How To Get The Absolute Maximum From Your Workouts

When it comes to getting those exercises in at home or heading to a gym and grinding away, we all want to achieve the best results, right? Nobody turns up to a gym without making progress – it’s all about reaching what we set out to do. Whether we’re looking to burn fat or build muscle, we want to get what we’re after in the shortest time possible. 

How To Max Out Your Workout!

If you’re not exactly clued into the fitness world then the whole process might seem very difficult. Fortunately, it’s all pretty straightforward. You basically have to stake small steps until you reach your desired destination! The difficult part is whether you can get the best out of each and every workout. Some people find the drive and push themselves every single time; others take a little longer and struggle to get into the groove. Here are a bunch of ways you – yes, you – can squeeze the absolute best out of every single session. 

Figure Out What Your Goals Actually Are 

Some people turn up to a gym or go for a run without really knowing what they want. If you’re hoping to get the very best out of it, then you’re going to want to have an end goal. If you have one of these then you have something to work towards. You’ll also know exactly what you want to do with your time. If you’re meandering through your workout then you’re not exactly going to know what to do next. Set yourself a realistic target that you can work towards and reach!

Actually Plan Your Workouts 

Once you’ve figured out what you’d like to do or what you want to look like in terms of an end goal, you should probably tailor certain workouts. Again, some people turn up to a gym not really knowing what they’re going to do. While that’s fine, and turning up is an achievement on its own, you’re not going to reach your potential with a half-hearted attitude. Write out what you want to do and follow along with it. Record your results and make it into a project – keeping a gym diary always motivates me. 

This kind of thing might sound a little tedious and time-consuming, but it will only take around fifteen minutes to write. You may even find that you start to enjoy all of the planning!

Build Up Enough Energy Beforehand

If you walk into a workout without energy then it’s likely that you’re going to struggle to perform. You’re also going to be affected negatively in general because we need food and water to function properly, so make sure that you’re all set in that regard. You could stuff your face with anything – as you’ll be perked up by any food – but you’ll be better off by getting some carbohydrates and protein into your system. Carbs and protein are the best source of energy for the gym and help us to reach our goals. 

Take Pre-Workout Supplements

Again, this isn’t for everyone, but supplements do help me an awful lot – especially when you feel as though you’ve hit a bit of a plateau and want to give up. The science behind health and fitness these days is so advanced it allows us to supplement our workout to boost our ability. It’s not cheating, and it’s not illegal, so don’t worry about taking it. If you’re slightly concerned about trying a pre-workout for the first time then you could always speak to a personal trainer or doctor to discuss it with them. 

Taking A Pre-Workout Before Training Gives Me An Energy Boost

Watch Motivational Stuff

If you need motivating then you could do a lot worse than to head onto the likes of YouTube and watch some of the most spine-tingling content on there. Sometimes you don’t even have to watch, just listening to rousing speeches can really do the trick. A lot of the time we need to have a little visual stimulation to get us going, and motivational content can do the trick. 

It doesn’t just have to be famous speeches with pulse-raising music over the top of them. Checking out some of the best guys and girls out there having a workout can do the trick as seeing them on their fitness journey can really motivate a person to want to try harder. 

Listen To Music

Music has been proven to improve a person’s potential. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has the power to increase your drive when you intend on running long distances or lifting heavy weights. A good beat more than wakes me up and puts my mind into the right frame before and during a workout. Most gyms will have music already, so if you go to one then you’re probably aware of what it’s like. It’s not the same as earphones, though. The power and the loudness of your own personal music session overrides anything else. 

If this sounds like something you might enjoy then you could always link some songs up to your smartphone, or hop onto YouTube and look at some of the workout playlists available. If you’re going for a run, or there’s no Wi-Fi in your gym, then this kind of thing will probably eat away at your data, so make sure you have some unlimited data or a large amount that can withstand all of your usage!  

Practice Form And Not What Looks Good!  

This is something that gets said a lot, but not everyone heeds the advice. It’s so frustrating to see because not only are people putting themselves at risk of an injury, but they’re hindering their own progress as well. If you want to get better results then you’ve got to slow things down and do each movement properly. It doesn’t matter whether you think you can go heavier – get the basics right to begin with and then move on.

Train With A Partner

Heading out on a run with a buddy, or entering a gym with them makes everything so much better. Doing things on your own is great, but you’ll get a lot more out of your workout if you have somebody along with you to keep you in-check. You’ll also be able to take turns lifting weights as you’ll have a spotter that you can trust. Confidence is key and with a training partner, you’ll feel more inclined to push one another to progress. 

Choose A Role Model

Looking forward to transforming your body and picturing how you’d like to look and feel is a good way to set yourself a fitness goal, but perhaps using someone else as a baseplate could help you get the best out of your workout. Role models are great because they give us the motivation to want to be exactly like them – or a similar version of them as we’re all individual. They are role models for a reason, and that reason is that they’re darn good at what they do. If you follow them on social media they’ll usually dish out advice that’s pretty useful! 

Don’t Become Too Obsessed!

When you become overly obsessed with every fine detail and how you look that’s when you can feel like you’re failing so try to avoid overthinking. It’s difficult, but it’s doable – good things take time. Don’t stare at yourself. Don’t get bogged down by the numbers you’re trying to achieve. Just enjoy each and every session and be happy with what you’re doing because nobody has ever regretted a good workout! 

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