Seitan Vs Steak At Twisted London

A vegan and a meat-eater walk into a bar and one always goes hungry or home disappointed; it sounds like the making of a rubbish joke but in fact it’s a sad reality for dating and dining with contrasting dietary requirements.

At best, veggies and vegans may get a measly salad, basic pasta or uninspiring bread option on a meat-packed restaurant menu. While meat eaters have to go full on veggie altogether to eat in a rare meat-free establishment – there is typically always one who has to make a sacrifice in order for us both to eat at the same place… until I discovered Twisted!

Seitan Vs Steak At Twisted London

Twisted London is a delivery only restaurant based in Leeds and London, gloriously expanding from East London across central where it will open four new venues in the coming months. The idea being that diners can pop online and order a takeaway direct to their home, office, park bench or establishment minus the queues and chaos of eating out.

My Twisted Lunch Delivery Was Fast, Fresh & Flavoursome

The food arrives quickly and piping hot in its pretty eco packaging with quirky branding, playful pop-open boxes and a burst of flavour, colour, texture and taste that literally takes my tastebuds to a festival.

Smashing the life out of bland, greasy, starchy, sloppy fast-food, Twisted’s fresh and vibrant menu caters as strongly for vegans as it does meat-eaters – a rarity where the majority of restaurants fall down as most cater to a specific target audience and ‘bolt-on’ the other dietary requirements with little thought, variation or choice.

Exciting Vegan Food With Generous Portion Sizes

For lunch I had the best selling vegan burger – the famous KFV – which consists of panko crumbed vegan ‘chicken’, vegan cheese, avocado, chilli jam, house vegan mayo and cos lettuce in a vegan bun along with the Dirty Vegan Fries which are hand cut fries, seitan ‘chicken’ nuggets, Kentucky BBQ sauce, spring onions, pickled jalapeños and house vegan mayo.

Huge Delicious Burgers Loaded With Meat

My boyfriend Freddy chowed down on The Mighty Stakeout which is a 6oz chuck and brisket patty topped with succulent sophisticated onglet steak oozing with flavourful red onion marmalade, garlic butter, French mustard and pickles sandwiched between a tasty toasted brioche bun. Along with some Caesar Fries which are hand cut fries, fried chicken nuggets, bacon, parmesan and a devilled caesar dressing.

Freddy says: “It’s probably the best burger I’ve ever eaten and I’m not just saying that. Burger with a steak added to the top with BBQ sauce is my absolute favourite anyway, but I’ve never tasted one this good! The fries are like eating only the tastiest crunchy fries that you leave to cook a little longer for that extra crunch and texture and the crispy chicken with cheese sauce is just mind-blowing. The only problem is that I want to eat this at least a couple of times a week but I’m in training for my summer body so sadly I can’t. There couldn’t possibly be a better cheat-day meal than this though which is a massive bonus as I’m looking forward to my next one already!

Flavoursome Combinations, Contrasting Textures, Sensational Sauces & Dips

In this meat vs vegan battle I totally agree with my boyfriend here – Twisted has nailed it for us both! There is so much flavour, taste and texture, the portion sizes are huge and it feels like the most insanely delicious naughty food without being sickly and greasy.

The vegan options are so light, crisp and crunchy, absolutely bursting with flavour and beautifully balanced by vegetables, spice and garnishes. By far the best vegan burger I’ve ever had and I’m still licking my lips as I write this whilst amazingly feeling light on my toes, well-fuelled and energetic afterwards. This is exactly how all food should be – high quality, fresh and nutritious ingredients with plenty of flavour instead of the dense, salty, greasy cheap junk that cripples our nation.
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