Gestation: 36weeks & 6days

I have some adorable pictures back from the studio shoot I did with the guys from Aylesbury’s Next Top Model so here’s a sneaky peak of one!

A Pregnancy Shot For The Press

Some of you may have seen that I was in the press yesterday to announce my pregnancy and soon to be daughter; I was also featured in the Daily Sport as part of my ongoing work with them as well as the MK Citizen.

Following this I have been inundated with calls from journalists trying to track me down to feature my pregnancy in the press. Spookily enough they managed to phone one of my neighbours three doors down who I’ve no contact with and never spoken to even after living here for eleven years now. And when walking my dog the other day, my parents were handed the contact details of somebody urgently asking to speak to me.

The photographic studio I shot with last week has also been hounded for my details and I’ve had my personal email filled to the brim. It seems they’re a little well refined in chasing for a story and have gotten hold of personal details and even neighbours address’s in order to contact me. How bizarre.

To update on the bump front she’s growing well as always, it feels as though my skin is set to split at any second it’s that tight and tender. I can’t even give my puppy cuddles any more because if he puts his paws on my belly I yelp out in pain. She is so tight and hard in there I feel out of breath and winded every time somebody touches me. I find it more comfortable to stand now than to sit as my ribs don’t have much room to move any more when I breathe, but this has caused my ankles to swell quite badly so I don’t know which is worse! I’m spending a lot longer eating my meals, cutting them to a third of their normal size and eating them over two or three portions over a few hours instead of all in one go as there simply isn’t enough room in my stomach to eat a normal size meal so it seems I’m just picking at food all day recently.

I keep having dreams of giving birth and playing with Millie which is really sweet as I wake up each morning with the feeling that I’ve just spent the last couple hours with my baby, it’s a good practice run!

Well I guess we’ll see what happens on the day with her father, I feel so numb to it now either outcome (to stick around or not) will have little difference on how I raise my daughter, with respect, love and honesty. I will be a single mother regardless and do what is best for Millie.

On a different note, I realised the other day as I walked out of my front door that my lovely car which has been sat on the driveway, as I’m too far gone to drive and I can’t even fit behind the steering wheel, has now got cobwebs on it. How strange! I’ll have to get my mum to take it to the carwash so it’s all sparkly and fresh ready for Millie’s arrival. 
I also managed to finish my second exam paper for my Interior Design course and have sent it off to be marked despite being a little distracted recently. I’m not sure if I previously mentioned but I got my first paper back and received an A grade so I’m really pleased. Only another nine to go, oh dear.

My mind is all over the place so that’s all for now. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and I’ll keep you posted on the bump!

Kisses from Tracy & Millie xx

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