Emsculpt Neo Abdominal Fat Removal At Halcyon Aesthetics

In my teens I had the perfect washboard stomach with not an ounce of fat on me as my mum would say, but that changed after having kids. Growing up, motherhood, a change in lifestyle, sleepless nights and lack of exercise all contributed to my body shape shifting; over the years I began to notice a little extra weight around my stomach, hips and thighs that no amount of exercise could shift despite hitting the gym five days a week in my thirties.

So when I discovered this non-surgical body sculpting treatment, Emsculpt, which is designed to strengthen abdominal muscles whilst melting fat at the same time through simulating intense muscle contractions that go above and beyond what can be achieved in any workout session I couldn’t wait to book in.

Emsculpt Neo Abdominal Fat Removal At Halcyon Aesthetics

I discovered Emsculpt whilst having laser hair removal at Halcyon Aesthetics and decided to come back to try EMS. Situated in the heart of Central london, the clinic is so quick and convenient to get to and the staff as so knowledgeable and professional; I feel completely at ease to discuss my aesthetic needs without feeling pressured or judged which is so important when having non-surgical treatments.

Being a leading London clinic in providing specialised skin treatments and non- surgical treatments, each procedure is carried out by a team of experts which reassures me that I’m in safe hands and I always like to ask lots of questions along the way to understand what is involved as well as seeing before and after pictures online for a clearer understanding of what to expect.

Results for this treatment are permanent and you’ll need to book between 4-6 sessions in order to complete the course. Each package is tailored to your individually desired results and area of the body being treated and is suitable for men and women alike as it can be used on any area of the body to break down fat, build muscle tone -if you wish- or do both at the same time. This treatment has no side effects and takes just 30mins to complete as you lay down, read a magazine or listen to some music.

By passing gentle waves of heat and electromagnetic energy to the targeted area, the body responds by reducing fat deposits and gaining definition, making it quicker and easier to reveal six-pack abs, tone the arms and legs and tighten the skin. This procedure is surprisingly very quick and easy to have as you simply lay on a bed with the circular device held in place with velcro straps. As the machine starts it begins to blow air from the vents on the top and feels slightly warm on the skin to target the fat which is a rather pleasant sensation.

The polite and professional practitioner remained in the room with me to talk me through each step of the treatment process from a muscle warm up, main workout and cool down and was able to adjust the intensity of the machine from 0-100% to ensure that I was comfortable with my treatment.

The muscle contractions create a buzzing sensation which activates a muscle reflex, like crossing your knee for the doctor to tap it, you don’t have to do anything as the machine causes the muscles to contract and relax up to 20,000 times in just 30mins – that’s about a years worth of sit-ups for me complete in under an hour, results that are above and beyond what any workout could achieve in a gym or at home.

(L) My Stomach Directly After My First Treatment (R) My Stomach 3 Days Post Treatment

The original Emsculpt technology was celebrated for using electromagnetic energy to stimulate high frequency and intense muscle contractions deep in the nerve root, however the new Emsculpt Neo -which I had- also uses radio frequency heating to stimulate long-lasting fat removal.

This advanced combination of processes allows for a stronger muscle contractions which are not possible through regular exercise, as a result of this excess fat cells are destroyed before being naturally eliminated using your body’s processes. Optimal results can be seen at around three months time but as you can see at just three days post-treatment my stomach already looks and feels much firmer, tighter and more defined and I’m beyond thrilled with my results. This is a very comfortable and easy treatment that I would certainly recommend, as well as have again because the results really speak for themselves!

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