Let The Period Hunting Commence!

Well I’ve been feeling a little blah these last couple of days, my back and stomach feel like an old donkey that needs a rest and people have been commenting that my ‘eyes’ are looking bigger! It feels a bit like my period is about to come but I wont be due for just over two more weeks, so I won’t test for the next two months to make sure I’m out of the woods; and if I happen to bleed then to me it’s just another period and not another trip to A&E!

I think my enthusiasm is at a bit of a low today, not sure why. Thinking lots of baby thoughts, I might even write an early letter to Father Christmas with my left hand so it looks more childlike and obviously he’ll be ahead on his orders during the summer so asking for a baby should take priority.

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Tracy Kiss

Social influencer, Bodybuilder, Mother, Vegan
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