Gestation: 35weeks & 6days

Well yesterday I had some more lovely blood tests and a check up with my midwife. The baby is engaged in the birth canal as I was told previously and her heartbeat is again as it should be. I’m 36weeks tomorrow and getting really very excited now!

I’ve been trying to knuckle down with my Interior Design course and sat drawing scale plans and elevations until the early hours last night to get ahead with things but my motivation is kind of starting to slack a little and I need to be more strict on myself. Its’ just difficult when all I want to do is sleep and eat. And my nice soft bed and sumptuous leather sofa is so much more comfortable than a table and upright chair. Boo hoo bring out the violins 🙂 xx

My Baby Bump At 35 Weeks

Today I’ve been on a photo shoot all morning and afternoon and I’m shattered. It seems I almost forgot how much hard work it is to shoot and being that little bit less flexible now I found it difficult to hold posture and poses and at times got quite breathless and had to sit on the floor to stop my head spinning 🙁 what a loon I must’ve looked.

I’m very excited about the pictures as the studio was lovely and the photographer had some great ideas, Millie will be in for a shoot with me when she’s four days old and then again on her own at four months. I should hopefully have them back in a couple of week’s time and the full range will be on my website following that.

Besides that I’ve been growing well, perhaps a little too well as I’ve noticed the starting of a few stretch marks appearing on my hips which I think is from where I’ve been sleeping on one side and its stressing the skin to carry the extra weight so now I’m sleeping on my back (not through choice mind, my bump is too hard to lay on my side now) I’m hoping they won’t develop too far.

Well I’m hoping the little bundle of joy will be joining us any day now and will gladly keep you all informed of her arrival.

Until then my lovelies xxx

Kisses from Tracy & imminent Millisent x

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