How To Stay Stylish This Winter On A Budget

Every year we have to dig out our winter wardrobe, sometimes a little bit more reluctant than most people would be, as there are those of us who love winter and those of us who don’t. The necessary jumpers and jeans combo will usually make an appearance first, but there are plenty of stylish options for the winter that we don’t all know about.

Creating a winter wardrobe that you can feel confident in, fits well, and looks lovely is no easy task. Once you have discovered your own personal style however, you may find it much easier to stick with it and just switch it up slightly over time to keep up with new trends.

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The beauty of the winter months is layering and this is especially true for those times when it’s freezing cold outside and boiling hot in the office. But with Christmas parties and meals with your family, you need to make sure that you have a comfortable and stylish outfit to wear to be able to enjoy the festive season. So how does your winter wardrobe compare to the summer? And what can we do to ensure that we don’t break the bank in the process?


Many people love a bargain, and finding a voucher or a discount code from sites such as is an exciting prospect. Especially when we have a Christmas or birthday just around the corner.

Everybody is on the lookout for a bargain these days, and this can be an effective way to save some money. Being prepared for Christmas and having the right outfits for the wintertime can make a massive difference to your mindset and overall comfort without having to go searching around the house for old items from last year’s wardrobe.


Some people swear by having vintage clothing, in 2019 when we’re all trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle by recycling clothing and picking out some beautiful vintage pieces can really help you feel glamorous whilst also looking after the environment.

There are many different styles from different eras and the beautiful thing about this option is you don’t necessarily have to stick with what’s in fashion as each piece of clothing can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and what you feel like on the day.

This method will certainly help to reduce the number of costs involved in updating your wardrobe as vintage shops are becoming far more popular and variety is always going to keep things interesting. It’s nice to have a Christmas outfit ready and waiting which is something that you can actually do throughout the year because many of these swap shops, or pay what you can options are enjoyable and even fun at times, picking up a vintage bag or scarf for the season can really finish a look off!


If you have an outfit, dress, shirt or trousers that have seen better days then you will find this a really useful option. Many people choose something a little bit different in the winter because the weather is usually dreary enough without having to worry about your clothing being dull. Upcycle your favourite jumper or jeans in just a few minutes with some patches or the help of a seamstress and it can totally transform your wardrobe.

Not everyone can spend money on new clothes every season but this way you can save up and look great at the same time. You can even mix up the clothes that you have in your wardrobe by styling them in a new way that you maybe haven’t thought of before to create a whole new look. 

Try Something New

You could be a skirt and boots type of person or a jeans and a jumper type of person, but why not change that and try a unique style this season? There are so many different options available and choosing something different can give your wardrobe a whole new lease of life.

Just because it’s the winter doesn’t necessarily mean your clothes have to be dark and boring. Play around with your style as you see fit and take note of latest trends. That is the beauty of it so many people spend a lot of time thinking about and create and style.

Follow Fashion Frugally 

If creating your own style isn’t for you, or you lack fashion inspiration then you may find fashion blogs and magazines helpful. If you enjoy certain aspects of fashion but aren’t quite sure how to implement them then you can find some helpful tips and tricks online.

Winter is a time where you can play with and change your mind a little about your fashion sense and plenty of people have fun with winter fashion at catwalks and on social media. Once you know what the current trends are you can then mix-and-match and take from it what you like most.

The beauty of fashion is that you don’t have to spend thousands on an outfit just because it’s in style right now, you can find something similar and do just as well at a fraction of the price by upcycling, styling or making your own for a look as individual as you are.


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