Gestation: 37weeks & 6days

Just a quick update as it’s been a hectic two days indeed! It all started yesterday when I became a walking llama/duck with the worst lower back pain and tenseness of my bump. I’ve been used to the feeling of being a chunky-bumpy for nine months now, and the tiredness of rushing around at work, cleaning the house, looking after our four year old Millie and other general activities of shopping and walking about day to day; but this is definitely more than that, this feels like the build up to labour!

My Baby Bump At 38 Weeks

But yesterday was markedly different, firstly I realised I couldn’t sit down properly which was quite entertaining! As having my legs at a right angle to my bump made me feel like I was being crushed and winded at the same time, it feels like my bump needs to sit lower down through my legs because they get in the way; so when I try to sit I have to almost sun-lounge in a leaning stance to try and keep my body and legs as straight as possible in order to stop the tension of sitting.

I had the feeling of an awful period all day that just wouldn’t shift, my lower back ached and my ovaries felt like they’d turned to stone. My huge bump was just so rigid and tender I wanted to wrap it in bubble wrap and soothe it with cool cream for fear it would suddenly split open from the pressure. Luca, Millie and I went for a lovely lunch, which was a nice treat and somehow I managed to put away three courses of veggie delight and a treacle sponge pudding! It was a lovely deterrent from how rubbish I was feeling, even though I looked like a glow-worm with a bright red face and leaning back into my chair like a jolly Father Christmas in order to breathe.

Overnight I was hoping by the time I finally dragged myself up the stairs and fell into bed that the aching and discomfort would stop, but all night it niggled away. I was incredibly hot whilst trying to sleep, and when I got up during one of my several trips to the toilet I lent over to the window to push it open for more air and put my arm outside searching for the glass, as both windows were already fully opened and poor Luca was sleeping with a jumper on next to me!

By this morning I felt absolutely terrorised, through lack of sleep and aches and pains. I still can’t feel any contractions as I only seem to get pain when I start to dilate, but I’ve filled the toilet four times today with loose stools and had enough discharge to wax a car! As I’ve not had any blood and my waters are still intact there has been nothing more I can do, so we dropped Millie off at school and went to do the food shopping. Every step I took became heavier and heavier and I must have looked like a spaceman with concrete boots pushing the trolley up and down the aisles. I have the worst crushing feeling in my right ovary to the extent that I had to keep rubbing it and use a hot water bottle to take away the cramp. By lunchtime today I called the delivery suite at the hospital to tell them of my symptoms and to check if the pain in my right side was anything to worry about but they were tremendously busy and advised it was probably just a pulled muscle. They said there was nothing they could do unless it progressed into labour so I should just stay at home and wait it out. That was several hours ago now and I’m no further ahead. I’m currently laid on my back as I write this, in desperation to relieve some of the tension but it’s not working.

I managed to finish all of the housework earlier, cook the dinner, do the laundry, feed the animals; all of the last minute important tasks so I can leave my house at any moment knowing I won’t be trapped in hospital twitching over dirty pots and pans hardening in the kitchen sink! But alas all I can do is wait. I remembered to weigh myself as I wanted to know how much I weigh before and after having Gabriele and I was shocked to see the scales reading at 12st7lbs, which means I’ve managed to put on half a stone in the last two weeks! Eek!

So as you can probably guess, I’m a tortured little turtle today who needs to be rescued and turned up the right way, with a nice little back rub, a glass of cold milk and some salad leaves. Let’s hope that this is all over with sooner rather than later and Gabriele is starting his journey to being on his way and it’s not how the final two weeks of pregnancy have become! x x x

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