Gestation: 31weeks & 5days

I had a lovely time yesterday catching up with my best friend and soon to be Millie’s godmother, as we went shopping for a bit in town and saw Rush Hour 3 after. It was a bit of a struggle shuffling around town as is becoming the case quite often when I go out, and Laura was amazed to see the wonder of the aloe vera spritz I’d been telling her so much about as I keep it in my bag for when I get flushed and don’t leave home without it anymore.

Just as we were heading back to the cinema through town the heavens decided to open and it poured with rain which was interesting to say the least, being a slightly larger female nowadays, wearing flip-flops and trying to walk up a smooth ramp in the rain with bags and an umbrella didn’t exactly make things easy. Feeling a bit like I was a contestant on It’s A Knockout, it was one of those moments when you can’t help but laugh, standing in the rain getting absolutely helplessly soaked and just looking at each other laughing. As we were walking through the underpass a woman was also struggling past with shopping bags in both hands had the clever idea of carrying her umbrella with her neck as she had nowhere else to put it. That’s skill that is! Admitting defeat and soldiering on anyway. That’s what us girls do best.

I was amazed at the cinema too. I managed to sit through the entire film without going to the toilet. It may be down to the fact that I didn’t drink for four hours before going, or that I’d already stopped twice in town to use the toilet but it was a victory to say the least. Roll on the day when there isn’t somebody camping on my bladder and I no longer have to toilet track my journeys.

Luckily we asked for seats at the front so I wouldn’t disturb too many people, I had a little bet on needing to go three times but was astounded to find that Id made it through and Id laughed all the way through. I love the Rush Hour films far too much. I know almost all the words to the other two. At the end of the film I managed a quick escape to the loo and then headed home for an early night with a nice book and glass of milk.

I’ve been busy today packing my bags for hospital, and I’ve got Millie’s ‘eviction’ outfit ready, well she has two actually. There’s a cute little dress with bunnies on it to pop over her white baby grow with little pink slippers and a hat, or I’ve got a little pink fleece and some soft pink and white trousers with her cow shoes and hat depending on the weather.

I’m still washing and ironing the baby grows and vest tops, there are mountains of them and the baby washing powder smells so delicious I’m restraining myself from sprinkling it over my sugar puffs in the morning. I’ve packed some nappies that seem so tiny it’s amazing to think a person could ever be so small and I’ve sterilised some milk bottles and have sensitive baby wipes just in case. I’ve just finished getting her bath stuff ready and her duckies are all lined up neatly. I had a bit of a tango with the car seat earlier trying to manoeuvre it into the right position to get the seat belt connected. It’s so exciting thinking how close the time is now, I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for the big bang. I wish I could see into the future so I can know when it will be, but doctors these days are pretty accurate so I’m hoping lunchtime on my birthday I shall be welcoming a new addition to the Kiss family.

Mum’s getting some more tapes for the video and digital camera to get lots of baby footage, I asked her if she would video the birth and take pictures and she assured me the last thing I’d want to see is a video camera while I’m giving birth. But I think it would be a nice keepsake so we’ll see on the day. I’m trying my hardest to get everything prepared for when she comes home, let’s just hope I finish it all soon and then I can rest for a few weeks.

With every day that passes it brings reality that one step closer, I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like holding my daughter for the first time; but I have this wonderful feeling that all the heartache and sadness these last eight months have brought have all been for a wonderful reason and this October will be the sunniest, warmest most loveliest time of the year ever known in the history of man:) xxxxxx

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