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There’s nothing unusual about skin imperfections as we all live with unwanted lumps and bumps and some are more obvious than others. Moles, cysts and skin tags are a part of life and if you don’t suffer from them already then chances are you’ll have one or more pop up in the coming years. Sometimes embarrassing other times inconvenient we all have our reasons for wanting to remove unwanted growths and cysts in particular can grow rather large, become infected and feel painful which is why I checked into the LasaDerm Clinic in Milton Keynes to have mine removed.

LasaDerm specialise in surgical and non-surgical treatments with the aim to improve appearance, build confidence and boost self-esteem and their medical experts are able to advise and consult on a wide range of body issues and hang-ups. Having had a cyst already removed from my head shortly after my son was born it seems the lump has gradually regrown in the exact same place (which occurs if the cyst isn’t removed entirely) and catches and feels tender when I wash and brush my hair. Last time I visited my GP for a routine cyst removal but this is something that the NHS no longer provide so I set upon finding a specialist in my area and came across LasaDerm.

I’ve Had A Pilar Cyst On My Head For 5yrs

As with any procedure you have you should always do your research into the reputation of the practice and individual performing the treatment. Check to see if there are any negative reviews online and if they hold the required certification and skill set. Always request previous patients before and after pictures to understand what a realistic result will be for you at the consultation and never be afraid to ask lots of questions – will it hurt, how long does it take, what about aftercare and are there any hidden costs or extras? Being a mother and beauty journalist I’m well used to staying health and safety conscious, I’ll always be cautious of new or lesser known procedures and remain openly informative about the reality of the treatments that I have because I appreciate understanding the entire process of something that I’m looking to do rather than being sold a false ideal and getting left disappointed or worse yet scarred or disfigured. In sharing my own experiences I hope to inform and advise others about safe practice and personal recommendations for the professionals I choose.

A Local Anaesthetic Makes The Area Numb Prior To Treatment

If you have any questions comments or feedback about my procedure then please feel free to leave them in the comment box below and I’ll do my best to get back to you and hopefully answer everything in this post as I go. Moles, cysts and skin tags develop and enlarge with age and can become tender, sore and unsightly so having them removed can stop any irritation and aesthetically improve the appearance of the skin. My pilar cyst is hidden under my hair on the back of my head and has doubled in size over the last few years to around the size of a pea, it’s hard to the touch with what feels like squishy fluid around it and is caused by a hair follicle becoming blocked and hardening which can happen anywhere there is hair on the body.

The Cyst Is Removed With A Scalpel & Scoop Tool

I attended LasaDerm for a consultation prior to my treatment where the cyst on my head was examined and medical advice given. I was informed that my cyst wasn’t a danger to me and if left untreated I wouldn’t become unwell. I could therefore leave it alone for as long as I choose to but it may continue to increase in size over time if it’s not removed. Seeing as I’ve lived with it for five years now I felt it was the right time for me to have this procedure and booked in for a weeks time to have it removed. It’s important to have a cooling off period between booking and having a procedure so that you can think about it, do your research and know that you’ve made a decision which you stand by.

LasaDerm have a bright, clean and modern surgical suite where my procedure was completed within an hour. The polite and friendly staff and specialists talked me through everything I needed to know, gave me the necessary paperwork and consent forms and made me feel calm and in safe hands guiding me through the procedure as it happened. Some people find the thought of needles off-putting and want to close their eyes and look away but I like to understand what’s going on so that I can be prepared and at ease throughout. A very small area of my hair was trimmed back with scissors to expose the cyst and the skin cleaned and surrounding hair gelled back to keep it out of the way. I’m used to having local anaesthetic injections from previous treatments so having a needle in the back of my head to numb the area wasn’t a problem. The needle is so fine it doesn’t hurt me at all but feels like somebody pressing down on the skin with a slight sting from the anaesthetic going in before it goes completely numb.

Stitches Can Be Removed A Week After Treatment

A scalpel was used to cut a 1cm slit for the cyst to be extracted through with a combination of squeezing techniques and scooping with a rounded hand tool. A nurse dabbed away any bleeding with a gauze throughout and I simply lay back on an inclined bed like being at the dentist. The procedure didn’t hurt, wasn’t unpleasant and was over with surprisingly quickly. The longest part was the stitching for which I have three small non-dissolvable stitches that will need to be removed in around a weeks time. As the wound is under my hair it can’t be dressed or covered so I’ve been advised to keep it clean and dry and can wash my hair after 36hrs providing I don’t apply pressure and am careful with brushing and drying. Sleeping isn’t a problem I just have to be careful not to accidentally scratch or catch the stitches and after the nurses cleaned the area and combed my hair into position you couldn’t tell I’d had anything done.

The Cyst Must Be Removed Entirely To Prevent Regrowth

I’ve had no side effects, pain or discomfort and cutting into previous scar tissue wasn’t a problem. I’m shocked by how big my cyst was as you can never really know it’s size until you remove it with the majority of the cyst being under the skin as opposed to protruding. Seeing as I had my treatment on Friday I returned for a checkup this Monday where I was reassured to hear that it’s healing perfectly and my stitches are safe to come out this Friday – one week into recovery. It doesn’t itch, I haven’t caught it and it hasn’t bled despite me sleeping on it. I’ve also washed may hair twice since my treatment, every other day as usual as well as going to the gym, playing with my children and getting on with life. Although I’m careful not to knock it it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything that I usually do and I’m looking forward to having my stitches removed.

UPDATE: 16/02/18 Stitch Removal

Today I returned to LasaDerm to have my stitches removed and was pleased to hear that my recovery had gone perfectly to plan. I hadn’t pulled or damaged my stitches over the past week so the skin was healthy, happy and healing well with some small scabs around the stitches which is expected. I was informed the three stitches over the wound were left long so that they could be easily cut which involved holding them with a hand tool and slicing them with a stitch trimmer so that they could slide out from the skin.

LasaDerm Stitch Removal

Removing the three stitches took just a couple of minutes and required no pain relief. The area was wiped with antiseptic beforehand to ensure it was clean and now that the stitches are out I no longer notice I’ve had anything done to my head. From start to finish this has been such a convenient and reassuring procedure that has made such a difference to me, not only for improving my own comfort in finally removing a tender lump but also preventing it from getting worse and boosting my self confidence as I don’t mind people touching my head now. It didn’t hurt to remove the stitches and I only felt a light tugging sensation.

The small scabs that remain will fall off in the next few days and I can continue my active lifestyle as normal. I’m pleased that such a small amount of hair was removed during the procedure which is totally undetectable when my hair is brushed over and will continue to regrow now aside from on the small scar site which is around 1cm in length and in the same place as my previous scar. Seeing as I have a few other lumps and bumps elsewhere I’m confident to have them all removed now and hope others may take comfort in knowing that there is a safe and quick treatment available for unwanted cysts; always visit a specialist!
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  • Thanks Tracy I have them too very informative, could you also let us know how you have got on with your ipl for rosacea too pls and did you get any pigmentation whilst having the ipl done . Thank you x

    • IPL is a very effective treatment for rosacea and it certainly helped to reduce the redness and visibility of veins in my face and around my nose but it’s something that must be maintained with ongoing treatment as there is no cure for rosacea and if left untreated it will gradually return.

  • Hi Tracy, many thanks for posting this.

    I visited an NHS GP last week and was informed that this procedure does not fully remove the cyst. The GP inspected my cyst and informed me that complete removal would involve cutting around the cyst (2 slits forming an eye shape) and then stitching the wound, leaving a 3″ thick scar! As you can imagine, I walked away as I did not want a 3″ scar above my left ear as I would not be able to hide it (clean-shaven head). It has now been 10 months since your procedure; do you have any photographs of the scar? Also, why was the first procedure not successful and how long after did the cyst re-form?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Harry, the procedure is only unsuccessful if all of the cyst isn’t removed as it can grow back. I had all of mine removed and I’m so pleased I did. You have to ask yourself what is worse, a large hard lump that will only get bigger, or a thin scar that will fade and be less noticeable with time.

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