Vegan Life Live Alexandra Palace 2018

Having been vegetarian since childhood I made the transition to veganism five years ago and have experienced the frustration of trying to dine in restaurants, shop for dairy free alternatives in supermarkets and source vegan friendly supplements and cosmetics. Just a handful of years ago veganism involved relying solely on home cooking but thankfully a healthier approach to food and nutrition has seen 2018 start as the most promising year yet for veganism and Vegan Life Live at Alexandra Palace had everything you could ever need to go green all under one roof.

Launched by Vegan Life Magazine, Vegan Life Live embraces plant-based living with a wealth of information, cookery demonstrations, talks and samples from delicious hot and cold foods and drink to cosmetics, clothing, household products and cruelty-conscious consumables. Complete with a bar, live music and talks from Earthling Ed, Tammy and Wally Fry, London Vegan Actions, Goth in the Raw and Dr Marilyn Glenville to name but a few, the very stunning Alexandra Palace kicks off a weekend of celebrations and shopping with something for everyone.

The food is incredible, the atmosphere electric and the queue of all ages and backgrounds well out of the door and around the corner so if you’re thinking of going next year then remember to arrive early, book a two-day ticket to make sure you see it all and arrive with an empty stomach because it’s likely to be the first time you can actually eat everything in sight!
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