LasaDerm Clinic Sebaceous Cyst Removal

It isn’t pleasant having lumps and bumps pop up with age but unfortunately cysts can come in all different shapes and sizes across the body. This week I returned to the LasaDerm Clinic in Milton Keynes to have my second cyst removed from the side of my head following the successful healing of my previous pilar cyst removal just a few weeks ago.

LasaDerm Clinic Sebaceous Cyst Removal

Sebaceous cysts are common noncancerous cysts of the skin which may contain liquid or semiliquid material. They are mostly found on the face neck or torso and tend to grow slowly and can become uncomfortable. This cyst has been growing for around a year now and just popped up one day beneath the skin, feeling like a spot it then grew to the size of approximately a peppercorn and caught on my hairbrush which made it quite sore and irritated which is why I decided to have it removed.

Having already had a cyst removed at LasaDerm less than a month ago I was familiar with what the procedure involved, thrilled with my previous results and keen to check another lump off of my cosmetic to-do list! Seeing as the cyst is under my hair I could have left it there for years to come without anybody knowing I even had it, but it grew so quickly in size, became tender and frequently caught whilst washing and brushing my hair which made it incredibly inconvenient. Cysts like this become red, irritated and can get infected as they grow in size and if it had been on my neck or face I wouldn’t have waited half as long to have it removed. Whilst it wasn’t an emergency it was certainly something I’ve been meaning to have removed and a quick trip to the clinic on my lunch break was the perfect opportunity to have it taken off before the summer.

My Head Before & Directly After Cyst Removal

I always feel in safe hands at LasaDerm, the staff are polite, friendly, welcoming and highly knowledgeable and talked me through what would happen during the treatment, my consent forms, aftercare and healing and allowed me to ask any questions before we went ahead. Seeing as my blonde highlights are growing out I questioned how long I’d have to wait after having my cyst removed to book in with my hairdresser to dye my hair again and was advised the recommended time period is 6weeks to allow the skin to heal properly. My previous cyst removal has healed beautifully in just 3weeks and so it may be sooner in this case, each recovery is different and it’s important to be given the all-clear prior to putting chemicals on the skin.

The procedure itself was identical to last time; I had a small snippet of my hair cut away to expose the cyst, the area was cleaned and my hair gelled back out of the way. The local anaesthetic injection made my head numb so that I couldn’t feel a thing and within twenty minutes the cyst had been removed and my head stitched up for which I have to return in seven days time to have the stitches removed and a checkup in between to make sure that I’m healing ok. Now I must keep my hair clean and dry for the next 48hrs, avoid laying on the stitches in bed and take extra care when brushing my hair. I’m amazed by how quick and easy the removal was and was able to go about my day as usual directly after, just as before. I’m not in any pain and combing my hair back into place covers my stitches nicely so it isn’t obvious.

UPDATE: 48hrs After Treatment

It’s been 48hrs since I had my cyst removed and it’s healing really well. It felt wonderful to finally wash my hair again which took away the gel, a small amount of dry blood from the stitches and the grease from not washing for two days. I usually wash my hair everyday as I train at the gym daily and have a thing for cleanliness so it’s nice to feel clean. The skin has returned to normal colour, the stitches aren’t tight or uncomfortable and I’ve managed to sleep surprisingly well without catching them.

24hrs After My Cyst Removal I’m Healing Well

I’m looking forward to having my stitches taken out in five days time and will keep you updated on my progress!

UPDATE: 7 Days After Treatment

Today is a week since my treatment and I returned to the clinic to have my stitches removed which took just a few minutes and was conveniently quick and pain free. Here’s a picture of my head directly after having my stitches removed – where my hair is wet from being wiped clean – alongside the picture on the right which was taken a few hours later after the redness had settled.

LasaDerm Stitches Removal

I’m incredibly pleased with my results and love being able to finally run my fingers through my hair without catching any lumps and bumps! It’s taken away the stress and discomfort of knowing that the lump could, and most likely would have continued to get bigger if left untreated and over the coming weeks the scar will fade away to a natural skin colour and be totally undetectable. My hair is already beginning to grow back where it was trimmed and I’m looking forward to visiting my hairdresser shortly to have some highlights put in for summer.
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