Gestation: 18weeks

Well here is our ripe little bump at FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS!  I’m more of a waddling duck than ever now and I couldn’t be happier.

My Baby Bump At 18 Weeks

We went Christmas shopping yesterday for the final bits for the family and my mum called – who was waiting at home with Millie so as not to spoil the surprise – and she told me our bunnies had had babies! We certainly weren’t expecting that but what a wonderful surprise. Sadly we found two of the babies had died, as they appeared to have crawled out of the nest and died of the bitter cold. So since we’ve found out we’ve put the heating on in the shed to keep them nice and warm. We saw two balls of fluff sticking out of the top of the nest so we know that two have made it, and as they have a full fur coat we think they could be a week or possibly two old. As the bunnies are guarding the nest we haven’t looked inside to see how many babies there are, but on average apparently rabbits have between five and seven so as we’ve lost two their could be three or more in the nest.

Not only am I baby broody now, but I’m also bunny broody and it’s lovely. We were out in the shed last night in the pitch black wrapped up in coats and with our little torches and the heater on kneeling down feeding the proud parents carrots and apples and it felt so magical and Christmassy just like the nativity! We can’t wait to find out how many we have and to see the little babies hopping around the garden and I will be sat with my nice hot fruit tea at the end of the garden with my bump, scarf and bobble hat taking pictures! I could not be happier than I am today, life feels wonderful and we only have two weeks until we find out the sex of our baby. I bought a snuggle bunny teddy for the baby yesterday to celebrate this special day and I can honestly say I’ve not stopped smiling since.  x x x x

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