Out With The Old, In With The Nutrein!

Nutrein is where wellness, function and innovation meet, which was born from a mission to simplify the path to wellness and fitness for all. Self-care can seem so overwhelming and time consuming, with many finding every excuse in the book to avoid addressing health, fitness and wellness.

As a busy mother of two, running multiple businesses, I tend to burn the midnight oil, multitask and juggle many projects all at once, and so I often find myself thinking “maybe I’ll go to the gym tomorrow instead when I’ll have more time” or “perhaps a take-out would be easier than cooking tonight because I’m so busy!” But I’ve learned to quickly dismiss these automatic excuses and stick to my morals, because good health doesn’t have to be time-consuming – you can have everything that you need in an instant!

Why Choose Nutrein?

Their high quality clear protein is a revolutionary blend which has been enriched with nature’s superfoods and vitamins. With an wonderful 16g-20g of protein per serving, this premium protein tastes more like a light and refreshing drink rather than a thick and heavy shake which makes it fit into my day as easily as a grabbing a glass of water or a coffee, rather than a major event or set mealtime. Whether I’m working from home, on location, the gym, or returning to my children and animals, I can grab my shaker in seconds and supplement my day whilst feeling refreshed.

Their iconic clear plant-based protein is the first of its kind, delivering an essential amino acid profile without the use of any animal products which makes it beautifully vegan friendly. Hypoallergenic and easy to digest, the rice-based protein minimises allergic reactions and digestive discomfort which works wonders for my IBS and bloating. It’s also free from lactose, gluten and sugar making their range accessible to all, allowing everyone to experience the plentiful benefits of this powerful protein.

They offer three distinct supplements, each infused with functional ingredients for multi-benefit approaches via their Nutrein FCUS, Nutrein RCVRY and Nutrein UNWND range which I have in my sample pack.

What’s In My Nutrein Clear Protein Starter Pack:

There are six all natural, plant based 30g sachets of drinks in my starter pack, two of each flavour, which are all vegan friendly, dairy free, gluten free and soy free. These drinks help you to focus, relax and recover from physical activity throughout your day, in one simple sachet which you mix with water.

The flavours of Water Melon & Strawberry enhance focus and alertness, Mango & Passionfruit nurtures the body and mind to assist in peaceful slumber, and Raspberry & Cranberry accelerates recovery post-exertion whilst all being so fruity and uplifting. Whether you’re quenching your thirst on a warm summers day, smashing your personal bests at the gym ir or snuggled up in your cosies with a blanket and good book in the evening, each and every sip of these low sugar, allergen free, nutritious superfood and essential vitamins drinks are an absolute ingenious joy.

-FCUS boasts B vitamins, tyrosine, Cocomineral, beta-alanine and natural caffeine from Coffeine to enhance alertness and focus.

-RCVRY, with added BCAAs, glutamine, HydroCurc curcumin, Actazin, and Levagen, supports muscle recovery and joint health

-UNWND is designed for relaxation and stress reduction, combining standard ingredients like ginger root and reishi mushroom with premium components such as Calmaluma caralluma fimbriata, TheaGreen green tea, and KSM-66 ashwagandha.

I love how they pride themselves on breaking the mould and reshaping the future of functional protein shakes, setting a new and exciting standard for innovation, quality, and holistic wellbeing by removing the stigma of protein shakes being just for gym-goers and allowing everyone to benefit from what is a fresh and fruity delicious drink that packs a punch.

I also have their PROMiXX protein shaker, which doesn’t only look amazing, but is also made from ECOZEN, a super-durable material made with extracts from plant and vegetable sources making it environmentally friendly too! Built to last, the impact-resistant bottle can be dropped, knocked and chucked around in your bag without leaking or spilling thanks to the lid’s ultra-performance seal.

Its sleek and functional design has a convenient handle, ergonomic mouthpiece and secure flip-cap, which makes using it a joy and instantly upgrades my gym game. Switching out rattling metal balls to mix thick and lumpy protein powders, their ergonomic agitator fits directly into the lid to provide a smooth as water blended drink that stays perfectly mixed throughout. Cleaning couldn’t be easier, as the agitator snaps off and on again to make stinky and stale shakers a thing of the past and you can even use the agitator as a filter to house a slice of fruit to instantly convert your gym bottle into an infuser.

Let’s drop our excuses over making healthier choices and stay hydrated whilst consuming our superfoods and essential vitamins in style! If you’ve had a glass of water, squash, tea or coffee today then you can certainly make a seamless switch to a clear protein shake and reap the rewards of good health, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!

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