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I’ve been hitting the gym hard for several years now since having my two children in order to regain my pre-pregnancy body and achieved my professional athlete status in 2017 as a plant-based natural bodybuilder which was a huge life goal of mine.

I typically attend the gym 5-7 times per week as health and fitness play a large part in my life; however because of work commitments and throughout lockdown when gyms have been closed I haven’t been able to train as I usually would and could do with a little extra boost to get me back to my best which is why I visited Vie Aesthetics for their VieMax Sculpt Body Contouring!

VieMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring is a toning and sculpting procedure that is suitable for men and women alike and is ideal for those who have taken time off of training, are returning to the gym, recovering from a sports injury or illness and have experienced a lack of exercise because of life events, work and lockdown.

The EMS Body Contouring is a non-surgical treatment designed to build muscle whilst burning fat and can achieve great results for sculpting a six-pack, building a booty and strengthening the arms and legs in line with your personal fitness and aesthetic goals.

I Have A Vegan Diet & Train At The Gym 5-7 Days Per Week

Within a 30 minute session electromagnetic energy is targeted at key muscles causing them to contract which helps to trigger muscles growth and break down fat. Just one EMS session is the equivalent to performing 20,000 sit-ups or squats without having to move at all or recover, as you simply lay down during the treatment and let the device do the work for you.

Research into EMS has shown that on average body fat can be reduced by 19% whilst muscle mass is increased by 16%, impressive results that any keen gym-goer would work incredibly hard to achieve. This treatment is also perfectly suited to the rehabilitation of muscles in order to regain strength and as such has been very popular with instigating post-lockdown health kicks.

Having The Vie Aesthetics VieMax Sculpt Body Contouring To My Abs

This non-invasive treatment can be used on the abdomen, buttocks, shoulders, arms, thighs and hamstrings and can also be combined with other fat loss treatments to enhance body contouring results by removing areas of stubborn fat.

This was my first time having this treatment and with summer approaching I wanted to strengthen and tone my abs ready for a spot of garden sunbathing summer dresses when the weather permits. THE advanced EMS machine uses high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to build muscle mass and burn fat. During my 30 minute treatment I simply had to lay on a bed with two panels placed on my stomach and held in place with velcro bands.

I’m A Vegan Natural Bodybuilding Professional & Mum Of Two

The treatment involves sending pulses of electromagnetic energy through the skin and down into the muscles to cause a contraction. This energy causes 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions within a single session which wouldn’t be possible in a gym or during regular exercise.

Such stimulation causes the muscles to increase in volume and density which in turn improves their strength. Whilst this is taking place the procedure also triggers a fat-destroying process known as lipolysis where fat cells react to the pulses of HIFEM energy, causing them to die. This makes the treatment very effective for toning specific areas including the abdominals and buttocks.

I Chose The Hypertrophy Setting On Level 10 For An Abdominals Workout

Whilst results are noticeable as soon as the following day, they will continue to develop and improve over the coming weeks as muscle mass naturally develops and four treatments are recommended to achieve maximum results spaced at one to two sessions per week across a month.

Immediately after my treatment I felt as if I’d had the best abs workout of my life and aside from a little muscle tiredness as you’d expect to feel from hitting the gym, there is no downtime. The procedure itself feels like a tightening sensation, almost like the muscle is being hugged or squeezed but it isn’t painful and I was able to take my Hypertrophy session up to the maximum intensity level of 10. Each treatment consists of a stretching phase, warmup, main workout and cooldown – precisely what I would perform in the gym to work and relax my muscles to avoid injury.

My first experience of VieMax body sculpting was incredibly satisfying and I highly recommend it for both seasoned fitness professionals, newbies and mothers looking to tone up alike. My stomach feels so much firmer and stronger after just one session and has noticeably helped me toward achieving my fitness goals, fitting seamlessly into my lunch break as I laid back, sipped a coffee and caught up on emails – if only every workout could be so easy!
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