Gestation: 19weeks + 1day

Hello just-shy-of-five-months bump! We can’t wait to find out the sex of our baby next week I’ve hardly slept recently because I keep thinking about it all the time especially when I lay in bed and feel the baby moving!

My Baby Bump At 19 Weeks

I’ve been having lots of aches and pains this week, mostly in my back, which is very annoying because I can’t seem to shake it. My shoulders keep aching which makes me worry because sometimes it can be a sign of miscarriage but I just have to put it to the back of my mind and stop thinking something bad will happen to us now because it won’t! I’m definitely getting out of breath a lot quicker than ever before, even walking down the stairs to answer the phone makes me sound like a bit of a weirdo heavy breathing down the phone to whoever’s called. I’m still mobile and have my potbelly but it seems my body is slowing down stamina wise even though I can still physically bend and stretch and walk etc. It doesn’t seem to match up right now for how I feel and how I look. I’m running to the toilet more often than ever and its having a massive effect on my sleeping as I now feel so tired for having gone to bed because I’m up every few hours throughout the night, I wish I could have an adult nappy and just not wake up until morning. It’s so depressing waking up and it always being pitch black, just once I’d love to open my eyes and see sunshine and birds knowing I’ve slept all night through. Ah well, we can’t have everything. The baby is obviously growing well by the size of my bump but I suspect it could be my curry cravings that may have added a few of the extra layers of padding I’ve put on recently. We called for a curry take-out last night from our local restaurant, but because I’d already had a homemade curry from my mum for dinner, by the time it got to 10pm and Luca was hungry I told him to order me a smaller portion; not only did the staff answer the phone and immediately identify our address but he also corrected Luca when he realised we ordered less food than usual – which may be a sign that we eat too my take-outs! At this rate our little baby will smell like a garlic naan instead of sweet baby powder and milk YUMMMM!

Millie In The Angel Costume I Made Her At Her School Play

Our beautiful little Millie had her first ever school play and she was a pretty little angel, and just let me take a bow… I made her costume! Which took me absolutely hours and highlighted the fact that it’s been a good few many years since I did GCSE textiles. I used to be so handy with a sewing machine but this time I was left with a needle and cotton and a few days before the big show to rustle this up. Millie wasn’t over the moon to wear her angel attire but had been singing the songs for the play in the days leading up to it and I eagerly charged the video camera to capture her starring role. Millie loves singing and dancing at home, but in front of others she can be a little bit shy at times, although her teachers assured me she was very co-operative when they practiced in class. So the morning of the big show came, and we waited like sheep in the school hall, cameras at the ready and tuc-shop cups of tea to fuel the enthusiasm. And when Millie came out I was so proud I almost cried, it melted my heart to see her on stage infront of a hall full of parents and I waved in an exaggerated pilot-landing-a-plane-here way to try and catch her attention as I didn’t want her to worry if she couldn’t see me. But Millie had a case of the nerves and stood frozen to the spot with her head down looking very moody and refusing to sing. As all the other twenty-or-so other children dressed as hedgehogs, snowmen and elves danced around and sang in their squeaky little voices Millie remained rigid and my heart went out to her. I know the feeling all too well of stage fright or being around people who make you feel uncomfortable and I wanted to run onto the stage and give her a big hug. Even though she didn’t speak or sing or dance she was still my special little angel and I will always remember her first school play with a big smile.

Our Beautiful Baby Bunnies

We’ve been so excited about our baby bunnies and discovered we have three little ones when we managed to check inside the hutch. We think they are about three weeks old now as they are hopping about and have their eyes open. They are very cheerful little buns and love being stroked – which is just as well with Millie around, as soon as she sees anything with fur her hand is already outstretched with her fingers in tickle mode already. We won’t know the sex of them until they’re a little bit older but we’re reading the bunny book (at the same time as reading our baby book) to keep check of progress and development to make sure they’re healthy and well fed. Luca went to tuck them into the hutch and saw a baby run under mummy Peaches and suckle for milk, I wish I’d seen it. The babies are so tiny they don’t even fill up your hand when you hold them. Peches and Patches have been great parents and have kept them safe and warm, we’re hoping they will start weaning soon so that we can feed them lots of nice fruit and vegetables. The babies are yet to play in the garden but the bunny book said Peaches will lead them outside when she feels they are ready, so for now they’re living in the shed in their bed of hay and carrots just like baby Jesus!

We only have six more days until our next baby scan and I’m so excited I could scream and not a sound would come out! Eeeeeee!!! x x x

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