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Well it’s been a while since I last wrote, I’ve been besotted with my little girl I can’t take my eyes off of her for a second.

My Beautiful Millie At 5 Weeks Old

Millie had so many lovely visitors the whole house was filled with flowers, balloons, cards and presents. It was magical, like all my Christmas’ had come at once. I read every card to Millie and told her all about her family and what they’d got her for her birthday.

She’s settled in so well and Joey Bones absolutely loves her to pieces, he’s so gentle around her and tries to lay his head at her feet when you sit down with her, and she kicks her little legs and smiles at him! She’s kicked him in the face a few times when she gets too enthusiastic but he doesn’t seem to mind, he just sits watching with his head to one side and his big eyes looking all ga-ga over her! It’s so beautiful to watch.

Millie has now met all of my side of the family, people that I worked with and even my hairdresser, gym staff and neighbours! She’s a very popular little girl 🙂

It was a very hectic time after Millie came home, with so many visitors it did take its toll on me, and towards the end of the first week I was looking forward to just spending some time alone with my baby. I don’t think many people realise, but when you have visitors they spend the whole time with your baby it made me feel more like a visitor and not her mum as I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her for all the people coming over and holding her. And as tired as I was after running around making cups of tea for guests and tidying up, as soon as they left I gave Millie so many cuddles and kisses I hardly slept because I didn’t want to miss a second with her.

Now that everyone has finished visiting we’re building up a nice routine. Millie-Moo and I understand each other. She sleeps in her cot on a pillow with her toes under the covers just across from my bed. Never in my life have I woken up in the morning and been so happy to see them first thing!

When her feeds regulated after a couple of weeks it became a little easier to take naps between her waking. Sometimes I’d get three or four hours and it was such deep well needed sleep it was lovely.

I managed to breastfeed for five weeks before I ran out of milk. Towards the end I had been running around too much, not drinking as much water as I should and her appetite became too demanding as every time I fed her she was desperate for food again before I had a chance to restock. I also had a few teething problems after the first three or four days, my poor nipples were like bullets and had cracked and bled, I developed mistitus which was caused by a blocked milk duct, I got a fever and was put onto medication, she gave me huge blood blisters on both nipples which was agony, she’s certainly got a good set of gums on her!

Thankfully I’m holding up pretty well now and I’m getting stronger. Millie Moo is five weeks and four days old today and it feels like I’ve had her all of my life. I’m so used to our little routines and ways of doing things together, I feel like a proper Mummy now.

When it got to October 13th (my 20th birthday and her due date) we went to see the Christmas lights being switched on and she slept the whole way through but she woke up in the car on the way home to ask for more food bless her.

I’ve taken her shopping about twenty times since she was born, she travels well and doesn’t mind being outside, I always wrap her up nice and warm and she looks so sweet and snug in her little lamby grows and jackets. It’s amazing how many people come up to you when they see you walking with a baby, people are so kind and hold doors open and ask how I am and how old Millie is. The only downside is it makes every journey take hours and hours because you have to keep stopping to tell your life story to people; it’s a good job that I love talking.

I knew I’d be a single parent from the day I was given the news of my pregnancy but now it doesn’t upset me at all. I’ve given Millie the best start that I can in my position. Both sides of her family love her immensely, and she’s not short of kisses and cuddles. She knows all of her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and she’ll not want for anything in life.

It’s just a shame that things weren’t different and she couldn’t have had two parents who love her to bits. But I’m happy knowing that the love I give her is a billion million times greater than anything I have ever imagined possible, and one day I hope she’ll have a beautiful relationship with her father like every little girl and their Daddy should.

Kisses For My Millie

Kisses from Tracy & Moo xXx

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