FemmeLuxe Finery Lockdown Casuals

Two months into lockdown and with weather as hit-or-miss as tossing a coin it seems that this seasons staple is nothing but loungewear, casuals and cake!

Here I’ve focused this weeks fashion picks on some of my favourite tee’s and oversized snuggle-wear, enjoy!

FemmeLuxe Finery Lockdown Casuals

Let’s kick things off with t-shirts as this is predominantly my haul this week. I simply love black t-shirts because they’re so easy to wear with everything and look great knotted, tucked in, hanging loose or with the sleeves rolled back.

Here I’ve teamed my “Saving The World” slogan print tee with a pair of FemmeLuxe khaki leggings and love how soft, cosy and comfortable it makes me feel.

FemmeLuxe Finery Scout Black “Saving The World” Slogan Print T-Shirt

Speaking of oversized t-shirts, I don’t know about you but my morning wear is completely the same as my lunch wear, evening wear and pyjamas these days!

It’s easy to lose hours and hours on end to boxsets and bingeing on daytime TV with snacks which can be stylishly forgiven beneath this cosy casual set.

FemmeLuxe Finery Giana Black “Stay Home” Slogan Print T-Shirt

It seems that slogan t-shirts are taking over, and I can totally see why; spreading positive messages of hope, love and support, it’s a surefire way of putting a smile on the faces of loved ones as you video chat and take pictures to share memories and bring each other closer together.

I adore this “There’s No Place Like Home” slogan tee because it makes me feel grateful to be at home with my children, whilst at the same time reminding me of my beautiful childhood with my parents.

FemmeLuxe Finery Jana Black “There’s No Place Like Home” Slogan Print T-Shirt

Finishing up I picked out this khaki beauty from the selection of two-piece loungewear sets and love how warm and cosy it is.

Being oversized it’s incredibly comfortable to wear, allows for sofa snacking throughout the day and looks super cute dressed up in heels or dressed down with sliders. I’m craving everything green to remind me of nature and the wild outdoors that I’m missing!

FemmeLuxe Finery Ariyah Khaki Oversized Hoodie Shorts Loungewear Set

The Prime Minister announced yesterday that we can now leave our house more than once a day for exercise providing we maintain social distancing rules. We’ve been in lockdown for two months and gradually fashion is changing towards messages of hope and cosy reassuring casualwear.

We have a goal set for July to return to semi-normal life of shops and services reopening which means another two months in quarantine. I never thought the world would spend a third of a year shut-down, yet it’s happening and we’re coping. So until July, stay at home, stay safe and save lives!

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