Astral Gains Gold Potion Supplement

Mental and physical performance ultimately governs the success of each day; if we feel good from within, have a high level of concentration and energy and can remain relaxed whilst focused then we’re more likely to achieve our goals in the most time efficient and effective manner. Astral Gains have developed a premium vegan friendly supplement utilising the natural benefits of colloidal gold and precious minerals to naturally assist in the improvement of health.

Astral Gains Gold Potion Supplement

Colloidal gold was first prepared in 1857 by Michael Faraday, an English chemist who divided metallic gold into very fine particles to exhibit its health properties. Today colloidal gold has been found to improve the immune system, combat addictions to nicotine, caffeine, narcotics and carbohydrates and boost cognitive function. Spiritually it assists in a deeper state of meditation and higher level of consciousness whilst its purifying qualities relieve stress, elevate the mood, relax the body and calm nerves. Gold is also a powerful alternate pain reliever and anti-inflammatory and has been used to heal heart conditions, relieve the symptoms of arthritis, improve blood circulation and rejuvenate organs.

Astral Gains Gold Potion Is Vegan Friendly

Proudly boasting life-enhancing products of the highest quality, Astral Gains Gold Potion comes in a beautiful presentation box and protective sleeve much like a fine perfume. Containing 24K pure gold nanoparticles to aide in maximum absorbency the high quality all natural ingredients consist of pure silver particles, sea salt, sucrose, cinnamon, bark extract and eighty essential minerals with a 10ml daily dose recommended for optimum health.

This liquid supplement has the same appearance as vodka, a thicker than water clear solution suspending tiny particles of gold which leave a subtle glossy coating in the mouth after swallowing without any obvious flavour. I’m all for clean living, listening to my body and sourcing the finest natural ingredients to supplement my vegan lifestyle; Astral Gains fits seamlessly into my daily routine and helps me to achieve both my physical and mental goals through strength and clarity.
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