Shakesphere The Worlds First Hemisphere Shaker Bottle

When it comes to protein shakers there’s nothing that quite makes me twitch like finding a great lump of stale unmixed protein in the corner of my shaker. From fishing the goop out with a teaspoon handle to desperately using baby bottle brushes to get down into the gaps, nobody likes the pong of yesterdays protein. This was until the worlds first hemisphere shaker bottle was invented of course and I’m more than happy to kiss goodbye to corners!

Shakesphere The Worlds First Hemisphere Shaker Bottle

Shakesphere’s designers saw the frustration caused by messy mixing balls, gunky grids and protein getting wasted in the corners of shakers and therefore decided to do something about it. The patented capsule shape breaks down protein and soft fruits in water by allowing the mixture to flow into the lid at high speed with no need to be sieved. Complete with a detachable screw cap base which can cleverly store pills, vitamins, jewellery, locker keys, protein, approximately 50g of snacks and even your gym passes whilst you workout; the lid also features a 100% leakproof silicone seal slide cap for super easy use and cleaning.

Shakespere Hemisphere Shaker Bottle & 2.2l Water Bottle In Neon Pink

An ingenious concept that will no doubt cut back on wasting expensive protein and make cleaning shakers post-workout an absolute breeze saving both time and money. Made from BPA tritan plastic it’s a nice and sturdy construction as well as being both dishwasher and freezer safe. They have a great range of funky colours available too with my favourite being the neon pink and I couldn’t resist getting a new water bottle to match. Shakesphere certainly bring a whole new meaning to the term cutting corners!
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