Do You Know Yourself?

It’s strange that society seems to assume that “knowing who you are” is something that we’re all somehow hardcoded to do. Whether it’s telling kids to “just be themselves” or asking recent graduates what they’re going to do with their lives, there’s an expectation that we should all be totally familiar with who we are from an incredibly young age. But here’s the thing. Actually figuring that out can be a real challenge. After all, we all have so many things influencing us from all sides that it can be borderline impossible to figure out who you are without something trying to push you in one direction or another. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can get to know yourself just a little better.

Do You Know Yourself?

Think about your values

If you want to get a better sense of who you really are, one of the best things that you can do is to take the time to think about what really matters to you. What are your priorities? If there was one thing that you would save from a burning building, what would that be? Sure, a question like that is pretty unlikely to come true but understanding the answer to it, even hypothetically, can be a great way to get to know yourself and to understand what it is that informs the choices that you make throughout your life. Whether it’s security, your health, family, helping those around you, or anything else, understanding what your values really are means that you can live a far more well examined and fulfilling life.

Research Your history

One of the best ways to begin to understand who you are is to know where you came from. Talk to your family and find out a little bit about your family history. If you can trace your heritage back a long way, then that’s great, but if not then even going back a few generations can be an amazing way to gain a better understanding of where you come from and what that might mean for who you are. Of course, where you came from isn’t going to be a guarantee of the kind of person that you are and it doesn’t even need to impact you at all. However, if you’re looking to a way to find a little added context for your identity, your past and your heritage are great places to look for it.

Look To The Stars

Now, you might not be much of the spiritual type, but there’s actually a lot to be said for learning about things like your zodiac. Sure, you might not consider it to really mean that much in a practical sense, but by finding out about the kinds of things that your star sign might mean, you may actually learn more about yourself on places like Ask Astrology than you might expect. Sure, take these things with a grain of salt, but if you’re struggling to find your place in the world, they really can help. It can give you a chance to really consider which parts of yourself are central to who you are and who you really want to be. Not only that but it gives you the chance to make some changes in yourself that you think might help you be a better version of yourself.

Take Some Time Alone

Sometimes the hardest thing about figuring out who you are is trying to ignore all of the things that are pushing you from one direction to the other. Whether it’s parents, school, society, friends, or anything else, breaking away from all of the things that are trying to influence you can be incredibly useful. Whether you want to travel on your own, take up meditation, or even try one of those sensory deprivation chambers, taking time to be completely on your own can be a wonderful way to remind you exactly who you are when you’re removed from all of the things around you that are trying to tell you what to do.

You might feel like doing these things isn’t going to have that much of an impact on your life, but it can make more of a difference than you might expect. If you have a better idea of who you are, then you can more easily make the choices that will lead you down the path you want to take. It can help you stand up for yourself, be more confident, and take control of your life in a way that you might not otherwise be able to.


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