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As lockdown restrictions are now finally lifting, I can’t think of a more wonderful way to celebrate a year spent trapped indoors and casually unkempt than to have a well needed pampering to feel refresh and renewed; after a 24 karat gold facial at Vie Aesthetics I now have the most incredible youthful glow and am ready to get back out into the world and meet up with loved ones to make memories.

“What is a gold facial?” I hear you say, and “what are the benefits?” Allow me to explain why it’s one of beauty’s best kept secrets that is going to be taking the UK by storm this year and how I became the second person in the UK to have it!

Originating in Italy through the luxury skincare brand DIBI MILANO, the 24Karat Gold Leaf Facial at Vie Aesthetics is a concentrated youth treatment which focuses upon supporting the skins metabolism to leave the skin silky soft and nourished with renewed vigor, elasticity and radiance. Whilst many beauty treatments focus upon exfoliating the face and scratching off any dead skin cells leaving the skin beneath traumatised and red, here a natural enzyme is used at the start of this treatment to gently break down dead skin cells and maintain the health of the surface layer in preparation for the gold.

My Face Was Cleansed Prior To Treatment

Following a deep cleanse, enzyme mask and massage, a luxuriously nourishing mask is gently applied to the face which is enriched with Pure Gold and smells deliciously of papaya. 24Karat gold leaves are then applied directly to the skin to cover the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose which has an immediate tensing effect and unique purity to enhance the youth and wellbeing of the skin. 

This treatment boasts active ingredients such as: Bioconjugated Gold & Peptide 9 to stimulate collagen production, Peptide No.34 to stimulate coenzymes and Q10 production, Hyaluronic Acid- for moisture and hydration, Vitamin E for its antioxidant benefits, Jojoba and Avocado Oils for its emollient and nourishing properties and 24Karat Gold Leaves of pure gold to cause a brightening and tightening effect to the skin.

24 Karat Gold Leaf Is Applied Directly To The Face

Gold was used in beauty very famously during Egyptians times when it was seen as the icon of perfection and purity; precious and fundamental, this professional treatment with a multi-corrective action and noble active ingredients is the epitome of youth due to its cell activity which stimulates the production of collagen and proteoglycans to reduce the onset of lines and wrinkles.

Gold causes the rebirth of the metabolism which strengthens the state of the skin to provide deeper nourishment and a smoother and more even appearance. It is also celebrated for its vitality as it provides more compact, pure and radiant skin which creates such a youthful glow and left my skin looking and feeling so beautiful.

The 24 Karat Gold Leaf Left My Skin Super Soft & Glowing

Rich in Pure Gold, this facial delivers an anti-ageing treatment that leaves skin radiant and luminous and totally gave me Cleopatra vibes! Relaxing whilst it absorbed into my face, my skin visibly drank in the gold leaf which cracked and sunk into my pores, like dry soil in the summer, before being gently massaged all over the face to leave behind a beautiful gold tint and plump, fresh, volumous and radiant skin which I’ve been complimented on ever since!

At first glance a 24Karat gold facial may seem unnecessarily extra and out of reach to many who shop online for their cosmetics and dabble with anti-ageing creams; but my advice to you all is to give it a go and see firsthand for yourself because the results are absolutely flawless and unlike any other facial I’ve ever had.

I Have A Home Face Perfection Kit To Maintain My Skincare Regime

Furthermore DIBI MILANO have an incredible skincare range to compliment and enhance the results of the 24Karat Gold Facial which was explained to me by the very knowledgable practitioner carrying out my treatment at Vie Aesthetics; we discussed my skincare regime and present skin condition and aims and she was then able to tailor products to suit my needs.

I’ve now introduced a range of products to my beauty regime for which I’ve replaced a wetwipe and water -eek!- for Face Perfection nourishing cleansing milk which removes all makeup and impurities from the face, neck and décolleté by massaging it into the skin and can be rinsed off easily at the sink or in the shower as part of my daily routine. I then have a revitalising essential toner which absorbs into the skin to boost hydration, strengthen barrier function and provide radiance and freshness to the skin and once again can be used on the face, neck and décolleté. The daily UV shield has an SPF30 to protect skin against environmental stresses caused by and UV exposure.

I Use THE GOLD By DIBI MILANO As An At Home Beauty Treatment When My Skin Needs A Boost

I also have THE GOLD youth cream and face mask. The youth cream offers immediate comfort and softness to the skin through its Hyper-care enriched with Pure Gold particles that reflect the light on the skin for a radiant complexion. This is used to reduce and fight the onset of the signs of ageing and creates denser, more supple and perfected skin that radiates youth. In its stunning gold box it also comes with a luxurious spatula for smoothing the gold cream onto the face, neck and decolleté and providing an uplifting massage.

THE GOLD face mask is a luxurious mask formulated with Bio-conjugated Gold and Peptide 34, known to promote the natural production of collagen whilst making the skin stronger and more youthful. Enriched with Pure Gold particles it provides the skin with natural radiance and can be used as more intensive treatment whenever necessary. It can be applied to face, neck and decolleté and left on for around 15-20 minutes before being rinsed off.

The DIBI MILANO At Home Range Also Contains Gold Leaf

All of these products smell incredible, leave my skin silky soft and make such a noticeable difference to my complexion, working together seamlessly to achieve my radiant glow. Whether I wear makeup or not, my skin sits so beautifully without looking worn, tired, dehydrated or heavy anymore and as a result of making these products a part of my everyday I’ve had so many compliments at the gym, whilst out shopping and out for dinner when a lady in the bathroom asked me which foundation I was using for it not to cake under the eyes and around the nose and smile lines; I explained to her that it’s my new skincare regime which is an absolute game changer.

It’s true what they say, beauty starts from within and as I creep into my thirties I’m amazed by what a difference expert skincare has mades to my appearance. Gone are the days of leaving makeup on whilst I sleep, sunbathing without using an SPF and failing to moisturise for months on end. A bright and glowing complexion is absolutely priceless and keeps me feeling my very best everyday, taking years off of the clock whilst pleasantly encouraging compliments from strangers. If it’s good enough for Cleopatra then it’s good enough for every woman! We all deserve to look and feel our best; it is never too late to invest in expert skincare.
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