Gestation: 31weeks & 4days

Just a quick snap of the bump today; at 31wks and 4days. I’m finding it quite difficult to breathe now as I think her feet are in my ribs, which hasn’t been very nice and I’ve got terrible backache too. It seems all I do recently is moan about being so uncomfortable, but I’m actually in good spirits and trying to make the best of this sumo suit that is now my body.

My Baby Bump At 31 Weeks

Millie is healthy and perfect in every way possible so I’m very happy indeed. I’m going to the cinema tonight with my best friend Laura to watch Rush Hour 3, I just hope I can sit through enough of the film to know what’s going on, I’m taking bets already for how many trips I make to the toilet in ninety minutes, like that annoying person who always gets up part way through a film and makes everyone crinkle up in their seats so they can squeeze past to go to the loo or get more popcorn. I’m not going to be very popular tonight!

Well that’s all for now xx Kisses from Tracy & Millie xx

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