The Best Festive Season Skincare Treats

There are two reasons I love indulging in skin treats around Christmas time. Firstly, winter can be incredibly tough on your skin and needs extra help to stay strong, healthy, and moisturised.

Secondly, many of my favourite brands release limited edition holiday skincare items around this time of year, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on skin treats you can’t find the rest of the year. If you’re ready to indulge, this is the list of Christmas-time skincare treats that I can’t go without.

Face Treats

Creme Ancienne Nourishing Eye and Face Cream Duo — Fresh

Winter skin needs an intense and nourishing moisturiser — especially for your face and eye area. This duo by Fresh sets the bar and keeps the delicate and sensitive skin around my eyes and the skin on my face from becoming stiff, dry, or dull during the winter months. Creme Ancienne is decadent, rich, and extremely luxurious. Using this duo daily leaves my under-eye skin soothed and de-puffed and helps minimise the fine lines around my mouth and eyes, so the creams work well after using my Trinity device (details in the next paragraph). If you have friends who could use a bit of Fresh skin magic, there is a lovely selection of skincare gift sets to choose from on their site.

Trinity Complete Facial Toning Set — NuFace 

This award-winning, professional-level microcurrent device is essential to my skincare routine because it helps lift, tone, and couture my face with every use. Cleared by both the FDA and aestheticians, this little micro current device is my ride-or-die for smoothing out those little fine lines around my eyes and lips and giving my tired, year-end face a little lift when it’s looking stressed. All you need is five spare minutes to use the Trinity, and you’ll never look back.

12 Days of Face Sheet Masking Set for Dull Skin — My Beauty Spot 

This is one of those limited edition Christmas skincare items I mentioned earlier, so don’t wait to get your hands on a 12 Days of Face Masking set by My Beauty Spot. This set keeps skincare interesting, with six different sheet masks in several enticing styles and scents. The masks include ingredients like collagen to plump your skin, charcoal to deep cleanse and calm, vitamin C for a bright glow, and tea tree to purify a grumpy face. Have a fresh-faced Christmas — you deserve it.

Gentle Makeup Remover Wipes — Makeup By Mario 

Christmas time means a busy schedule with lots to do. Mario’s Gentle Makeup Remover Wipes are my key to getting through an exciting, jam-packed festive season with clear skin and no makeup left over after a late night out. I love these wipes because not only are they biodegradable, but they’re also incredibly effective and nourishing at the same time. As the wipes remove makeup, they refresh the skin with cucumber water, aloe, and chamomile — the perfect combination.

Oil-Absorbing Pore Treatment Strips — Peace Out

My skin simply could not manage without my favourite pore strips. These fast-working little strips are imbued with hydrocolloid polymer technology and other pore-refining ingredients to keep your pores clear and minimised. If you have skin that tends to be oily, these pore strips are going to be a game changer.

Body Treats

Milk Body Cleanser — Fresh

Milky products are an excellent idea close to Christmas time. A prime example is the Milk Body Cleanser by Fresh, which keeps my skin clean and glowing without any harsh ingredients that might strip moisture or dry out sensitive skin. The plant milk in this delectable wash helps to balance the skin’s pH, keeping it soft and conditioned. The lathered texture of this wash is so sumptuous; it really adds luxury to your bath experience.

Golden Shimmer Glow Body Oil — Gisou 

This is another limited edition festive item, but it’s one for your body this time! If you want a shimmery, summery, golden glow all over your skin even in the middle of winter, order your bottle of Gisou body oil as soon as you can. This product is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave any greasiness or oiliness behind, so you can wear it with your favorite dress on date night. This oil isn’t just pretty; it’s also deeply hydrating, so apply it generously whenever you need a little glow-up.

Confidently Clear Body Polish Scrub — Isle of Paradise 

Getting rid of any dead or dried-out skin cells during winter is essential, but you should take care when exfoliating so as not to be too rough on your skin. This Isle of Paradise body polish is an incredibly fine textured exfoliating wash that uses glycolic acid to help smooth out the skin’s surface and leave it glowing. Polyglutamic and hyaluronic acid follow the exfoliator to hydrate and lock in moisture to improve the condition of your skin in one use. No more stockings catching on scratchy legs!

Wyoming Winter Extreme Hydration Body Butter — Jeffree Star 

No winter body skincare routine is complete without a hydrating body butter to soothe and smooth stressed-out winter skin. This is a body treat you need to apply daily to reap the benefits in the best way possible — especially after exfoliating. Slather the ultra-buttery and luxurious cream all over your body for instant hydration and a reduction in the appearance of stretch marks and fine lines.

Treat Your Skin This Christmas!

If you love skincare and the holiday season as I do, these products should definitely be on your Christmas wishlist. Experience luscious, soft skin from head to foot this holiday season when you make use of these treats.

Good skincare to all and to all a good Christmas!


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