given paper surgical pants to wear.

I Was Given Paper Surgical Pants To Wear Prior To Surgery

I had various members of staff popping in and checking up on me to take tests and measurements which included my weight, information on my bloods and what to expect from my surgery. I was informed that the surgery itself would take around 90minutes as I didn’t have much fat to graft, but the preparation and recovery would be an additional 40minutes before I would be returned to my room.

My surgeon Dr Aslani came to see me and mark the areas for liposuction and fat grafting which was a little difficult for the marker pen to show up with my tattoos. I was advised to avoid sleeping on my sides for 6weeks as the procedure would involve filling in my ‘hip dips’ which are the indents on either side of my hips that BBL focuses upon to create a smooth hourglass figure. I can sleep on my back after 4weeks recovery if it feels comfortable, but as I usually sleep on my front anyway I don’t think it will be a problem for me. I can also put a pillow under my stomach when laying on my front to avoid curving my spin and having unnecessary backache during my recovery.

After one week I should be able to walk around and can have my drains removed which are tubes in the buttocks allowing excess fluid to be removed from the body and collected into plastic bottles – a similar size to a water bottle. The drains must be kept below the height of the buttocks to allow gravity to remove the excess fluid and are sutured into place with plasters to hold them so they do not catch or snag. They can be tucked into a bag or carried in a dressing gown pocket to make walking and moving about more comfortable.

My Body Is Marked For Liposuction Prior To Surgery

I’m aware that I have got to check my skin everyday to ensure there are no chaffing marks from the compression garments following surgery as my skin will be bruised and numb and I may not feel any damage being caused. The compression garments shape the waist which is important following liposuction and if they rub on the skin they can cause blisters which must be adjusted to avoid any risk of infection.

As my buttock implants are intramuscular this means the implants must fit entirely inside the gluteal muscle and be able to close back up around it, for this reason the implant size depends on the individual muscle but small implants are typically used for comfort ranging between 270cc-300cc, with additional fat grafting around the implant for a smoother finish. A sizer is used during surgery to measure the muscle which can only be performed when it is opened up, and a suitable sized implant inserted avoid causing damage or aesthetic complications. If a larger size of implant is required by the patient then this must be staged gradually with multiple surgeries allowing the muscle to expand and more fat to be grown and collected over time – just like with breast surgery.

Some surgeons put buttock implants over the muscle, again like breast surgery, however this makes the implants very fake-looking and obvious as if they have been stuck on and is usually a sign that the surgeon doesn’t specialise in BBL. Buttock implants over the muscles look great beneath clothes but questionable when naked. It all depends on the patients requirements as to what is best for them, but the majority of implants are placed under the muscle as are mine.

My Surgery Involves Staying In Hospital Overnight

I was also told about the horror of non-absorbable, permanent filler injections which are commonly used worldwide as an alternative to fat transfer and grafting. This can cause constant infections, rippling of the skin and cannot be removed or recovered by surgery. Any type of filler should always be dissolvable for safety, whether that’s within the body or used on the face. If you attend a clinic that offers permanent fillers avoid it at all costs because the longterm effects are not worth it. BBL surgery should only be performed by a skilled surgeon who knows what they are doing and how to avoid risk which is why I have travelled to Marbella to have Dr Aslani perform my surgery.

Freddy and Millie waited with me until I was taken in for surgery, but knowing that when I wake up I am always sleepy and drowsy I told them to return to the villa rather than waiting at the hospital for me or coming to visit me as a member of the team had their number to call to say all had gone well. Some people like to have friends and family come to see them in hospital after surgery but I see it as a time to sleep and recover as I’m usually drowsy and tired following a procedure which makes the effort of loved ones travelling across and waiting around unnecessary. I also find that I don’t speak much after surgery, especially when a breathing tube is used so the more I rest and recover before leaving hospital the quicker I can get back to normal.

Prior to my surgery I was weighed one last time at 64.3kg and am 5ft8″ tall with a fair amount of muscle from bodybuilding. I was then given an IV of medication into my hand which took 30minute stop gradually drip though before being taken to the operating theatre. I always get so excited being wheeled in my hospital bed down the corridor to surgery, as having cosmetic surgery is something that I’ve chosen to undergo and the results are aesthetically pleasing. For this reason I don’t feel nervous or scared but uplifted and excited and it makes the whole process somewhat of a celebration – a life-changing event.

I Had My Own Private Hospital Room & En Suite And Received 5* Aftercare

Upon entering the operating theatre I was given a blue surgical hairnet and feet coverings and was asked to take off my hospital gown and stand naked on a sheeted surround where I was sprayed all over with a yellow/orange disinfectant solution. This made me feel rather chilly as the room was air-conditioned and I was informed the temperature must be kept low to minimise bacteria. The operating theatre was beautifully fresh, modern and filled with high-spec equipment which beeped and monitored my every move.

Around several members of staff tended to their stations, some monitoring machines, others helping me into position on the table, and of course Dr Aslani who would be performing the procedure. Having given my consent for a local anaesthetic to be used, the final thing to do before putting me to sleep was to administer an epidural. Despite having two children I have never had an epidural before, which is a needle in the spine to numb the lower half of the body. This has to be performed whilst conscious and whilst it wasn’t exactly the same as an epidural it was very similar – a single injection into my lower back as I sat upright, lent forwards and put my chin to my chest.

I felt a small prick in my lower spine and the sensation of fluid pushing in which lasted all of a second or two and then the needle was removed and I was laid down onto my back and covered with a blue sheet ready for surgery. With a blood pressure monitor fitted to my left arm and an IV in my right the final thing to do was administer the injection to put me to sleep. It’s not uncommon to have memory loss around surgery due to anaesthetic, I usually watch the needle being put into my IV and count down from 10 to 1 before falling asleep but this time I had a face mask with gas and don’t remember falling asleep at all.

The next thing I knew I was tucked up safe and sound in my private hospital room, dressed in compression-wear with a glass of fresh apple juice by my side. As I’d had a breathing tube down my throat during surgery it made my throat feel a little scratchy so I tried not to speak and to take just small sips of water and juice.

I don’t normally throw up after surgery but this time I was sick six times which seemed to be each time that I tried to speak. Laying on my front post-surgery meant that where I had the liposuction to my stomach and was wearing compression-wear I was laying on my stitches with a pillow under my chest and face which made me feel queasy. The nurse came in and gave me an anti-sickness medication via my IV and thankfully I stopped being sick, it wasn’t much as I had fasted for surgery and had an empty stomach anyway but it delayed me being able to eat as I waited until the next day (33hrs in total) to have my first piece of toast since having my final meal and fasting before surgery.

Part of the liposuction process for BBL is to harvest fat for transfer/grafting collected from around the body, most typically the stomach. The procedure Dr Aslani uses is called ab-etching which focuses upon creating two vertical lines on the abdomen to enhance the shape of a six-pack which I’m really excited to see the results of. There are around eight small incisions from where the liposuction has taken place and these are closed over with stitches and surgical dressing which will be removed 11 days after surgery once I am back in the UK. This ab-etching method works well for larger patients as well as those who are slim as it helps to create a defined torso.

I then had an anti-clotting injection for my blood and removed my pillows order  to sleep flat on the bed as it reduced the pressure on my chest and throat and stopped me from feeling so sick – I literally slept like a baby for the entire first afternoon and night in hospital and was so relieved that everything went exactly to plan with 270cc smooth buttock implants and 300ml of body fat to create a natural finish – the ideal amount necessary.

Leaving Hospital 1 Day After Surgery – 14/12/18

A patient coordinator was scheduled to collect me at 10am the morning after my surgery so the nurses prepared me to eat and drink, shower and go to the toilet unassisted before I left. The first time that I got up out of bed I felt a little shaky and could only stand for a few seconds at a time before feeling dizzy and needing to lay down again, but with patience and perseverance I found my feet and got used to the sensation of standing up.

I had two pieces of toast at 06:30AM and felt safe and assured that the nurses at the hospital came to check on me every hour or so throughout the night. Sometimes I spoke to them and thanked them for adjusting my bed and bringing me drinks and medication, other times I could hear them come into the room to tend to me but was too tired to open my eyes. The beauty of anaesthetic after surgery is that you have such a lovely deep sleep and start to your recovery – you just don’t have much energy to keep awake and make little sense when speaking!

Leaving Hospital The Morning After Surgery I Carry My Drains In A Bag

Seeing as my toast stayed down and my sickness subsided I had the energy necessary to go to the toilet. Using the disabled rails in the en-suite I was able to stand and slightly lean back over the toilet to do my first wee after 14hrs which was dark yellow and dehydrated in colour. I’m such a health bunny and love drinking water, always aiming to have clear urine through adequate hydration so this was a good marker for me to understand how much liquid I should consume post-surgery to flush the medication out of my body.

Finally I had a shower and my dressings changed before leaving for the recovery villa. Two nurses helped to undress me, removing all of my compression garments and I felt nervous that my body was unsupported but thankfully nothing pulled or dropped off! I almost wanted to try to hold or catch my buttocks but they held themselves in place pretty firmly post-surgery and I was so excited to ask the nurse to take a picture for me so that I could see the results.

I Was Very Well Looked After In Hospital

Holding a rail in the wet room the nurses washed me down and cleaned away the loose blood around my liposuction sites before drying me off and applying new surgical dressing. I had thigh to bra-line compression pants put on with a hole to go to the toilet as well as two waist syncher belts to my stomach, surgical thigh-high stockings and dressing stuffed down my back to help my posture whilst spending so much time on my front.

In fresh pyjamas, shoes and my drains placed into a bag along with my medication I was ready to leave the hospital and being collected in a 4×4 made the short journey to the recovery villa so much more comfortable than a taxi or car. I laid on my front across the back seats with a duvet and my seatbelt on and was able to walk unassisted into the villa and get into bed with help placing my drains either side of me as I can’t reach down or bend.

Because of the anaesthetic wearing off I’m expecting to have a crash in energy and comfort levels tomorrow so I’m making the most of sleeping well, resting up and eating right now. At the moment I’m spending around 23hrs a day laying on my front with a few 5-10min breaks throughout the day to stand up to go to the toilet or walk around the room carefully to take exercise. Leaving the hospital today has made me feel so sleepy and taken all of my energy but it’s important to get up and about, increase the circulation and help the anaesthetic to clear.

At The Recovery Villa 2 Days After Surgery -15/12/18

Like clockwork I woke up on day two and immediately felt stiff, as if I had DOMS in my legs (delayed onset of muscle soreness) from training too hard at the gym. My gluten (buttocks), hamstrings (back of the thighs) and calf muscles – from bum to ankle – felt so tight and tender similar to having cramp and I wanted to have them stroked and massaged to release the tension.

I Have Medication & Injections To Take For The Next 7 Days

The best way to loosen my tight legs is to walk around whenever possible, taking short journeys from the bed to the window and back again, as well as raising my legs up with pillows and cushions whilst laying in bed, allowing the blood flow to go back towards my heart.

Whilst my legs don’t hurt they do feel uncomfortable which I was expecting and I a little achy and tender today but I’ve decided to come off of my pain medication as I don’t want to do any damage by moving around too much before my body is able. Also in checking for blisters and chaffing I need to feel any areas of skin that are tender so that my dressings can be rearranged to avoid infection.

I’m Swollen All Over From Spending So Much Time Laying On My Front

I’m back to eating three meals a day again but as of yet I haven’t been to the toilet for a poo. The anaesthetic has made me feel very constipated and my stomach is bloated which feels uncomfortable when laying on my front all of the time especially after eating. I’ve been reassured that in 3-5 days I should be able to poo, but not being able to bend to squat over a toilet I think I’m more apprehensive about being able to go properly rather than my body not wanting to.

My Shee-Wee Allows Me To Go To The Toilet Standing Up With My Drains In Hand But My Thigh Has A Blister From My Compression Stockings

As today has gone on I’m becoming more and more swollen and have had to remove my ring and watch as even my hands and wrists are puffy and my face and eyes look like a giant balloon. It’s normal to swell up from laying on the front all of the time which is why being able to get up and walk around really helps to drain away fluid and encourage the digestive system to get back to normal. My surgical stockings have rubbed on my swollen thighs and caused a blister which is quite delicate, but the nurse was able to cut the stockings to relieve the pressure and allow it to heal. I also have bruising to my ribs where the underwire of my bra has rubbed and made the skin tender which is practically unavoidable because of spending so much time on my front.

Lots of rest, little spurts of movement and puffing up like a balloon today – but it will only get better from here! Considering the majority of my body has been through surgery I think I’m coping pretty well and feeling less drowsy for being off of the painkillers – next I can focus on upping my mobility and building stamina.

Day 3 Post-Surgery – 16/12/18

I can’t believe what an amazing day I’ve had today! I feel like an entirely different woman! In 24hrs I have probably been on my feet for 2hrs in total and after having a shower this morning, eating a hearty breakfast and getting dressed I was able to do my first poo – 72hrs after surgery.

I Went Shopping With My Daughter Today And Feel So Much Better

Just as I wee standing up with my shoe-wee, I managed to poo standing up today by holding a waterproof dressing between my legs like a hammock and catching the poo in it and throwing it away. Possibly an overshare of information here, but my poo was so big and hard it took me several minutes to push out and was only possible from building up my stamina and ability to stand for longer periods of time. If you want to get your bowels working then be prepared to walk and stand!

After Opening My Bowels I Can Eat & Drink As Normal Again

I felt absolutely amazing after emptying my bowels and whilst I’ve only been once, it was enough to reduce the bloating in my stomach and make eating and laying down to rest much more comfortable. Having compression garments on 24/7 feels normal to me now and I no longer notice them, it’s just far nicer having an empty stomach whilst wearing them.

Because I’ve been so mobile today my swelling is going down and I don’t look like a giant balloon anymore. I felt so good after lunch that we decided to go out for a spot of shopping and walked along the beach front and cafes stopping for ice cream and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. I feel so energised, upbeat and filled with positivity for how far I’ve come along today. Rather than dreading travelling home in a weeks time I actually think I’ll ace the flight now as each day I’m becoming so much stronger than the one before.

Day 4 Post Surgery – 17/12/18

Today I got my before and after surgical pictures back from the hospital and it has just put the biggest smile ever on my face. These pictures were taken on the operating table before and directly after my surgery and how just how perfect my results are. I have had my ‘hip dips’ filled in which indented on the top of my legs and my flat and square pancake bum is now fuller and more round.

My Before & After Supercharged BBL Photos

Whilst I still have my drains in (the tubes in the top of my buttocks) for the next few days to remove any excess fluid from building around my implants, they are not painful and I cannot feel them at all. Just seeing these pictures has made me feel absolutely on top of the world as I already knew from my research that BBL surgery could make a huge difference to me as a slim bodybuilder.

I wanted to achieve a result that is natural for me, to suit my slim frame and bring curves to my body without having to gain weight all year round so putting on some extra pounds for fat transfer and grafting means I can maintain this shape as I won’t need to diet, just maintain my everyday weight as always. I feel like I finally have the hourglass figure that I have always dreamed of whilst being able to bodybuild without sacrificing my curves.

Subtle changes like this make an absolute world of difference and I’m so pleased with my supercharged BBL journey. Dr Aslani, the hospital staff and Serene Cosmetic have made my transformation so uplifting, freeing and life changing and I cannot thank them enough. It just goes to show that extensive research pays off, sourcing a highly skilled surgeon is imperative and receiving expert aftercare creates the best results possible.

Day 5 Post Surgery – 18/12/18

Today I returned to the hospital for a combination of post-surgery treatments; skin tightening, scar treatment, a lymphatic drainage massage and a dressings change. After showering by myself this morning I had the most relaxing time getting pampered at the hospital that I almost fell asleep.

It felt wonderful to remove all of my compression garments and have oils softly rubbed into my muscles to drain away the excess fluid and swelling and loosen up my muscles – it felt as if I was walking on air afterwards. By clearing the lymphatic system, pushing the fluid into the lymph nodes to be expelled through the urine it also helps to remove the anaesthetic and medication from the body, healing, rejuvenating and mobilising the body.

I haven’t shaved my legs for five whole days now as I can’t bend or reach down so I felt really gahhh about letting somebody touch my hairy legs but the staff are so professional, friendly and welcoming they made me feel completely at ease and reminded me that every patient comes in the same way each day.

Each day my body and booty becomes more defined and more perfect as the muscles settle and the swelling subsides and my boyfriend couldn’t store staring at me when I took a shower this morning – he said I look like me but not me, a perfect balance and shape that is so eye catching and it really gave me a confidence boost – right before I put on my unicorn pyjamas and dressing gown!

I’ve got used to being a lady of leisure now and have a nice routine of sleeping, eating and resting which is absolute bliss considering I would have been running around like an absolute headless chicken at home. I knew what to expect from the laser treatments today but presumed my body would be more delicate and tender than what it actually is. I didn’t feel the scar treatment at all as the nurse zapped a laser at the incisions between the crease in my buttocks, and the skin tightening device which pulsed on my stomach was just a mild pressure that lasted around a minute or so and wasn’t painful.

I’m Enjoying My Recovery With Pizza & Christmas Movies

I suppose after having surgery you become apprehensive to anybody touching you incase it hurts. I normally hate plasters being peeled off as I think it feels worse than the pain of a cut but I think my skin is still somewhat numb or the clear waterproof dressings the hospital used are designed to peel off easily because it was over with in seconds and I didn’t even flinch.

Finally one of the bottles on my drains had lost suction so that was switched over today which involved unscrewing the top of the container and reconnecting the same tube to a new one. After my 90 minute appointment at the hospital today I’ve returned to the recovery villa to sleep, eat and watch Christmas movies without having to lift a finger. The weather is beautiful in Marbella, it’s cheat day so we’re having pizza and each day that passes is one step closer to being healed.

A huge bit of advice for patients who are busty and need the support of an underwired bra – buy a sports bra! My ribs have been bruised by spending so much time on my front with the underwire digging in. I now remove my bra whilst laying down all day and as soon as I return to England I will be wearing a soft bra instead.

I also had the blister on my thigh covered with a dressing today as it’s important that I don’t pop it but allow it to deflate naturally. The nurses are keeping an eye on it for me and I’ll be returning to the hospital in two days time to have my drains removed and dressings changed again before flying home! Eek! It’s all so exciting and absolutely flying by, I can’t believe it’s almost one week already!

Day 6 Post Surgery – 19/12/18

If I could do a cartwheel right now then I totally would because my bowels have returned to normal six days after surgery. Being a healthy active vegan I typically poo 4-5x per day which is normal for me but the medication and swelling from surgery constipated me which left me feeling bloated and nauseous. Not only am I going to the toilet at my regular frequency but I can now poo on a toilet too by standing upright over it with my legs either side rather than sitting or squatting.

My Medication Finishes Tomorrow

I still use my shee-wee to wee standing up and my leg tension has all but gone now. When I woke up this morning I realised the tubes to my drains are now running clear as no more blood or fluid is left in my buttocks which is perfect timing for my drains to be removed tomorrow. It’s so reassuring to know that everything has gone perfectly to plan and my healing is well on track.

My medication is due to finish tomorrow which I’m really looking forward to as I always try to avoid taking medication and pain relief wherever possible because it makes me feel nauseous. Now that I’m going to the toilet freely, my swelling is subsiding and I feel less bloated it makes wearing my compression garments so much more comfortable and I’m sleeping even better at night. Everything is on the up day by day and it’s so exciting to think that I’m at the final stages of healing now with just a massage, my drains and stitches removed to come.

My Drains Have Removed All Excess Fluid From My Surgery And Run Clear

The nurses have dressed the blisters on my thighs which were caused by rubbing on my compression stockings and I have to let them go down and heal naturally rather than having them burst. My bruising is now fully on show which runs down the inside of my thighs where I had liposuction but it isn’t tender at all. It’s almost like when you go on a night out and wake up the next day with a bruised elbow and don’t know how you got it!

I catch my flight home for Christmas in 3 days time and I’m feeling really positive and upbeat about making it home safe and healthy as my progress is running perfectly on track which I attribute to the excellent aftercare and being allowed to properly rest and recover. If you’re considering any kind of surgery please pay special attention to your recovery – a skilled surgeon providing his most expert work is responsible for half of the results with your recovery and care the rest.

Always take your medication as instructed, wear the compression garments 24/7, stay clean and hygienic and don’t overdo activities until your safe and ready from your recovery!

Drains Removal & Skin Treatments 7 Days Post Surgery – 20/12/18

Today is the day that I’ve been waiting for! By far the most eventful day since the day of my surgery as I had multiple appointments and skin treatments at the hospital today taken care of by multiple members of the team. To start with I had my liposuction stitches removed which involved slicing the blue surgical thread with a scalpel at six sites across my pubic area, hips, thighs and belly button.

This was followed by a second round of skin tightening before I had my drains removed. I felt a little nervous about having my tubes pulled out considering how carefully I’ve been all week to not knock, catch or pull at them. As always with anything we haven’t experienced before, the fear of the unknown can be unsettling, but after having the drains stitches removed, the pulling of the tubes was over with in a second and I hardly felt a thing, more a dragging sensation followed by a whoosh of air as the vacuum lost suction.

The small holes left from the drains are covered with surgical dressing and left to close over naturally. I also had the dressings on my thigh blister changed and another round a lymphatic drainage massage to my hips, back and legs which was absolute bliss. My bloating, aching and swelling has gone down perfectly now and I’m only slightly storing excess fluid which will continue to reduce by the day.

Dr Aslani came to check me over and sign me off and said that I had healed perfectly, reminding me that buttock implants start off high and tight after surgery and gradually settle down over the coming weeks as the muscles relax and get used to it, so my results will continue to improve for the next several weeks or so.

He also advised me to avoid squatting any deeper than 45 degrees for the next several weeks, especially when at the gym lifting weights, and confirmed I am safe and perfectly healed to fly home in two days time for Christmas! I then had my next compression suit fitted which spans from my thighs up to my bra line as well as back padding and two waist compression belts to maximise the results of my liposuction.

My Booty In Compression Wear 7 Days Post Surgery

Finally I was given a surgery letter to show at the airport for assistance and a BBL pillow to use on the flight home which I will now practise sitting on for short periods of time to find my ideal level of comfort. The idea being that you put your weight back into your feet whilst seated on my thighs with your buttocks elevated from the surface. All in all a very eventful, busy day that has left me with the biggest grin ever on my face, I just can’t stop smiling!

My medication has finished, my drains are out, my swelling has subsided and I’m in the Christmas spirit ready to go shopping for short periods of time to get treats and gifts for my loved ones when I return home in two days time. I’ve had such a wonderful surgical experience here in Marbella and have been so very well looked after and welcomed by Dr Aslani, the hospital staff and Serene Cosmetic. I feel like in going home I must say goodbye to my new lifelong friends and it will be sad to leave them behind but wonderful to return to the festivities of Christmas with my family.

Flying Home Day 9 Post Surgery – 22/12/18

The day has finally come to return home to my beautiful family and it feels as if this moment has taken so long but came so quickly all at the same time. I’ve spent my entire recovery resting and relaxing with everything taken care of for me which has been 9 days of pure sleeping, napping, eating and attending appointments and checks. It’s safe to say without keeping my surgical diary I would have lost all track of time completely as we rarely get a moment in life to drop everything and just rest and recover. I highly recommend it!

Todays airport preparation began with a morning shower which I’m able to do unassisted now, followed by changing my own dressings. I have just two small surgical plasters on the top of each buttock where my drains were removed which peel off, are thrown away and a fresh plaster put in its place and takes a matter of seconds. The holes are left open, un-stitched to heal naturally and as I have tattoos across all of my skin I’m unaware of if I will need to re-tattoo to touch up any lost detail yet, I’ll have to wait and see once my skin has fully healed in a few months time.

My Body Before & 9 Days After Supercharged BBL Surgery

Throughout my surgery I’m amazed that I haven’t felt any pain, just mild discomfort, even now whilst I have my dreaded period, I would have felt awful at home with stomach cramps and backache as I fight through it, however surgery has made it barely noticeable this time. Whether it’s because of the anaesthetic or if I’m just used to healing, my period is far lighter, shorter and with old blood instead of fresh – the easiest it has ever been which is a blessing considering how uncomfortable it always makes me feel. Considering you cannot wear underwear after surgery for 6wks I’d recommend keeping a stock of  tampons with various capacities to suit the changing flow of the first cycle.

The amazing masseuse who performed my lymphatic drainage at the hospital advised I might take a probiotic following surgery as this can help my body to heal and cleanse from excess fluid and medication which made me feel nauseous. I visited a local pharmacy where I’ve been taking a probiotic powder in a glass of water each morning for the past two days and feel so much better because of it – I feel lighter, pass urine more easily and am fresher from within already.

A probiotic course takes 10days to rejuvenate the bowel system by rebuilding the natural good bacteria in the digestive system and restoring the balance of gut bacteria. Health benefits of this include: preventing and treating diarrhoea, improving mental health conditions such as general health, depression, anxiety and stress, it helps to keep the heart healthy, reduces allergies and eczema, reduces symptoms of digestive disorders and boosts the immune system. This course can be taken 2-3x throughout the year by everyone as a health MOT and detox and already my urine has turned from a dark orange to almost clear again as my body cleanses itself. He also advised I can continue to massage my own skin lightly to assist in lymphatic drainage and the subsidence of post-surgery swelling.

All Set For The Airport – My Flight Letter, Passport, Surgical Dressings + Probiotics

I have my passport, flight details and hospital letter in a small shoulder bag to keep everything I need at hand for my flight and will be leaving slightly earlier than usual to allow extra time to walk at a slow and steady pace through the airport and to the gate. I’m hoping I can lay on my front across seats if the flight is empty, however if I can’t then I have my BBL pillow from the hospital with me.

The BBL pillow is effectively a firm but slightly padded rectangle designed to be placed onto a chair so that you can sit onto your thighs with your buttocks elevated. As of yet I haven’t attempted to sit down, with or without it, as I use the toilet standing up with my knees slightly bent into a very high squat.

I’ll Be Using My BBL Pillow To Sit During The Flight Home

It’s recommended that I stand up for the 3hr flight home, however I’m allowed to use my BBL pillow for short periods of time – ideally only during take off and landing is my aim but we shall see. I’m packed, happy, healed and ready to return home for Christmas, hoorah!

Home In Time For Christmas – 23/12/18

What a whirlwind of a day it was coming home, from being chauffeur driven to the airport, checking in, shopping, eating and flying using my BBL pillow. Seeing as I had my medical note to fly I asked the air stewardess as we boarded the plane if it would be possible to have a row of seats to be able to lay down during my flight.

Being Christmas the plane was absolutely rammed but fortunately there was just one spare row which I was allowed to have! I had to remain seated for take off and landing as well as wearing my lap belt for safety protocol and this was the part of travelling home that I felt most apprehensive about as I’ve not sat since surgery.

Waiting At The Airport To Fly Home

Using the BBL pillow – a firm rectangular block covered with fabric – I positioned it under the back of my thigh and knee and put my weight into my feet, leaning back on the seat to effectively put very little weight on my buttocks as my hands were positioned on the arm rests either side of me to hold myself up. Perhaps a little over-protective as I’m sure most ladies sit onto the pillow and it’s fine, I wanted to limit the time and pressure put on my buttocks whilst seated.

After around 15mins of perching on my pillow the plane was up and the seatbelt sign off so that I could lay down. Pulling the arm rests up and laying on my front I was perfectly comfortable for the 3hr flight, returning to the seated position for the 10min landing right at the end.

Sitting On The Plane With My BBL Pillow I Put My Weight Into My Arms, Back & Feet

I navigated the airport fine, standing and queuing, rolling my suitcase and travelling by car and plane and had the most beautiful sleep in my own cosy bed when I got home around 1am this morning. Now I’m happy, healthy and healing wonderfully ready to enjoy Christmas with my family.

My buttock incision stitches are due to come out on 27th December in four days time, otherwise I just have to rest, recover and keep clean during the festivities. Bliss!

Day 13 Post Surgery – 26/12/18

Christmas was wonderful, I managed to spend the day with my whole family celebrating and eating my body weight in food! The listed on my thigh finally burst (from rubbing on the compression stockings) which I wiped with antiseptic and covered with another dressing that the nurse gave me. My drain holes have now closed and I change the dressings each time that I shower to keep the skin around them clean and dry. They’ve formed a small scab as the skin heals from below like a normal cut or graze. I’m still going to the toilet at a slight squat – lightly bending my knees (mostly fully standing) and leaning back over the toilet with my hands on the top for balance.

Rather than shuffling up the stairs slowly clinging onto the bannister for support I can now walk one foot at a time just holding on normally as my mobility is getting so much better. My swelling has all but subsided, my bruises have changed from a dark purple to a pale yellow and my stitches in my buttock incisions come out tomorrow which is my final stage of treatment as then everything is removed and it’s just a case of waiting to return to the gym.

My Buttocks Will Relax And Soften As They Heal

My implants are still sitting quite high at the moment and from certain angles can look flat or square (as if I’ve sat on them and changed their shape which I haven’t) it isn’t something to be alarmed about as I was reassured that as the muscles settle the implants will relax into a natural shape over the coming weeks. To think my natural buttocks were flat and square anyway, it’s something I’m used to and I’m looking forward to it settling in and seeing my perfect round peach. I keep active throughout the day, standing and walking for up to an hour at a time but I’m still unable to bend at the waist.

My Bruising Is Subsiding

It’s important to rest up and let the body recover properly, which means plenty of Christmas movies and time with my children which is lovely. I’ve had such a great experience of BBL and I’m so thankful to Dr Aslani, the team and Serene Cosmetic for making my surgery and recovery such a dream – Merry Christmas everyone!

Day 14 Post Surgery – 27/12/18

Today marks the next stage of my recovery – having my incision stitches out between the top of my buttocks. The stitches are a blue surgical thread that have to remain in for 2 weeks after surgery – my liposuction stitches were removed after 7 days.

The buttock stitches are around 2 inches long on their side of the crease of the buttocks and sit within the underwear line so they’re very discreet. I cannot wear underwear for another 4 weeks (6 wks pos surgery) as the compression wear has built in underwear that doesn’t dig in or cause ridges during healing. The stitches were quick and easily removed with just a snip to take off the knot and the length of the stitch unraveled – seeing as my buttocks are still slightly numb I didn’t feel a thing, just a slight pulling sensation.

My Stitches Are Out And The Small Incisions Are Healing Well Between The Top Of My Buttocks

Now my skin can settle down, heal and recover as the colour of the scar will fade from a fresh pink to a pale white with time. It’s wonderful to be a third of the way through my healing already and the Time is totally flying by now! I’m looking forwards to returning to the gym in a months time (6wks post surgery) and enjoying the start of the new year as a new me!

Day 15 Post Surgery – 28/12/18

Possibly one of the most prominent things for me about healing after BBL surgery – aside from returning to the gym – is resuming sexual intercourse. This may be an embarrassing subject to address for some, or not high up on a list of priorities, but personally I adore intimate time with my partner as we have a very healthy active sex life which I was keen to resume as soon as safely possible. 15 days post surgery we have been able to be intimate for the first time with the adjustment of angles and enthusiasm to allow for healing.

15 Days After Surgery & I’m Enjoying Shopping And Visiting Family

I found the most comfortable position for me was to lay flat on my stomach, face down with my partner on top being very delicate and slow. I didn’t feel any pain or we would have stopped immediately. For couples with a partner looking to have BBL I think the two week mark is a reasonable time to wait for intercourse but everybody will heal differently – you know your own body best! I’ve stayed on my front to rest and sleep the entire time since surgery and haven’t attempted to sit down since take off and landing on my flight home.

Whilst I can now squat to about 45 degrees whilst going to the toilet as well as stand with my feet shoulder width apart now I haven’t tried to do anything too strenuous. I can shave my legs unassisted by bending my knee up behind me whilst standing and bringing my toes up to my bum to reach my calves, but I wouldn’t attempt to stoop down or reach towards me toes with straight legs. I do not bend at the waist at all, only at the knee and my legs are no longer tight or swollen as I’m far more mobile around the house and can hoover and fold washing again; it’s the little things that make all of the difference!

17 Days Post Surgery – 30/12/18

I just wanted to add a quick little update as I’ve been trying on dresses for New Years today and absolutely LOVE how my silhouette looks in tight clothing! My waist feels so much smaller because my booty is bigger now and it puts my body into a much better balance considering I have a large bust. I literally can’t stop looking at my bum in dresses and touching it – it’s actually mine! As each day passes my body is becoming more defined.

I Love How My New Curves Look In Dresses

Some areas on my stomach and side are still slightly numb and it’s to be expected so I’m not worried about it. Also the buttock implants sit quite high and can be flat in places which will settle down within 6weeks – as will my incision scars which can picket before laying flat and fading. I’m a third of the way into my healing now and love how fast it’s going – looking forward to an amazing new year and a new me to begin it!

19 Days Post Surgery – 01/01/19

To celebrate the first day of 2019 I’ve got a before and after picture of my booty as I begin the new year as a new me! I’m so happy with my results, my buttock are settling in each day and are softer to the touch, less sensitive and easier to get in and out of clothing. It’s amazing how fast and well I have healed and I think a positive upbeat attitude really helps rather than laying down and feeling sorry for yourself. I’m now able to walk around for the majority of the day without feeling tired or weak which is a big improvement from resting constantly and going up to bed throughout the day.

Although I’m still not sitting on the toilet as I prefer to stand at a high squat and aim because I’ve got used to it. I haven’t tried to drive yet, nor used my BBL pillow as I’m able to eat standing up on the counter top and lay on my front to rest. I’ve avoiding sitting completely and haven’t rolled onto my back or side to sleep as I stay comfortably on my front throughout the night. My stomach and hips have more sensation now and I can no longer feel any fluid or swelling under my skin. My bruises are all but gone now with just a faint yellow tinge to my thighs as the last sign of liposuction.

I’m So Pleased With My Results!

I’m back to regular intercourse, walking the children to and from school and working from home throughout the day. Certainly the more time and care you can take during recovery the better and faster your results will come so I’d recommend taking at least two weeks off of work, if not three if possible. I’m feeling great, have no more medication, weakens or nausea and can’t stop smiling at my new silhouette each time that I shower or change. The first couple of weeks are the most testing days for rest and recovery by changing routine and needing assistance, but now I hardly notice I’m healing because I feel so normal and have my mobility back aside from being able to bend down. Here’s hoping the next few weeks are just as positive and successful as life resumes to normal and I can enjoy my new booty!

20 Days Post Surgery – 02/01/19

I have just over 3 weeks until I can return to the gym and I’m getting so excited! I spent a wonderful afternoon with my boyfriend shopping for new gym kit which I’ve purchased in a size small – my usual size – with some bright and colourful shorts, sports bras and new trainers to kick off the new year. I also got this really cute CK set to lounge in and love how the briefs fit my new curves; Dr Aslani is an absolute genius I’m beyond thrilled with my body aged 31 after having had two babies!

I’ve Been On A Booty Shopping Spree!

Finally I’ve been losing a little blood which I think is my period – although it’s far too soon – but as I had a very small and light period after surgery it didn’t feel as though it happened properly or fully. Now it seems to be coming again but just as small and insignificant so I’m using tampons for which there is a small amount of dark old blood every few hours.

I think it will take a few months for my body to return to normal which I really don’t mind as it’s super easy having half periods. I’m at the half way point of my healing now and have three weeks and a day until I can return to the gym and life can go back to normal. Let’s hope the second half of my recovery is just as good as the first!

Day 22 – 04/01/19

I made a video diary update today talking about my recovery so far and addressing the flattening of implants. I’ve had a lot of questions on social media from girls wanting BBL surgery or having just had it, asking why, how and for how long the buttocks can appear flat or out of shape after surgery.

As the implants are high and tight directly after surgery, the body begins to heal and they drop slightly and become round which has happened to one of my buttocks already and the other remains high and tight still.

Within six weeks the buttocks will relax and find a more natural shape and position and it’s nothing to worry about. I’m now turning my attention to finishing up my studies for my next nutrition exam and using these final 3 weeks away from the gym to better my education before returning to bodybuilding!

Body Composition Before & After Surgery

Being the fitness bunny that I am I recorded my body composition before and after surgery as I wanted to see the difference BBL buttock implants wold make to my body regarding bodybuilding.

Body composition is a more detailed insight into the numbers on a weighing scale as how much we weigh is split into muscle mass, water and bodyfat which can be fine tuned to reach maximum fitness – i.e increasing muscle mass and reducing bodyfat.

My Body Composition Before & 3 Weeks After Surgery

The more muscle you gain the heavier you’ll appear on the scales (muscle weighs more than bodyfat) but the more slim and defined you’ll look in person. This is why a muscular short woman can weigh far more than a tall slim woman. It’s about what’s going on inside that really counts, the breakdown of your weight and not the total weight.

Having gained weight prior to surgery as advised I reached my heaviest weight ever at 63.6kg / 10stones however 3 weeks after surgery I now weigh 63.4kg / 9st13lbs a small decrease in weight despite now having 270cc buttock implants.

My BMI was 21.3 prior to surgery which falls within the ideal weight category for my height and age, now it’s slightly less at 21.2.

Studying For My Next Nutrition Exam

Finally my bodyfat was 21% at 13.3kg in the excellent range prior to surgery and is now 27.8% at 17.6kg putting me in the average category. Considering I’ve lost weight since having my surgery it’s impossible for me to have gained almost 4kg of bodyfat in three weeks which shows that body composition testing recognises my silicone buttock implants as bodyfat which throws the reading.

This has now made me question if my breast implants are also considered to be bodyfat as well during composition testing as I’ve had them since the age of 18 and hadn’t had a composition test before then.

The aim of bodybuilding is to reduce bodyfat to around 10-12% for females who are competing and body composition testing is a good way to measure progress during training but now my results will always be higher and inaccurate for bodyfat because of my implants.

If anything I was expecting to see my bodyfat lower because of liposuction and the possibility of 25% of the fat being lost from transfer. I’ve definitely lost weight since surgery and look and feel much slimmer now – with a beautiful big booty too!

Before & After Update – 09/01/19

Day 27 of my recovery and I’ll be 4weeks post-surgery tomorrow! Eek, the time is flying by and I’m so excited to get back to the gym in another two weeks time. I sat my nutrition advisor exam yesterday and I now have a 15 day wait to find out my results. It’s been really helpful for me having this free time to be able to focus on my studies and progress in my health and fitness career which I’m really thankful for – whilst I’ve also enjoyed being so well looked after, watching movies with the children and getting lots of rest, it’s been great for my mind and soul to expand my knowledge and work towards my next career goal which I wouldn’t have had the time for if I hadn’t have had surgery and this little break.

27 Days Post Surgery

After hopping out of the shower today I took some progress pictures to show how my body looks one day off of 4 weeks and I’m beyond thrilled with the results. The excitement and novelty of my new body never wears off, it’s like every time I see myself in the mirror and my new shape it’s like the very first time all over again and I’m still pinching myself like “Is this actually me!?

Whilst the areas where my liposuction took place – my stomach, hips and legs – are still a little swollen and numb in places, it isn’t uncomfortable or painful, it just feels a little rubbery to my touch as I can feel my skin but my skin can’t feel me quite yet. The swelling has gone down so much since day two where I felt like I’d inflated and my whole body and face became puffy; as the weeks go by my body will continue to recover and define itself with the final results being visible in around six months from now.

Before Surgery Vs 27 Days Post Surgery

I think the real progress can be seen here by comparing my before and after pictures as it’s easy to overlook the difference having supercharged bbl has made to me. Being a slim girl at a size UK8 I didn’t want to have anything too dramatic or out of proportion for my body, which is why I had the smallest implant size of 270cc with 300ml of body fat as I didn’t have much excess.

I wanted people to question if I’d ever had surgery or if my results were purely from squatting – for my buttocks to appear naturally full and in perfect proportion to my height and size. Having the majority of my body tattooed I didn’t know how it would look after healing from the liposuction and incision sites but I’m amazed the skin has recovered with the ink still in place as if nothing ever happened – I can’t even see the scars and won’t need to top-up or correct my tattoos!

Before Surgery Vs 27 Days Post Surgery

But BBL isn’t just about buttocks, it’s about rebalancing the silhouette and creating a beautiful hourglass figure which has rid me of my dreaded love-handles, synched in my waist and given me a killer booty in clothes and underwear alike. It truly is life-changing for how it’s made me feel. I’m still me but a more pristine version, aesthetically pleasing and finally with the curves I’d always dreamed of but could never achieve no matter how many hours I spent in the gym.

And seeing that my new puppy Duke has had his final injections and is allowed to go outside and on walks, we’ve been taking it steady and building up our stamina as a team. BBL teamed with fitness is the perfect combination to achieve and maintain a dream body and gentle walking is a great source of low impact cardio whilst getting fresh air and keeping active. We go on 2-3 short walks each day of around 30-45mins and Duke loves it as much as I do!

My Puppy Duke Is Helping Me To Keep Fit With Gentle Walks

I’m keen to maintain my results from surgery by keeping my bodyweight consistent and regaining my stamina and strength when it is safe to do so in order to get back to bodybuilding – starting with walking is a great foundation and I’m averaging around 9,000 steps per day. Seeing as I have a manual car I still haven’t driven and will aim to avoid this for the full six weeks to maximise my recover, however many people return to driving after a few weeks – it all depends on how necessary it is for you. Seeing as I work from home and love walking my puppy it makes more sense to walk my children to and from school than it does to drive a short distance down the road twice a day.

I’ve got so used to sleeping on my front and living in compression wear that it’s totally normal for me now and I no longer feel that I’m ‘different’ as I’m not weak or uncomfortable. I’m not cautious, slow or concerned about my body after surgery anymore – unlike the first time I went outside for a walk and thought that everyone would bump into me or that I’d trip over! I feel very relaxed, positive and enthusiastic about what the rest of this new year will bring now that I have a new body and I’m loving getting back to routine and the healthy active lifestyle I’ve always enjoyed.

Itchy Skin During Healing – 11/01/19

I’m now 4wks and one day into healing and suddenly I’ve come over all itchy and tingly and it’s driving me mad because I just want to scratch everywhere and I don’t know where it’s come from! I haven’t changed my washing powder, I have a shower daily and always wear clean clothes and have been wearing my compression wear as I should.

So I spoke to my patient coordinator at Serene Cosmetic and she advised that it’s perfectly normal to have itching as the body is healing. The garments worn daily can dry out the skin, along with heating on in the winter and as sensation returns it causes tingling and itching to the skin. To combat this I took a shower and used a sponge to exfoliate all of my body, working in slow gentle circles to remove any dead skin without causing damage or pressing too hard. After towel drying I applied coco butter literally everywhere and allowed it to soak in before applying my garments and I feel so much better.

I haven’t moisturised until today but I’ll now make sure that I do it every time I shower to minimise any further itching in future. Also where I lay on my front and prop myself up on my elbows it’s made my skin rather dry which I didn’t realise until now, so I’m having an all over body pamper and I feel so much fresher for it – not to mention smelling so sweet!

I Have 2 Weeks Left Until I Can Workout

It’s so reassuring to have experts on hand whenever I have a question, and seeing as I’m now back in England I can send over my progress pictures and talk through my progress, feelings and concerns with the team who understand what I’m going through and have had the same procedures themselves which is amazing because as caring and supportive as my friends and family have been, sometimes it’s nice to be understood by somebody who has walked in your shoes. It puts everything into perspective and makes me realise how far I have come in my healing and how fast the time is passing.

Whilst I still have a week and 6 days until I can return to the gym (I’m resisting counting down the hours and minutes too!) I’ve accompanied my boyfriend to the gym the last couple of times that he’s trained. I don’t workout, just watch him and catch up with the staff and friends, usually going shopping whilst he’s training just to get out of the house more and keep social.

Being a personal trainer he also asks me for a cheeky session to give him pointers and structure to his routine whilst pushing him to progress. And excitingly I found out the great news today that I passed my exams and am now a fully qualified Nutrition Advisor! I spent my recovery burying my head in my books revising to pass the time and it’s paid off as not only do I now have a new body but I’ve also broadened my expertise and boosted my career in health and fitness. I literally couldn’t be happier!! Serene Cosmetic and Dr Aslani have changed my life.

Day 30 Post-Surgery – 12/01/19

I’m thankfully keeping my itching under control with daily exfoliating and moisturising and thankfully my skin feels so much calmer. There’s also the factor of my body getting used to the itching and it not seeming as obvious as at first now that I’ve had it for a few days and am used to the sensation. After my shower today whilst I was getting dressed one of my incision scars lifted off to reveal a soft new pink skin beneath. Where the incisions are between the top of the buttocks, the area where the stitches have been removed heal like any other wound by scabbing first and then lifting off.

I still have about 50% of the small scabs in place and am careful not to scratch or catch them as they must come off naturally – this is the first one to come away and it was quite a long piece as opposed to the smaller scabs dotted in a line. My liposuction sites didn’t scab up in the same way as my buttock incisions as they only had a single stitch each rather than a whole row of stitching.

Day 30 Post Surgery My Buttocks Are Softening & My Incision Scabs Coming Off

I’ve noticed my buttocks are softer to the touch and can move more easily now rather than being hard, right and stiff, they have a little flex and bounce to them which shows they’re healing and my body is returning to normal. But I still have one implant higher than the other as my body has healed faster on one side than the other. I’ve been reassured that it will drop in time and to be patient, it’s no big deal for me as I’m used to being patient and already started off with a flat bum anyway no I’m no worse off! I’m feeling really happy, full of energy and excited for the final 2 week count down to being recovered!

Day 32 Post Surgery – 14/01/19

Day 32 and the itching is no more, it lasted just over three days in total and had thankfully now gone as quickly as it arrived. I will still continue to exfoliate and moisturise everyday anyway to prevent future itching and assist in my healing and hygiene.

I also managed to cut my toenails today which was brilliant as I discovered I could bend fully forwards which I haven’t attempted to do before. Whilst picking up a sock today I stood on one leg and bent forwards like one of those toy birds that drinks a glass of water in a gift store and realising I could touch the floor therefore I could trim and paint my toenails! Another high five for normality restoring.

Where I’ve previously been standing to wee and poo I’m now making a point of sitting on the seat but keeping my weight off of the toilet by putting my arms on the wall for support. Whilst I know I could have sat immediately to use a toilet for short periods of time I have refrained from making any contact with my buttocks. Peeves for mobility I think it’s important to attempt to lower myself down and use my legs more normally to make my transition easier as I heal.

I’m also practising using my BBL pillow for a minute at a time at my kitchen table because the wooden chairs are sturdy and have a stiff back unlike the sofa which is soft and squishy and might cause me to sink back into it.

Day 32 Post Surgery & I Feel Great

Many people would have returned to work by now and frequently alternate sitting and standing at a desk however as I work from home I have done everything either standing or laying on my front. Seeing as I have an office meeting where I have to sit at a table for 2hrs I’m trying to build up my tolerance to sitting with my BBL pillow to make the event more manageable.

Whilst it’s called a BBL pillow there’s nothing very ‘pillowy’ about it as it’s a firm rectangular block covered in material but not padded or soft as the name wold have you believe. A bit like a huge chip from a fast food restaurant, by placing it under the back of my thighs I’m able to sit upright on a chair without it touching my buttocks but it’s a case of getting used to putting weight on my legs again, especially channeling the weight into my thighs where I’ve had liposuction. It doesn’t hurt, it isn’t sore, it’s just a strange sensation to sit on only part of my legs with all my weight after not doing so for so long but I’m sure I can build it up gradually to the point that it becomes normal.

Overall I’d say I’m back to an 8/10 now for normality with my life aside from the ability to crouch down, jump or go to the gym right now but that will come in the next week and a half.

I haven’t managed to curb my excitement for my new body yet as I’ve been on yet another shopping spree for some beautiful dresses and still have to pinch myself that the curvy woman in the mirror is actually me!! I don’t think the novelty will ever wear off, it literally gives me face ache from smiling I’m so happy!

Driving For The First Time Post-Surgery – 16/01/19

Approaching week 5 post-surgery tomorrow and I drove for the first time today. I could’ve got behind the wheel a lot sooner but I wanted to give myself the maximum amount of time possible to heal before sitting down (with my bbl pillow) and today I spent 40mins driving to an appointment in rush hour traffic.

If I could have had my boyfriend drive me I would have, but it is completely safe for me to sit and drive now and I think I was more apprehensive of doing something wrong or damaging myself rather than not being capable. Seeing as I haven’t sat until now, using the BBL pillow made the back of legs ache from putting all of my weight onto them, I also had to pull the seat seat closer to then reach the pedals as it meant I was sitting up higher than usual. Being closer to the pedals to reach meant that I had to use the clutch really high and at times my knee touched the steering wheel as I drove which was annoying but can be adjusted.

I Can Now Sit & Drive Using My BBL Pillow

It didn’t hurt me to drive but I felt cautious not to break or accelerate too hard because I didn’t want to jolt about. It was a strange sensation driving again after over a month and even stranger sitting down without using my arms to take the weight. My buttocks felt a slight pressure whilst sitting down which I think is more the back of my thighs being compressed and taking my weight as my buttocks hung in the gap between the pillow and my seat.

But my compression wear kept everything in place and made me feel safe and secure, within several minutes I was driving comfortably and stopped thinking about my booty as it all became natural again.

After my appointment I went shopping and walked around for a couple of hours before coming home, doing some housework, writing some features on my laptop and picking the children up from school. 5 weeks after surgery I’m back to being a normal human again and it’s nice to have my independence and freedom to travel.

I’m Taking My Time To Allow My Body To Heal Properly

I have 8 days until I can return to the gym and tone up my legs and stomach. Whilst at the moment I can’t imagine weight training or doing squats I’m sure I’ll continue to heal and get better by the day. If it comes to the 6 week point and I don’t feel it’s long enough to have healed before bodybuilding then I’m happy to wait longer – just as I have with my driving. You get one chance to heal after surgery and I want to do it properly and give myself the best results possible. A few days more wont make a lot of difference in comparison to loving my booty for the rest of my life!

Week Five – 18/01/19

Five weeks and one day into my healing and I can’t wait to get back to the gym this Thursday! Suddenly it feels as though it’s all over with so very quickly and I actually may miss using the surgery card to have people do things for me – “Sweetheart could you get me a water?” “Would you mind passing my phone?” “Can you hoover quickly and take the bins out?”

I don’t think I’ve milked my recovery too much, I’ve enjoyed getting back my routine and mobility as I potter around the house, drive and go to work. But it’s been nice to have a little extra help, to share the burden of chores and have my loved ones wait on me for once. It seems I’m only ever fully appreciated and looked after on my birthday or Mother’s Day and the other 363 days of the year a team of magical fairies and elves do all of the house work, school runs and make the dinner somehow.

But I’m so excited to get back to fitness, to be at most my most fit and healthy and achieve my fitness goals. I can’t wait to get into the best shape of my life after surgery, without having to choose between having muscles or curves because now, for the first time ever, I can have them both and it’s life changing!

4 Days Until Gym – 20/-1/19

I have to wait 4 days until I can return to training after having my BBL buttock implants surgery and I’m super hyped to get back on the gains train. In the meantime I’m enjoying training my boyfriend at the gym and keeping him motivated.

In 4 Days Time I Can Return To The Gym

Aside from carrying my handbag, putting on the kettle or lifting a saucepan to cook the dinner I’ve not picked up more than 2.5kg in weight as I recover – the equivalent of this tiny plate in the gym – how I’m looking forwards to upping this tenfold with time!

2 Days Until Gym – 22/01/19

How on Earth have six weeks of recovery flown by so fast? It literally feels as though I’ve blinked and missed it all, but how amazing!

I’ve been so busy, social and active this week, driving with my bbl pillow and seeing friends and family. I feel so healthy, active and normal now that I almost forget that I’ve had surgery and when I went to the pub with my boyfriend I totally forgot to take my bbl pillow with me to sit down.

Fortunately as I’m almost healed I was able to sit on a stool instead of a bench or chair as I could use it like a bbl pillow to put my thighs on the seat and hang my buttocks off the back which was ideal. Just a few weeks ago I would have tried to lay down at the pub or stand up the whole time – now I’m able to use stools!

I Believe Positivity Helps During Healing

These small little victories are so exciting to notice and I hope if you’ve had BBL surgery and are part way through healing that you can hold onto this and find hope! I’ve read a lot of reviews online that say BBL is one of the hardest surgeries to recover from because of the mobility issue and discomfort but I really think it’s all in the mind.

I’ve had eye surgery, nose, breasts and aesthetics and found the hardest part about this was not going to the gym! If you rest up, sleep well and take small steps everyday you’ll be back to your best and feeling better than ever before you know it.

Back To The Gym 6 Weeks Post-Surgery – 24/01/19

Today I’m 6wks into my BBL buttock implant recovery and absolutely love my results – finally I can workout, stay slim AND still keep my curves because of Dr Aslani. It’s my first day back at the gym today training and I’m adapting my usual bodybuilding regime by focusing on upper body standing exercises only instead of seated, laying or high impact routines. After any accident, illness or surgery it’s important to let your body properly recover and to heal successfully so start exercise only when it is safe to do so (typically 6wks post surgery but this will vary.) Begin slow and steady with light weights and gentle steps to gradually build back up to your prior fitness.

Now that I’m at 6wks post-surgery I feel that it’s a good time to go over some of the most commonly asked questions and where I placed in the healing timeline for my buttock implants and fat transfer – supercharged Brazilian butt lift.

6wks Post-Surgery And I Can Return To The Gym

It’s recommended that you sleep on your front for 4 weeks and avoid sleeping on your sides for 6wks to allow the fat grafts to take as pressure on fat grafts leads to a lower survival rate of tissue, thereby reducing the results. At six weeks I’m still sleeping on my front through choice and haven’t ever attempted to sleep on my back or sides as I want my body to have the best chance possible to heal as it should and keep everything in place.

Although you can sit immediately after surgery with the BBL pillow or on the toilet I chose not to until week 5 as I either stood up or laid on my front and used a she-wee and pads to go to the toilet standing up. It’s recommended that you can sit normally without the BBL pillow after 4weeks however at 4wks I didn’t have the mobility to lower myself to 90 degrees to be seated and felt happier waiting until I was ready.

It’s suggested that pain, swelling, fatigue, bruising and numbness will subside within 4 weeks of surgery but varies from person to person. The areas where I have had liposuction on my stomach are still somewhat numb and tender to the touch with a little swelling, however far better than directly after surgery. All bruising is completely gone and my life is very much back to normal now at 6wks.

The compression wear, any padding and belts must be worn for the first 6wks however it’s recommended they are worn for around 12hrs a day for a further 6wks (up to week 12) as after 3months post-surgery they will have little to no effect on results.

By week 6 I can take a bath although I haven’t yet as I don’t want to lay on my elbows in the bath because it will be uncomfortable and I haven’t yet laid on my back – the same with saunas.

At 6wks I can now return to the gym and return to my routine slowly by not pushing myself too hard. I’m happy to avoid all lower body exercise and focus on training my arms instead which is simple to do by holding light dumbbells whilst standing up.

At 6wks I can now start to wear underwear and will continue to avoid anything tight that digs in and leaves marks.

I’m Using Meal Prep & Gradual Training To Get Into The Best Shape Of My Life Post-Surgery

At 6wks I’m driving comfortably with my bbl pillow and will continue to do so until I no longer need my pillow – I’ll know when this will be when I feel comfortable sitting without it.

For my first workout at the gym today I started at a lower weight than usual for me – I would typically begin at 10kg, 12kg or 15kg free weights dependant on muscle group and number of repetitions. I simply stood and used free-weights avoiding, jumping, squatting, sitting or laying down.

DB Shoulder Press – 6×10 7.5kg
DB Side Raises – 6×10 7.5kg
DB Hammer Curls 6×10 7.5kg
DB Standing Triceps 3×10 7.5kg

Getting back into working out is going to be slow and steady progress, whereas I wouldn’t normally notice picking up a 7.5kg before, as it’s around half my usual weights, my arms were shaking and burning today from having not used my muscles and I really felt it. I completed my entire workout standing up in the free weights section which took around 35mins and I feel so good to be back into training again.

I’m meal prepping my healthy nutritious vegan meals, walking the children to school – as well as the puppy – and getting back to routine with my new body. In a few more weeks/months after gradually working at my endurance, strength and stamina I hope to be in the best shape and health of my life.

Six And A Half Weeks Post-Surgery 27/01/19

Now that I’m at six and a half weeks post-surgery the time is literally flying by as my life is back to normal.

After going commando -without underwear- for 6wks after surgery I’ve now bought loose fitting underwear to wear high up on my hips. Before surgery I was a size small (UK8) now I’m wearing a medium (UK10) so that I can pull it up above my hips and keep it loose so as not to dig in.

I’m still sitting with my bbl pillow and can crouch down on the sofa by sitting on my knees and sinking back into my heels but not sitting on them. I can lift and bend my legs higher when shaving as well as tie my own shoe laces now as my flexibility returns a little more each day.

I Love How Natural My Results Look

I no longer feel fragile or tender from surgery but my skin is still a little numb and swollen on my stomach and hips and I continue to sleep in and wear my compression wear daily aside from when I go to the gym and put on my high waisted gym leggings.

Sitting on the toilet without holding onto the wall or sink is wonderful as I’m no longer cautious of causing damage. I’m more at ease and relaxed and love feeling normal again.

And for my mind and body it’s been fantastic getting back to the gym and regaining my stamina and strength. I’m still only doing upper body standing exercises and avoiding squatting or training my legs aside from walking on the treadmill, but already I feel hat I have so much more energy, more of an appetite because I’m keeping active and sleep better at night for having had fulfilling days.

I’m So Happy To Be Back At The Gym Training

With summer approaching it’s great to be recovered from surgery, back to fitness and feeling motivated. The only time I’ve really noticed my buttock implants was when I was crossing the toad yesterday and the car slowed down to let me go so I tried to be quick and upped my fast walk to a little jog to get to the other side of the road and I felt my implants bounce with the impact to trying to jog.

It didn’t hurt but it was just a strange feeling, like when breast implants bounce if you jump or run for the first time and it’s a new sensation. Other than that I don’t notice them, don’t feel them and they’re not obvious or fake looking at all. I’m really pleased with my results, shape and size and love that my pancake butt is now a naturally looking juicy booty to suit my proportions.

Summer needs to hurry up so that I can get into a bikini and enjoy my new curves rather than constantly covering up in the snow!

7 Weeks Post Surgery – 31/01/19

7 weeks post-surgery and I’m sitting down unassisted without my bbl pillow. Of course I could have done this weeks ago, but I wanted to give myself the best chance to recover and maintain my results as I didn’t have to sit down for work or in general – it was easy for me to avoid it and lay down on my front or stand instead.

I Love My New Curves

So today, because it’s week 7 I bit the bullet and took away my bbl pillow. The first time that I sat down without it I felt so apprehensive. I didn’t know what it would feel like, if it would hurt or cause something to move or pop. It literally took me five minutes of hesitation and putting my weight into my arms to lift myself up before I could just sit down with all of my weight because I’m so used to avoiding sitting down now.

But there was nothing to worry about and I don’t know why I felt so nervous. I guess it’s the fear of the unknown and I hesitated because I didn’t want to cause any damage or effect my results by rushing back to my normal routine too soon. It’s much better to wait until your ready and comfortable and I feel that will vary from person to person – so long as you take the advice of your surgeon you will be safe.

My Upper Body Strength Is Back On Track Post-Surgery

I have one week until I can return to my normal gym activity and attempt lower body training, so in the meantime I’m really loving working my upper body and seeing such great results – it’s wonderful having strength and muscles once again.

Mentally, physically and emotionally I’m in such a great place in life, I love my body, feel good and look the best I ever had. Roll-on my final week of adjusting and I can get on with the rest of forever!

9 Weeks Post-Surgery – 15/02/19

The past couple of weeks have absolutely flown by. I’m now back to training daily at the gym, however I have so far avoided sitting down whilst lifting weights as a precaution of healing as I begin with bodyweight only exercise that is low impact. I’m happy to focus on my upper body training, raising my free weights and targeting abs which is my summer body goal anyway. The only modification I’ve made to training abs thus far is to avoid laying on my back putting all of my weight onto my buttocks –  I’ve switched traditional situps and crunches for hanging leg raises and planking.

I’m Still Keeping My Cardio Low Impact To Avoid Bouncing

I’ve attempted to do a light jog on the treadmill at the gym, as well as run after my puppy when he fails to come back when called, and have noticed that my buttocks bounce when I do so. The feeling of my buttocks bouncing made me want to stop jogging so as not to do any damage, as it’s a part of my body that wouldn’t have felt like that before surgery. It’s not painful, just plentiful and for high-impact exercise I would consider sourcing a supportive pair of shorts to hold it more firmly in place, much like a sports bra – otherwise the more I jump and run the more normal the bouncing sensation will become.

Rather Than Situps & Crunches To Train Abs I’m Using Hanging Raises & Planking

I’m now sleeping on my back and sides without caution, sitting without my BBL cushion and wearing whatever I like. I wear my compression wear daily, but it isn’t essential to have it on 24/7 anymore. I will continue to wear it until week 12 when my healing is complete and my body continues to heal for the next several months.

Swelling wise I just have a very small amount of numbness to the side of my stomach from liposuction and no bruising anymore. My surgery is literally undetectable now as my body is all but healed and thankfully I’m in great health, full of energy and loving my new shape. I’m back to wearing normal clothes, living life as I did before and planning fun fitness events for the summer.

Whilst my left buttock implant has dropped perfectly into place from surgery, the right implant is taking slightly longer to relax and fall into position which I’m assured will rectify itself over the coming weeks, if not months. To start with both implants were high and tight beneath the muscle directly after surgery and now they are softer, lower and more natural to the touch and in appearance which I’m really pleased about.

I’m Eating Healthy & Loving Being Back To My Fit Healthy Lifestyle

As with any surgery or implant, the body starts off tense and uptight about the change to its normal condition before accepting, relaxing and coinciding with its new state. Whilst I’ve read horror stories about buttock implants looking square, showing ridges or sitting incorrectly I am confident that, just as my left implant has found itself the perfect settlement, the right implant will shortly follow suit as it is progressing day by day.

10 Weeks Post-Surgery – Don’t Skip Leg Day!

I’m finally training legs again! Oh my goodness, it’s my favourite workout that I’ve missed so much. I spent so many hours of my life focusing on my lower body before considering surgery to try to build the booty of my dreams – squats, lunges, thrusts! I must have done thousands of repetitions over the past few years, especially whilst bodybuilding and training for my contest. Yet Mother Nature only allowed me to achieve what was humanly and physically possible for me and thankfully Dr Aslani delivered the rest.

10 Weeks Post-Surgery I’m Training Legs

I’m starting my leg training slowly with minimal repetitions and light weights focusing on compound exercises which engages multiple muscles at once to work together, rather than isolating a single muscle as this will allow me to build a firm foundation and prevent causing any damage or injury.

Seated leg press has been an ideal way to build up my stamina as a step up from doing standing squats without weights. I can choose to keep my squats as high as I like, listening to my body as I go to ensure I’m not putting myself under too much pressure. My approach here is softly-softly to regain the muscle memory and stamina that I had before surgery.

My Booty Is Loving Being Trained At The Gym

Combining surgery with exercise, for me, has been the best decision I could have made to achieve an hourglass figure. It shows how important it is to try all avenues prior to going under the knife, to lead a healthy active lifestyle and get yourself as physically fit and in-shape for what is individual to you – this way you can achieve realistic and manageable results rather than crash dieting and reverting back to a pre-surgery shape. Surgery is therefore an extension of your lifestyle, a find-tuning and finishing touch.

11 Weeks Post-Surgery

Today I’m 11wks and 1 day Post op and I feel amazing. I’ve just hit an epic gym session, not quite back to my intense bodybuilding but definitely more active and stronger than I’ve been for the past 3 months. I’m training legs again and love how shapely my whole lower half is looking. The implants add shape and volume and toning up and growing my muscles gives definition – the perfect combination!

I’m still on cheek watch for my right cheek to soften to the same level as my left, to others it’s not noticeable but to me I can tell the difference. So 3 months into healing and by 6months I should be on the home stretch. My life is normal, my routine is restored and I’m excited to show off my curves this summer in some cute outfits.

My Right Buttock Implant Has Almost Dropped Into Place

I’m doing my first Spartan race in May (just over 8wks) where I’ll be jumping over obstacles, swimming, crawling through mud and barbed wire etc as well as running for. Few hours on the course so I’m on the lookout for some strong sports shorts that can support high impact. I notice when I run or jump my bum bounces much like large breasts, so just as you’d wear a good sports bra to run I want to find some shorts to support my buttock implants. I don’t feel like it would hurt or damage me not to have my butt supported whilst running, but in fitness you want to be as streamline and supported as possible without bits bouncing or shaking which is distracting. Just like I tie my hair up to workout and put on a tight bra, I want my booty strapped down so that I can perform my best. So I’m on the lookout for something suitable.

My implants have massively softened since I first got them. When they initially go in it feels like a very firm and strange sensation because it’s your buttocks but more pumped up and full with stiffness. I’ve always had a rather soft and squishy bum which can be a drastic change directly after surgery, but week but week it has relaxed, softened and loosened up to now look and feel like a natural butt which I love. Oddly I almost miss my bum being so firm and swollen! Just like lip fillers when you first have them and they look huge but then settle in and come up true to size and you want the swelling back!

I’m Loving Training Legs At The Gym In Preparation For My First Spartan Race In May 2019

I’d say aside from having face ache from smiling so much every time I see and touch my new butt because I’m so happy with it, the only real downside I’ve experienced is not being able to fit into my old jeans so I’ve had a good clearout. To be fair, I didn’t really need an excuse to go shopping because it’s always nice to update my wardrobe and keep up with the latest fashion trends – but so far it’s only my old skinny jeans I can no longer squeeze into as my skirts, dresses, leggings gym wear and trousers all fit fine.

If not attempted to buy any jeans since surgery as I don think any will fit me with my small waist and big booty. Perhaps that’s something I’ll start looking into to see if I can find a stretchy surgery friendly brand for big booty slim girls! However I never really wore jeans much before my surgery as the fashion changed to leggings so long ago and they’re way more comfortable and being high waisted they suck in the stomach without pinching or hurting.

I’m only wearing my compression wear a night now, not the entire kit, just the body piece as I wake up every morning feeling slim and defined and wear whatever I want throughout the day. It easily fits under clothes so isn’t a problem to conceal but in gym wear I just wear a sports bra and leggings so take the compression wear off during the day so it’s not seen.

I Love & Appreciate My New Curves Everyday

Past next week I have no need to wear the compression wear as I’ll be 12wks post op and all healing to do with shape and definition of my torso will be complete. I think I’ll still wear compression selectively as it helps me to have better posture, be more conscious of what I eat and look slimmer in clothes regardless of having surgery or not.

I’ve really enjoyed my experience of BBL and the fantastic care and communication of Dr Aslani and the team throughout who continue to check in on me, wish me a happy weekend and ask if I have any thoughts or concerns which is really nice as not many places are so involved with patients aftercare. I actually see them as my friends now and really enjoy catching up and filling other patients journeys on their social media rather than the old fashioned formality of surgeon and patient that ends the second you leave the hospital.

So, right cheek massages for me to finish p my healing and plenty of fresh food, exercise and epic adventures! I wish you all the best with your journeys and will keep updating my progress as and when it happens.

UPDATE: 13 Weeks Post-Surgery

Whoop for week thirteen! Just checking in to update on my progress, or should that be my happiness? The amount of positivity and comments I get about my new booty is unreal! So many people compliment me on having such a nice pert, shapely booty and ask me how I achieved it, when I tell them it’s buttock implants they can’t believe it because it looks so real! I’m so glad that Dr Aslani knew the shape and size to fit to my body for what would look natural for me.

13 Weeks Post-Surgery I Love My Natural Looking Results

With any surgery so many people seem to rush into the biggest size possible and look out of proportion and regret it. Dr Aslani is a true perfectionist and gave me the natural look that I wanted that people think is my own body! Even if I did a million squats a day Mother Nature wouldn’t have blessed me with a booty this good – I’m happy to confess to my curves being from surgery and people are pleased to hear in the fitness industry that I am honest about it, then ask me for my surgeons details!

Update: 4 Months Post-Op

I’ve had lots of people asking me about my progress 4 months after surgery (I stopped counting days and weeks after I started hitting months as it gets too confusing!) One of the main questions that I get is have I still got the size and shape that I had when I first had my surgery? The answer is yes and no and I’ll explain why:

My BBL Booty Progress At 4 Months

Yes – I have maintained my size since surgery because I had implants and these do not shrink. I’ve also kept the small amount of fat transferred to wrap the implant and smooth off the edges and as such my implants are natural looking and not exposed. However the swell has gone down, my skin is no longer numb and I do not have trapped fluid or “squishy stuff” under the skin anymore. So I may have lost some extra “bloat” appearance to my body but my buttocks are the same size as my surgery thanks to the implants. If I’d have had just fat transfer then I would have expected some fat to be lost during healing – however this is not the case for my particular surgery.

My BBL Booty Progress At 4 Months

No – my shape is not entirely the same as it was when I first had surgery as the implants sit rather high and tight at the top of the buttocks when first inserted. As the muscles heal, relax and drop into place the somewhat fake looking tight and high shape becomes far softer, rounder and more natural when it drops into place.

I had rather flat and square buttocks to begin with and to an extent I have some flattening to my right buttock which was very noticeable after surgery but not as noticeable as I heal. I’ve been told that it can take up to 6 months for the true results to show and the shape to settle so I’m only really two-thirds of the way into my healing with another 2 months to go. But the shape is now lovely, my bum looks and feels real and I’m getting so much praise and positivity at the gym, whilst shopping, on nights out and basically anywhere that people see me because of my new body shape.

BBL Surgery Was The Right Decision For My Needs

I always thought having breast implants was a head-turning but surprisingly having a pert, full booty is far more celebrated and appreciated! I literally couldn’t be happier it was certainly the best decision for me and I wish you all the best with your journeys – whatever route you decide to take.

UPDATE: 07/12/19 – 1 Year Post-Surgery

So I realise that it’s been a while since I last updated my BBL blog – apologies for that as I’ve just been so super busy with my children and work and I’m also now a redhead instead of being blonde #newsflash I just wanted to post an update to kind of conclude my BBL journey and answer any unfinished questions. The most repetitive questions that I get asked about my supercharged BBL are:

-Would you have revision surgery?
-Has your right cheek dropped yet?
-Are the implants still firm? 
-Are you happy with the results?

Let’s have a go at answering some of these for you! Revision surgery is something I thought very long and hard about when my right implant took so long to drop. In an ideal world they both would have behaved exactly the same and everything happened equally and within my 6 week recovery, but it didn’t for me. It took longer as you know…

My Butt Implants Fell Naturally Into Place On Day Without Me Noticing

I questioned myself whether I could go through with this type of surgery again with it being in Spain and needing six weeks of recovery from bodybuilding, after speaking with my surgeon I was reassured that a stitch could be put in to hold the implant in place via revision surgery and the process and recovery would be far easier than having a supercharged BBL for the first time again.

Rather than having something done and then being left high-and-dry if you don’t like the results, I felt quite the opposite, fully informed, reassured and with an open invitation to return for any alterations should I wish. The team were lovely, my surgeon so understanding and rather than rush into anything I instead gave myself time.

Wherever I Go My Hourglass Figure Turns Heads

With surgery the body needs to heal and recover and recovery is different for everybody. Whether it’s bruising, swelling, pain or mobility, 100 people could have the same procedure and all will find it a different and unique experience. I knew that my muscles needed to heal and recover before my implants would fully drop into place, so rather than having more surgery to speed up the process I decided to wait.

Having my right butt cheek slightly square and tight didn’t impact my daily life as much as I thought it would. I still continued to train at the gym safely, have photoshoots and get dressed up in tight clothes for a night out and leggings at the gym – I didn’t avoid doing or wearing anything that was a normal part of my life before surgery is what I’m trying to say. I wasn’t freaking out trying to hide my body away whilst it healed.

My Booty Looks And Feels So Real

Carrying on as normal, I didn’t actually notice when my right implant dropped because I didn’t really pay attention to it. People have constantly complemented me in the gym, in the street and even at work asking what I do to have such a perfect booty and nobody had ever said it looked odd, unnatural or uneven at any point. So there wasn’t a moment when I was suddenly like “today it’s finally dropped!”

I guess I just noticed that with time my BBL looks and feels so natural and it’s soft, squishy, jiggles and you can squeeze and slap it without being able to feel any implants or edges. It’s literally a natural bum with the muscles pushed forward by implants so I have no dents, dips or texture to my skin because everything is smooth and natural which I love.

Having Buttock Implants Has Created The Perfect Balanced Body Shape I Never Could Have Had Naturally

To this day when people ask me about my booty, from cars beeping in the street getting whistled at, guys running up to me asking for my number and girls approaching me in changing rooms and out and about asking if they can get some advice – I’m always more than happy to tell anyone that my booty is from implants and how Dr Aslani is so up on being safe against fat embolism, warning others not to take risks by going to a lesser qualified surgeon.

I still can’t quite believe that it’s been a whole year already since having my BBL surgery – the time has gone so fast and I’m more in love that ever with my curves. I train daily at the gym, love feeling fit, strong and womanly and feel like this surgery has been such an amazing decision for me because it is so life changing. I’m thankful that I had the patience to wait for my full recovery and that I didn’t fret over things outside of my control.

I’m Loving Living My Best Life With My New Womanly Curves

Whilst any surgery should never be undertaken lightly, my BBL journey has been a very positive and uplifting one and I hope in sharing it I can shed some light on this subject to help and inform others. Whatever you do, do it for yourself when the time is right for you.

You can leave your thoughts, feelings, feedback and questions for me in the comments box below

Surgeon: Dr Alexander Aslani


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  • Thank you for being so open with your experience. I’m getting mine in a few weeks and your story has both answered a lot of questions and made me feel a lot less anxious about it.

    • Thank you, I’m glad my journey has answered some of your questions. Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on, wishing you a speedy recovery! 🙂 x

  • Amazing results. I love how much detail you’ve gone into i feel educated about the recovery process which i was initially finding very daunting. Did the right butt cheek implant eventually drop into its place?

    • Thank you Sadie, I’m pleased that you found this informative. Yes both implants are now in place and look and feel great – you can’t even tell that I’ve had surgery nor feel them at all x

  • Maybe I’ll do this surgery too. But I want to get pregnant in 1-2 years. I am not sure if the results of the operation will last after the pregnancy.
    How long does it take before it is possible to become pregnant after the operation? I know I have to ask my own surgery too

  • Where did you get you stitches taken out in england after the surgery, I’m really keen to get it done x

    • GP’s can remove stitches, or it’s quite simple to do yourself if you can reach, or ask a partner to do it for you. I recommend contacting your surgeon/consultant to confirm your stitches are ready for removal first x

  • Amazing results! What was the cost of the recovery villa? Was that included in the total price you mentioned? As mentioned before in prior posts, thank you for all the great detail. It’s very helpful as I research this procedure.

  • Thanks for your reply. I’m most definitely going to contact their clinic. After much research, I do feel he is worth traveling overseas for the procedure.

  • Omg is that all that a supercharged bbl did? That’s a small change vs the pain money and time! The changes are small! You look great but I don’t want it now…

    • I purposely asked for the smallest implant available to make it more natural. Many patients want a more obvious and dramatic shape, it is down to individual choice x

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