Opal: The Rainbow Gemstone Of October

Opals are some of the most captivating gemstones in the world, known for their unique play-of-colour which display a kaleidoscope of rainbow hues across the gemstone’s surface. This mesmerising appearance has made opals a popular choice for jewellery making for centuries, as well as being the official birthstone for October!

I remember as a child, I enthusiastically scoured the birthstone charts to see which bright and beautiful gemstone would be bestowed upon my birth month of October. From rich deep purples to romantic reds, pretty pinks, vivid greens and oceanic blue, I felt deflated to see that my birthstone was simply white, plain and anything but eye-catching or bright in comparison. Little did I realise that it would become my favourite gemstone of all as an adult…

The History And Symbolism Of Opals

The name “opal” is thought to come from the Sanskrit word “upala,” which means “precious stone.” Opals have been prized for their beauty and symbolism for centuries. In ancient Rome, they were believed to be symbols of hope, purity, and good luck. In the Middle Ages, they were thought to possess magical powers, and were often worn as talismans.

Today, opals are still associated with many positive attributes, such as love, passion, creativity, and good fortune. They are also said to promote self-expression and help people connect with their inner wisdom.

Different Types Of Opals

There are many different types of opals, each with its own unique appearance. The most valuable opals are those that exhibit play-of-colour, which is caused by the diffraction of light within the stone’s silica spheres. Some of the most common types of opals include:

  • Black opals: These opals have a dark body colour with flashes of red, green, blue, and violet
  • Fire opals: These opals have a body colour that ranges from yellow to orange, with flashes of red and orange
  • Water opals: These opals have a light body colour, such as white or blue, with flashes of blue, green, and violet
  • Boulder opals: These opals are formed when opal fills the cavities of ironstone. They often have a dramatic play-of-colour and a unique, organic appearance

Today, the opal is still a timeless and captivating gemstone which is frequently celebrated within jewellery. I found the most beautiful way to celebrate my birthstone with Rock Solid Rings, and their exquisitely crafted gold-plated opal wonder rings which capture the essence of opal’s rich history and cultural significance.

The White Gold White Opal 6mm Wonder Ring

Each Rock Solid Ring ring is meticulously handcrafted from the hardest metal on earth, Tungsten, with such care and attention to detail so that it may never lose its shape; whilst its opal content brings its wearer the inspiration to achieve their dreams. Featuring a scratch-resistant surface and crushed opal inlay, this ring is hypo-allergenic and waterproof with a smooth snag-free design so that it will never leave marks on the skin, tarnish or oxidise.

It is hand polished to a shiny finish which won’t tarnish and is conveniently low maintenance and easy to clean. Available in twenty different finger sizes which range from I to Z+5, I have my ring in a 6mm size “N” and love how it looks on my right ring finger. It is also available in a more narrow 4mm version for a two ring set and comes in the most opulent high gloss gift box with a lifetime warranty. You can conveniently order a free ring sizer from the store prior to your purchase to ensure a perfect fit on any finger if you don’t already know your ring size, or if you’ve lost or gained weight since your last measure.

The Wonder Ring is domed on the surface to prevent it from catching or snagging, with the inside of the band shaped for a comfortable fit that you can wear every day – from the office to doing housework, hitting the gym and enjoying glamourous evenings out. Unfortunately I stopped wearing rings after having my children as little hands and soft skin are easily caught on edges and blunt corners of jewellery, and when lifting weights in the gym my rings would pinch and irritate my skin, compromising my grip.

Fortunately, the struggles that I faced with wearing rings in the past isn’t the case with this beautifully smooth band which is built for comfort and has a depth of 2.5mm. Easy to clean, you simply wipe it over with a drop of soap when necessary without the need for jewellery baths or expensive cleaning chemicals. This beautiful ring can also be engraved on the inside of the band with a name, initials, special date or a heartfelt message which also includes the use of symbols, making it the perfect gift for a loved one or keepsake.

I adore my white gold wonder ring for its beauty, simplicity and innate meaning. When did you last treat yourself, or your loved ones, to a gift that takes your breath away?

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