Gestation: 7week & 2days

Well this week I’ve been feeling a bit sickly, and the funniest smells are putting me into a flurry. The dog did a horrible fart and my mouth went all shaky and watery like I wanted to throw up, and I had goose bumps all up my arms, and the smell of cigarettes makes me gag which is strange considering everybody around me seems to smoke these days! Grrr!

7 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve had cravings for kiwis and can easily get through a punnet at a time, for some reason I just can’t get enough of them they taste amazing. And last night I ate ten tomatoes that my mum brought over from her garden with a little bit of salt and a knife whilst I watched Eastenders and it was delicious; everything just smells so amazing, and I’m eating like I’ve been starved for a month. I know that I’ve put on weight but I blame it on my cravings and not the size of our bambino, who in the baby book is apparently the size of a bean right now. It makes me smile when I cook dinner as I love beans and lentils, and to hold a little butterbean and think that our little darling is the same size right now it adorable, and I have to admit I did give it a little cuddle, before I ate it of course

I’m still finding it difficult to sleep, not from needing the toilet all the time anymore, or the fact that Luca snores like a steam train but because my nipples feel like they’ve been dragged across a gravel car park, they’re so hard and tender I honestly believe I could cut glass with them. Touch wood I’ve not had it today so far, but recently I keep getting shooting pains across my chest and straight into my nipples, which has caused me to pull some funny faces when Millie is talking to me and has no idea what’s going on. I’d imagine those who don’t know must think I’m constantly shocked and surprised by common chatter at the school gates when I suddenly pull an alarmed face at the mention of the weather or dirty P.E socks. I wish I could carry an ice pack down my bra and numb all sensations!

My jeans are continuing to dig into my stomach so yesterday I went and got some stretchy trousers, its not so much that I’ve changed size but everything feels tender across the lower part of my stomach and things that wouldn’t have bothered me before now feel so uncomfortable. But it’s a relief to think that we go to Italy in a couple of weeks and I don’t have to worry about fitting into hot pants and heels, as my lovely floaty tent-like attire leaves me tons of room to eat all of the amazing food on the menu; olives, tomatoes, pizza, juicy salad, desserts, melon, doughnuts, nuts oh god I can’t wait. And all of that without a scrap of guilt or figure watching, I may just have to have a baby every year for the rest of my life to soothe away the stress of dieting, by simply never dieting again!

I was very excited to have a call from my midwife this week, ha MY MIDWIFE because I’m having a baby so my midwife is coming to see me. Not 100% sure what she will do at her visit, as I didn’t have early pregnancy visits with Millie because I was already too far gone when we discovered she was there. But I’m hoping she might possibly let me listen to a heartbeat? Or do some tests to reassure me that all is well. I’m rubbish at knowing what’s what with babies but I’m sure soon enough it’ll all fall into place and I’ll be lingo savvy. She’s coming over the day after Millie’s 4th birthday, which will make a nice end to the celebrations; Millie’s last birthday as an only child.  x x x x

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