Cozy Up with a Conscience: The Allure of Ethical Merino Wool

Merino wool – the very name conjures images of luxurious softness, warmth, and natural elegance. But for the ethically conscious consumer, a question often arises: can I enjoy this exquisite fiber without compromising my values? The answer, thankfully, is a resounding yes! Enter the world of ethical merino wool, where comfort and compassion go hand in hand…

Why Merino Wool?

Merino wool boasts a unique set of properties that make it a coveted material. Its fine, ultra-soft fibres provide unparalleled comfort against the skin, while its natural breathability keeps you warm without overheating. Merino wool is also naturally odour-resistant, making it perfect for activewear or travel essentials. Plus, it’s incredibly durable and easy to care for, ensuring your investment lasts for years to come.

For the conscious consumer, there are numerous options for sourcing ethical merino wool from farms committed to animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and ethical labour practices.

Embrace the Warmth, Inside and Out

Choosing ethical merino wool is a statement – a declaration that you value both comfort and compassion. It’s about indulging in the natural wonders of this extraordinary fibre while ensuring that its production aligns with your ethical principles. In wrapping yourself in the warmth of ethically sourced merino wool you know that you’re making a positive difference, one cozy layer at a time.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But by opting for ethical merino wool or other cruelty-free alternatives, you’re sending a powerful message – a message that sustainability, compassion, and luxurious comfort can go hand in hand. So, go forth and embrace the warmth, both literal and metaphorical, that comes with making conscious choices in the world of fashion.

Merino Wool Leggings & Long Sleeve Shirt

Brass Monkeys merino long johns, or leggings, for women are proudly made in New Zealand from superior quality 100% merino wool for superior warmth and comfort. Warm and breathable, they are beautifully soft and comfortable, naturally odourless, moisture wicking, durable, versatile and eco-friendly which ticks all of my boxes.

With a slim fit, these high waisted leggings have great manoeuvrability whilst keeping out the cold. Made from 100% pure merino wool, 215gm2, 19.5 micron in a single jersey knit, these leggings are form fitting, itch free, fast drying and flame and static resistant making them perfect for wearing beneath waterproof clothing, sports wear or on its own as lounge wear.

They can be washed in warm water with matching colours but it’s advised that you avoid softeners, bleach, bio-detergents and dry cleaning in order to keep the Merino wool at its very best. or even better, use a wool detergent. Line drying them in the shade, using a low-warm iron and avoiding ironing any any trims, or labels, will keep this thermal wear perfectly pristine for many years to come.

The matching long sleeve shirt base layer features a crew neck, extra length wrist cuffs and a shaped tail to tuck it into the leggings for extra warmth without accidental skin exposure when bending and moving to keep you warm in all weather conditions.

Premium Softness, Comfort, Warmth And Versatility

This thermal wear is perfect for keeping active and can be worn as a base layer for hiking, skiing, biking or working out; a durable addition to keep you warm and comfortable throughout any adventure. Brass Monkeys merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, breathable, moisture-wicking and fast-drying leaving you to feel carefree and confident even after wearing it for days at a time.

This entire range is made from merino wool sourced from ethical, cruelty-free farms and is naturally biodegradable, water and energy efficient and renewable, making it the 100% natural choice for vegans and eco-conscious shoppers alike. Ethically and lovingly made in New Zealand with quality and care by local experts, together we can vote with our feet and create a fashion landscape that’s as warm and inviting as it is ethical and sustainable. Now, who’s ready to get cozy with a conscience?

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