My 10k Charity Run For The Florence Nightingale Hospice

As part of my bucket list challenge that I have personally set myself this year, I have completed my next task of running 10km on a treadmill at Anytime Fitness in order to raise £1,000 for The Florence Nightingale Hospice. Just over two years ago I visited the hospice for the first time to offer my help as a volunteer. I have always believed in helping others and whilst I’m not qualified to provide care for those in need I’ve figured out how to use Youtube to create videos, so I asked if the hospice might need a promotional video to help spread the word of their work and fundraising efforts required to fund their service each year.

I was very kindly invited to meet the staff and patients who deeply touched my heart, and after gathering the footage that I needed I was able to provide the hospice with a rather long (23min) and shorter (6min) abbreviated video outlining their services and why they are so important to our community. I’m not an expert, just a single mother with a handheld camera looking to help others and I was honoured to give a short amount of my time and knowledge to assist the hospice in reaching out to the public for support.

As my worldwide following has grown incredibly I am now in a position to use my reach to inspire my fans to help others, and I asked for £10.00 donations to help the hospice on my social media profiles. Within just a few weeks I was overjoyed to have raised £1,000.00 for the hospice for which I completed a 10k run as my bucket list challenge for sponsorship of this cause, returning to the hospice to give them the good news and present them with my donation.

I would like to say a very big thank you to everybody who gave so generously to my fundraiser, to the hospice staff who work so tirelessly to provide the highest quality of care to the patients, and to the brave and inspiring individuals who I met within the hospice. It’s not often that we open our eyes and count the blessings that we actually have in life, as the up’s and down’s and daily stresses and struggles can all too often overshadow what matters most. But if you can take anything away from this then please let it be the ability to cherish life, hold your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you, be thankful for the time you have together and make every day count.

I Made A Promotional Video For The Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity Which They Use On Their Website

I Made A Promotional Video For The Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity Which They Use On Their Website

Time is sadly something that we cannot grow or buy more of and it passes us by all too quickly. I never expected to meet such caring, cheerful and upbeat people as those that I spoke to and shared a seat with in the hospice. The Florence Nightingale Hospice provides a first class specialist palliative care service which is available free of charge to those with a life-limiting illness, their ethos to treat a person as more than just a patient and to find ways to improve their quality of life through symptom control, pain relief, emotional and spiritual support. If you can find it in your heart to make a donation to the hospice, share this page with your friends and family or offer your help as a volunteer then please do so as it can make the biggest difference to so many; every little helps.
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