Using Colour As Motivation For Fitness

When it comes to fitness I find rushing around after my two young children, walking the dog and working through a mountainous pile of paperwork and chores each day can be both tiring and time consuming – so I hope I’ll be forgiven if I’m lacking in enthusiasm when I eventually get the time to squeeze in a workout.

You see, I always used to see fitness as another item on my list of things to do and I approached it with the dismal mindset of “Just get it done and then it’s out of the way!” Throwing on my black jogging bottoms and a matching loose fitting t-shirt, I saw it as a funeral for my body fat – a necessary chore in order to achieve the body of my dreams. But then I realised fitness can be so much more fun and uplifting if you let yourself enjoy it; I found motivation in colour and used my workouts as a celebration of health instead.

Using Colour As Motivation For Fitness

Fashion World have a beautiful selection of sportswear and footwear as well as men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, homeware, electricals, gifts and accessories by leading worldwide brands. I adore online shopping because it allows me to purchase everything that I need in my exact size from the comfort of my own home and suits my busy schedule perfectly.

Much like stepping outside on a grey and rainy day can make us feel unenthusiastic or even miserable, the clothes that we wear have a massive impact on our motivation too. I used to hide away beneath loose and shapeless dark colours after having my two children and it only made me feel more self conscious because of it. No matter what shape or size we start out at we can all lose weight, tone up and achieve our fitness goals one step at a time – so why not do it with a spring in your step? Wear something you really love and find a gym kit this new year that you can’t wait to get into!

I’ve Used Raspberry Adidas Trainers & A Sports Bra To Bring Colour To My Gym Kit

I’m a big fan of Adidas sportswear and found these beautiful raspberry trainers and sports bra at FashionWorld which are ideal for adding a splash of colour to my 2019 gym kit. By accessorising with colour in my sports bra and trainers I’m able to mix and match these to my existing dark wardrobe of black shorts, black leggings, black hoodies and caps for an instant burst of brightness that is far more cost effective than buying an entire new outfit.

Whether you choose to wear these with full leggings and a vest top to cover up in the winter or just shorts and a smile for the sizzling hot summer, the pop of colour is sure to stand out and boost your mood in an instant. Bright, bold and uplifting shades are the perfect way to combat a bleak and grey day, to bring enthusiasm back to your workout and make you feel good by looking good.

I’m All Set To Achieve My New Year Goals

When looking for the perfect sports bra I always look for medium to high impact designs with comfortable wide straps to support my neck, back and shoulders – a racerback design helps to allow for a full range of motion when performing shoulder exercises too. Similarly when walking, running and lifting weights a comfortable lace-up trainer with a close fit, good grip and clearance space around the ankle allows for optimum training and the freedom to workout without obstruction.

Purchasing high-quality products to assist in the comfort of your workout whilst widening your mindset to celebrate health and enjoy your fitness journey will contribute to reaching your fitness goals; so shake up your wardrobe, be daring and add a splash of colour to your kit – I’ll see you in the gym goal-getter!
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