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I came across the lovely owners of Quimey Oils at the Om Yoga Show where we fell into deep discussion about the struggles and insecurities that women face surrounding their hair and the way that age, lifestyle and motherhood have a huge impact upon our locks.

Having had a hair transplant in late 2022, after spending 10yrs suffering from hair loss, thinning and breakage after the birth of my second child, I am now one year post-surgery and have such an immense appreciation for my hair with a conscious mindset to take the very best care of it.

Gone are the days of using hard brushes to hurriedly detangle my hair, elastic bands as make-do hair ties, bleaching and heat styling it to within an inch of its life until I resembled a scarecrow and living with constant frizz and split ends. Now I have silky pillowcases, no longer colour my hair, use non-chemical shampoos and conditioners and ensure that regular hair treatments are included in my beauty regime to keep my once scorned locks now looking and feeling their best.

It was incredibly refreshing to be able to speak openly and honestly with the team about the many struggles surrounding hair, which as women we often keep bottled up and instead choose to suffer in silence as we go to great lengths to conceal the symptoms of hair loss and damage from our nearest and dearest rather than dealing with the cause.

Born in lockdown, Jay the founder of Quimey Oils who is a hairdresser by profession, struggled with not being able to work and stressed about homeschooling, the sudden lack of social interaction and financial worries. She realised that her hair was suffering and remembered her own family Indian traditions, the comforting feeling of her mother giving the children their weekly hair oiling sessions on a Sunday with a head massage to improve hair texture, growth and circulation. Jay fondly explored this childhood ritual to improve her hair condition in lockdown and noticed how this in turn improved her mental state.

Through her experience as a hairdresser, she knew that the traditional Indian hair oils are not necessarily suitable for all hair types, as they can be rich and heavy which can cause a build up on the hair shaft over time, so she wanted to find a more suitable alternative. After extensive research, she discovered amazing benefits of three superfood oils – Jojoba, Moringa and Baobab, which combined are incredibly powerful in rehydrating the hair without changing the natural colour of hair or discolouring highlights when used regularly.

These three oils now form the base across all of their overnight hair treatment oils and are overlaid with essential oils to uplift the mood, assist in relaxation and leave the hair feeling beautifully healthy and pampered. Jay discovered that the oils, when used regularly as an overnight hair treatment, help to repair the hair shaft from the inside out. When massaged on to the scalp, the wonderful scents from the essential oils work as a follicle stimulator to increase the blood supply, in turn stimulating and encouraging hair growth which is something that she also suffered from during the height of lock down. 

All of their oils are virgin organic and are suitable for sensitive skin, although a patch test is always recommended to be carried out with every hair product before use.

How To Use Overnight Hair Oils

Quimey organic hair oils are empowered by natures own resources, using beautifully formulated botanicals to enhance wellbeing, and are designed to be used as an overnight deep conditioning hair treatment. 

It is recommended that you dispense two generous pumps of oil into your hands, rubbing them together to warm the oil so that it may spread easily. You may also inhale the oil in a mindful meditation to enjoy the essential oils before applying it to dry hair.

It is best to start from the mid lengths and work the oil down to the ends, massaging all of the areas where the hair does not get any natural oils from the scalp due to its length. This process is completed by applying one more pump, of warmed oil in the hands, directly onto the scalp. Concentrate on massaging the oil all over the scalp, especially at the temples before gently wrapping the hair in a towel or a cap before going to sleep. The oil can be washed out in the morning.

These hair oils can also be used as a pre shampoo treatment which you apply in the same way and leave for a minimum of 30-60mins before washing it out. This is perfect for a short burst of treatment mid-week and helps to keep your hair in place whilst having a workout or working from home.

The Hair Oils That I Have

All of these Quimey Oils are suitable for my thin, limp and dry/damaged hair type so it really comes down to personal preference of scents. There are four beautiful varieties of hair oils in the range:

-Rosemary Dew: This Luxury Organic Hair Oil Treatment is made with rosemary and clary sage, designed to strengthen and restore shine for beautiful healthy-looking hair

-Pink Grapefruit: This Luxury Organic Hair Oil is made with grapefruit and is a natural way to detox hair and reduce frizz whilst being suitable for all hair types

-Neroli Dreams: This Luxury Organic Hair Oil Treatment is made with Neroli and is designed to revitalise dull-looking hair whilst promoting shine and a healthy scalp

-Rose Geranium: This Luxury Organic Hair Oil Treatment is made with rose geranium and is designed to condition the scalp and promote thicker, fuller and more radiant hair

The Results

Before cosying up in bed last night with a good book, I added my hair oils to my evening regime for the very first time. I decided to use the Pink Grapefruit oil to detox and reduce frizz, which is something that I suffer from terribly in the winter as I frequently go between hot and cold environments which dries out my hair and leaves it looking forever flyaway and fluffy.

I lit a scented candle, turned down the lights and gave myself the most wonderful scalp massage as my dry hair drank up the oil. As I worked the warm oil into my lengths and ends, I noticed my hair transform to become so soft and silky to the touch which was such a cathartic sensation after so many years of battling with my dry and damaged hair.

Massaging my scalp and melting away the tension of the day, I then scraped my lovingly oiled hair into a ponytail in preparation for bed. This hair routine isn’t something that I’ve been raised with, nor ever experienced before, and so I was conscious to spend time mindfully enjoying the experience which was incredibly relaxing and such a beautiful form of self love and TLC.

The natural fragrance of the oil, how warm it felt in my hands and the way that it left my hair feeling so nourished and smooth in an instant was a feast for the senses and inspired me to then go on to shape my nails, exfoliate my face and moisturise my hands and feet also, because the act of self care really is inspiring! I had the most wonderful sleep feeling so pampered and couldn’t wait to leap out of bed for my morning shower to reveal my post-oil hair.

Washing the oil from my hair was just as soothing as applying it, as I gave myself a full scalp massage in the shower to ensure that I didn’t leave any oil on my scalp or risk my hair looking flat and greasy for the day ahead. The oil rinses out so easily, and even when wet, I noted that my hair wasn’t as straw-like as usual.

I allowed my hair to air dry as I got on with my morning routine, not realising the transformation that was taking place before my eyes, until I caught sight of it in the mirror. I didn’t fully understand the concept of having a hair-detox until using this oil; it had removed all dirt, oil and product buildup on my hair which had previously weighed my hair down, making it appear limp, dry and lifeless even when freshly washed. Post-treatment my hair is refreshed, revived, bouncy, light and has such a beautiful shine and silkiness to the touch. I look and feel like a woman reborn!

(L) My Hair Before Having Hair Transplant Surgery (R) My Hair After Having Surgery Using Quimey Oil

Before styling, my freshly washed hair would usually be wirey, unruly, straw-like and frizzy, which I would attempt to tame with a concoction of hair straighteners and products that only serve to weigh it down, flatten it and make it look greasy. One overnight oil treatment has left my hair looking and feeling like I’ve been to a salon for a bouncy blow dry; my hair is so naturally clean, shiny, naturally straighter and healthy looking without having to do or add anything else to it – totally unrecognisable characteristics without any further effort.

I am truly taken aback by how noticeable the difference is to my hair is after using hair oils. After spending so many years suffering in silence from hair loss and taking the leap to finally undergo surgery, I never dreamed that I would now have such healthy, vibrant hair that I have fallen in love with once again.

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