Gestation: 35weeks & 2days

Just a quick little update, I’ve been to see my midwife this morning for a check-up and bloods and she filled out my growth chart; Gabriele was looking rather on the big side a few weeks ago at our hospital scan and we suspected he would be big, but today I was astounded to see that not only has he outgrown the expected size, he has smashed the upper and maximum limits and gone OFF of the growth chart which I’ve marked here with a little red arrow! Oh good Lord!

Baby Gabriele Is Looking To Be A Big Baby!

So I immediately asked Luca which of his hands he would like me to break first when I’m in labour ha I finish work next Tuesday so only another five days to go until I am officially unemployed with two children, which will be the first time in over eleven years that I will not have had a job and I can’t say that I’m exactly happy about not working. It seems a bit daunting now but I’m sure it will be fine when I get used to it… after I’ve made a few lists and organised my days with things to do.

We’ve put the finishing touches on our baby bits by packing the last things for the hospital bag, and I made another list for inside the cupboard door for Luca to make sure he picks up all of the necessary items should we be in separate locations on the big day. We called the car insurance to make sure Luca can drive my car should he need to get me to the hospital or collect me from wherever I may be, and finally set up and charged the baby monitors in the cot. So all in all we’re pretty much ahead of the game and ready to go.

Drawing A Face On My Bump At 35 Weeks

Gabriele has been kicking like crazy today and short of his movements getting smaller and further apart he seems to be getting stronger and more often, he went from kicking to only having room to wiggle to now being back to full-on kicking again! How curious.

Millie has been having a great half term playing with the baby bunnies who are getting bigger everyday, she went horse riding today and is now fast asleep on the sofa next to me clutching her pink rosette bless her. And I’m like an old mother hen, resting my laptop on my bump nestled up next to Millie trying to tie up loose ends and paperwork and keep warm on this fairly dismal afternoon.

Looking forward to the summer and our little Gabriele all the more! x x x x x

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