Zaful Tetris Print Narrow Feet Leggings

I’m so ridiculously excited right now that I could actually do ten cartwheels on the spot and then some! Tetris leggings; let this just sink in, TETRIS LEGGINGS! Is this not the coolest retro print you’ve ever seen on a pair of ladies legs? It makes me smile so much that I have face ache and I’m instantly teleported back to the wonderful memories of my childhood when I played with these colourful block combinations on my GameGear. Let’s give three cheers for Zaful!

Zaful Tetris Print Narrow Feet Leggings

Zaful Tetris Print Narrow Feet Leggings

Here I am wearing the size Small navy blue polyester leggings which are soft and stretchy with a silky sheen that really makes the colours burst. They feature narrow feet ankles which is basically another way to say skinny-fit, and they finish just above my belly button in height, thanks to their gentle stretch they mould to my legs and stomach like a second skin.

They’re incredibly comfortable to wear and unlike jeans I can stand, squat, bend and jump around without the fear of splitting my seams or causing myself an injury. Leggings are literally the staple of our era and I can’t get enough of them for practicality. The spectacular print quality features blue, purple, yellow, orange, green and special sparkle blocks of various placement front and back for which I’ve teamed mine with a plain black vest and natural hair. It’s such a statement piece that you can accessorise to a whole host of rainbow colours, perhaps a bright yellow ceramic wristwatch or a glitzy crystal necklace.

Regardless of how you wear these leggings you are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of everyone you pass and stir up wonderfully nostalgic memories of times gone by, and for that Zaful I salute you!
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