Plant Based Mini Burgers

Whilst stopping off in London for a fitness event, I decided to treat myself to a celebratory burger for crossing the finish line for which this beautiful and innovative take on afternoon-tea with burgers (instead of sarnies) instantly caught my eye and piqued my interest!

Us Brits are pretty well known for our love of perfectly cut cucumber sandwiches, cakes and afternoon tea; but this fabulously fun, funky and fresh restaurant has taken things one step further and created a bite-sized burger tea accompanied by Prosecco or Moët & Chandon for the ultimate boozy brunch… oh my!

Plant Based Mini Burgers

BurgerBites have set upon revolutionising the quintessential afternoon tea by switching scones and sandwiches for a pick ‘n’ mix menu of homemade burger cupcakes and cakes which are perfect for sharing.

With 15 mouth-watering mini burgers to choose from, they cater for all dietary requirements with options ranging from beef and lamb to deep fried cod, chickpeas and vegetables making it the ideal place to eat with friends and loved ones alike as there’s something to please even the fussiest of eaters.

(L) Feeling Enthusiastic For My Main (R) My Vegan Superstar Burger, Sweet Potato Fries & Berry Smoothie

Personally for me, being vegan, I much prefer the more vegetable-laden menu choices as opposed to realistic fake meat as I’ve never enjoyed the taste or texture of meat before becoming vegan so I don’t look for something to replicate that – although I’m sure many people looking to reduce their meat intake and improve their general health without quitting the foods that they love find meat-free options amazing.

So with this in mind I went for the Vegan Superstar burger which consists of crispy aubergine and courgette slices along with juicy tomato, a beetroot and mint sauce and garlic aioli which I had with a side of sweet potato fries and a Merry Berry smoothie of fresh blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and banana.

(L) I Love The Generous Sized Portions (R) What A Treat It Is To Have A Plant-Based Burger

My burger still lives on in my heart, even though I annihilated it to a chorus of ooh’s and ahh’s with every lip-smacking mouthful. I’m addicted to fresh and vibrant food with a playful texture and contrasting flavours; whilst my burger may appear cute and cheerfully presented on it’s pleasant chequered paper and triumphant Vegan flag, you must not be fooled as to how mouth-wateringly fantastic it truly is!

The light and crispy batter of the succulent vegetables danced against the fresh juicy salad and tomato, bouncing into a fluffy bread bun with a zing of mint, garlic and beetroot with set off a fanfare on my tastebuds, topped with a crunch of a toasted tortilla topping. Accompanied by an adorable mini shopping basket of sweet-potato fries and a fresh smoothie, the world literally stood still for the three minutes or so that I merrily stuffed my face.

(L) The Restaurant Is Bold & Vibrant (R) My Vegan Superstar Burger With Sweet Potato Fries

I take my hat off to the Michelin star chef who carefully crafted this stunning menu for maximum taste, satisfaction and fun and absolutely loved the upbeat, friendly funky atmosphere created by the bubbly staff and surroundings as quirky artwork, cosy booths and cheerful diners having a blast brought the restaurant to life.

Not overlooking my fellow diner – who I’m trying to tempt over the the green-side – he equally enjoyed the Buffalo Vegan Chickn Burger which consists of a fried vegan fillet, Buffalo sauce, mayo, salad, tomato, carrot and celery slaw and said that it was better than any real chicken burger he’d ever had!

(L) The Buffalo Vegan Chickn Burger Is A Great Meat Free Alternative To Chicken (R) Delicious Fresh Smoothies

Should you happen to find yourself in the city with a rumbling tummy and in need of a grin to wear from ear to ear, I highly recommend giving Burger Bites a go. From the moment you step through the door to feasting on foodgasms, it’s an absolute hoot and a half and I literally don’t even need an excuse to return; my feet are literally already marching me to the station as I salivate just writing this, let’s hope there’s a table ready and waiting!

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