Gestation: 25weeks & 5days

Thankfully I’m back to full health now and feel like I have so much more energy, which at times can be a little misleading as I think I can do all of the things that I’ve always done and my body politely reminds me to stop and rest by making me faint and come over all queasy at times. I don’t want to cause any harm by overdoing things but equally there is so much to prepare and finish before the big day comes that I’m more eager than ever right now to crack on! I find myself folding tea towels, lining up the bathroom toiletries, straightening shoes in the rack and counting teaspoons – the joys of motherhood!

My Baby Bump At 25 Weeks

Strangely enough I telephoned the midwife’s office this morning wondering why they hadn’t got back to me on our antenatal class dates and I actually got through to a human! Hoorah! The poor ladies are so run off their feet it was amazing to not hear the engaged tone when I called, and what started off as a simple call for antenatal classes soon uncovered that I hadn’t seen my midwife since I was 9wks when she booked me in! I’d obviously had my 12wk and 20wk scan at the hospital but all measurements, hearing the heartbeat; taking urine and blood pressure tests had all been missed as somehow I had slipped through the net and nobody had been in contact with me. So they were very eager to get me in for an immediate check as I’d missed almost 5months of checks! Eek!

So I gobbled down my breakfast which these days is oh so easily done, put on my tent-like attire and some lip gloss and headed to the hospital with Luca and Millie. When we got there, as today is Sunday all of the lights were switched off, the reception closed and it felt a little like something out of a zombie film. Why is it nothing can ever be straightforward with my appointments? I always seem to end up in hospitals out of hours and on odd days. Fortunately there was one room with a light on, where the ladies on the phone were waiting for us. And feeling like a bit of a lemon for having left it so long I sheepishly handed her my maternity notes. She checked my blood pressure and measured my Everest bump before taking a urine sample and all came back fine. Then for the first time ever, at almost 26wks me, Luca and Millie heard Gabriele’s little heartbeat and it was so beautiful and such an amazing moment. I was so happy that we could all share that time together and Millie sweetly asked if we could “please take Gabriele out today so we can see him!” bless!

So after that we were free to go, it was a reassurance to actually see somebody and to know that the first check had been carried out as I was feeling so lost and left in the dark, with it being our second child I presumed that they have less contact than with your first as they expect it to all go well. But now I’ll be sure to phone in and chase appointments now that I know the dates that I should be seen instead of waiting for my midwife to get in touch. D’oh!

We all went shopping afterwards and got the very final bits for Gabriele, my baby cave is now fully stocked with treasure, bath tub, flannels, towels, ducks, dressing gown, booties, steriliser, bottles, dummies, teething rings, baby milk if needed, rusks because I’m excited, bibs, weaning food pots of different sizes, soft spoons, a highchair, bouncy chair, snuggle bunny, blanket, baby vests, socks, baby grows, little outfits, grooming kit and thermometer, changing mat, nappies, wipes, cotton wool, nappy bags, nappy cream, nipple cream and pads. And probably a million more things that I’ve forgotten but are neatly stacked in preparation. All we have left is to collect the cot and pushchair nearer the time.  I’ve found being organised goes a little way towards quenching my enthusiasm and impatience… slightly!

Gabriele has started to experiment with different positions, one day he kicks me in my pelvis and the next he cracks me a good’un in my ribs the cheeky little bear! He had hiccups yesterday and I could feel him jumping every few seconds for a couple of minutes, which made me smile uncontrollably. And at night the cheeky sausage likes to kick my tummy when I lay on my side in bed, I always wonder if I’m squashing him and that’s why he’s kicking where my tummy touches the bed, or if he’s just trying to stand up in there! He’s so active at night I think we’ll have our hands full when he’s born and partying at 3am every night. I read a while ago that you shouldn’t sleep on your back because it can cut the circulation so I religiously go to sleep on my side hugging my maternity pillow for dear life, but somehow I always wake up on my back and the other day my hands had gone completely numb which I think was from sleeping on my back without knowing. it’s a little worrying that if I’m losing circulation then Gabriele must be too, but he always reassures me by giving me a good kicking not long after I wake up.

So we only have 14weeks + 2days left until B-Day and I’m very excited and ready to start the count down, I feel more satisfied counting downwards than upwards for some reason. I’ll have to make a calendar and put it on the fridge, just like at Christmas only times a million more with a cherry on top!

We’re so happy to have you our little angel Gabriele and we’re already forming a queue for cuddles x x x x Keep safe little one. x x x

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