Gestation: 37weeks & 2days

Just a quick update as I saw my midwife today, all is well and Gabriele is growing by the second! He’s still head down and managed to wriggle his bottom over to the other side of my tummy which explains why he has suddenly started kicking again when I lay on my left side and why I’ve been walking like an elderly duck most recently. The midwife took my blood pressure and checked my urine and sent me on my way until another 2wks time when I will be 39wks eek! And then we can talk about helping things along if I go over my due date, but for now all I can do is enjoy the rest of my maternity before he comes in just under 3wks. But it is a relief to know that we have finally reached the stage where he is safe to be born without being treated as premature or at risk wahoo!

The First Food We Have That Will Be Around After Gabriele Is Born!

I was absolutely over the moon to look in the fridge today and see that Millie’s yogurts expire two days after Gabriele’s birthday! The little fruity pots of goodness are all lined up on the white shelves bathed in light inside the fridge, like little gifts from heaven, with the big bold stamp of 10/05 glowing back at me. They are not simply pots of bacteria; they are the recognition of new life and the wonders of this world. I have to say it is the most amazing feeling to start noticing things, which will be around in the world at the same time as our unborn child. And as the week goes on I hope I notice more and more things with his date of birth on them, or even later because it reminds me of how soon I will be able to hold his little hand and kiss his little face.

Millie Feeding One Of Our Baby Bunnies

Millie is so excited to meet her little brother, everyday now she speaks about him and hugs my bump and gives him lovely little kisses. She’s been making little beds for all of her dolls and hugging the baby bunnies, giving them tickles, feeding them vegetables. She truly is the most sweetest and gentle little soul ever and I’m so extremely proud of her. I can’t wait for her to meet Gabriele and to share with him some of the oodles of love that she has for her toys and teddies and pets already. She’s like a mini-mummy already and I thank my lucky stars everyday to be blessed with such a wonderful and thoughtful daughter.

Until next time my little chicken, sleep well and get ready for cuddles!

x x x

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