Gestation: 32weeks & 4days

Well today has been just lovely, I’ve had a day of smiling like crazy I’m just in the happiest mood ever and I love it.

I popped out for lunch earlier and almost fainted in the middle of the restaurant, despite having had plenty of food and drink and having rested all morning. It was a little spooky as I was walking to the toilet when some people jumped to my rescue and sat me down before I hit the floor, which I’m very thankful for.

After a few minutes of sitting with my head down in the breeze outside I felt completely fine and a little silly, still everyone was so nice and asked how I was when I left as random people were eating and came over to chat and say how well I looked even though I’d never met them before. It was just really sweet and nice. I didn’t feel looked down upon at all, or like I should apologise or feel bad for my situation. It was how everyday should be in an ideal world.

One guy even complemented me for looking so attractive without having any makeup on and asked for my number! Even though I’d put on some tinted moisturiser in the morning because my face felt dry and it was the only cream I had to hand but I didn’t tell him that, I thought it was a hidden camera show the amount of fuss that was being made, and was amazed to think anyone could find me attractive looking so big and unglamorous.

When I was driving home I was flicking through the radio stations that play 70′s and 80′s music and turned up the volume and sang like a madwoman tapping the steering wheel and power ballading it up. When I stopped at the traffic lights and looked across some nice guys in a convertible gave me a cheeky smile and I sped off singing Abba! How cool am I?

Finally here’s a quick fleshy snap shot, I’m a little paranoid of getting stretch marks now as the skin on my stomach has started to itch and feel tingly. I keep asking my mum to check the sides of my bump that I can’t see, which, is actually everything aside from the top part but my chest is doing a good job of covering that too. I had a crazy day of creaming my bump yesterday with cocoa butter after I saw a pregnant lady with twins show me her tiger stripes.

My Baby Bump Without Stretch Marks At 32 Weeks

So like a game of Where’s Wally it’s up to you my friends to be on the lookout for them sneaky stretch marks for me!

Kisses from Tracy + Millie xxx

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